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The Best Tape Measure

Best Tape Measure Review

Our Top Pick is the eTape16 ET16.75-DB-RP Tape Measure

The typical tape measure design has remained essentially the same ever since it was developed as a unique solution for making accurate and convenient measurements. However, the eTape16 ET16.75-DB-RP Tape Measure is more than just a conventional tape measure; it is a re-incarnation of history`s unique tools. This is because it features a unique design that not only enhances it capability when it comes to making measurements, but it also tweaks its overall functionality as never before envisioned. For instance, it comes with an ample sized digital display that provides useful readings while the various additional features are easy for the user to access. To specific, some of the extra functions that are available in the eTape16 ET16.75-DB-RP Digital Tape Measure include three memories, centerline calculations, a unique aesthetic appeal and a simple to use design that makes it a paragon of user-friendly engineering. Aside from its superior grade auxiliary features, this particular tape measure features a trendy and contemporary design that lets you take you measurements with style and class. Since it is made of polycarbonate plastic polymer, the eTape16 is made to provide the ultimate scratch and impact resistance. On the same account, users will also appreciate the inclusion of the ample sized digital display that provides a simple to use conventional measuring tape with straightforward metric readouts along with their accompanying functions. In fact, all the user has to do is to pull out the blade and observe the measuring tape blade whereby the measurements shall be displayed on the screen for useful reading. Furthermore, it also does well to convert the measurements quickly from decimals to fractions, or feet to inches to calculate midpoints for your measurement regime. Best of all, with the Etape 16, the user doesn’t have to bend the tape when measuring into a corner- in fact, all the user needs to be to choose the rear side of the device as the starting position. This unit also comes with a shut off functionality when not in use, and it comes with a robust battery that can provide as many as 64hours of reliable power.  With its unique technological features, this tape measure is not only reliable but also accurate, reliable and efficient. Users will be satisfied with the various solutions that make the eTape16 a top quality tape measure.

Who Should Buy This?

The tape measure is an excellent solution for various types of professionals and the features are mostly customized to suit your unique applications. For instance, this tape measure is ideal for contractors, surveyors and landscape architects. Furthermore, it can also be used for DIY purposes in the home such as taking door and window measurements. This is because the simple to use design and its exclusive functionality makes it ideal not only for professional, but for novice users who want to take accurate measurements when they need it the most.

What makes a Good Tape Measure?

When searching the consumer market for one, there are various aspects that you need to consider for the ideal tape measure. It is important to be aware that some of these will be less or more important with regards upon your trade and the unique applications that you will be using the given tape.

Length and Measurement Types

The length is considered as one of the most important factors, and the length of the tapes can range from 5m to as much as 100m with a broad spectrum of choices in between. In most cases, the length that is ideal for a users depends on their unique applications needs.

For instance, those engaged in the basic DIY jobs might settle for a short tape and those who are engage in professional jobs might opt for the long tapes that are ideal for landscaping and building structures. The term measurement refers to the specific metric increments that have been indicated along the blade of the tape. For instance, the preferred measurement types that are most prevalent for tape measures are that they are divided into inches, feet, centimeters, meters and millimeters.

Blade material

Tape MeasureThe blade material of the tape measure is important since it determines whether the blade can withstand the unique applications that it is used in without failing to deliver results for the user. Some of the common blade materials include stainless steel, fiberglass and steel. It is important to note that each material type comes with its unique benefit and drawbacks as well.

  • Steel- this is the most common type of material used in tape measures since it is highly durable and affordable for the end user as well. In most cases, the steel tape measure blades typically comprise of a vibrant yellow coating, a well-labeled unit along with red and black indications along the length for making measurements.
  • Stainless steel- these particular types are perfect for people who work in muddy or wet environments and are typically more affordable than the other conventional types of steel blades. More so, they provide the ultimate value for money since they provide sufficient durability and resistance to corrosion as well. For an individual working in wet conditions such as plumbing, this sort of reliability can help you save lots on a new tape every few months.

Case construction

The case or body of the tape measure is also an important aspect to take into account. This is because the case construction comprises of the material used, ergonomic design, durability and aesthetic appeal as well. For instance, the ideal tape measure has to have an ergonomic design that makes it comfortable in the users hands even after an extended period of time. By the same token, the material constructions should also provide sufficient impact and scratch resistance that makes it ideal for various applications that can range from DIY home jobs to large scale jobs at the company. The ideal tape measure case should provide sufficient impact and scratch resistance especially if the user is going to be engaged in large scale jobs such as construction.


Locking functionality

Simply put, the locking mechanism is important in most tape measure since it allows the user to make measurements by hooking of the tape at a fixed point. The locking mechanism is highly convenient since it reduces the chances of damaging, interfering or bending the tape when taking measurements and it allows the user to indicate specific points on the tape, such that the tape can be locked when taking measurements. While some tapes are held in position automatically, the majority of pocket tapes come with an automatic lock functionality whereby a small button on the tape can be used to trigger the locking feature to maintain the blade in the required position.

How We Tested

Since there are several tape measure blade available out there on the market, the process of selecting the ideal one was a systematic process that incorporated insight from various sources. For instance, we started our tape measure searching process by seeking advice from some of the relevant individuals such as carpenters, plumbers and architects amongst various others on some of their ideal units as well as some of the features they would require in the ideal unit. More so, we also took our search process to the worldwide web, where we sourced information from several product selling websites as well some of the reliable product blogs out there. To be specific, we delved into the various customer reviews along with the opinions posted in blogs. The culmination of our rigorous search process is what led us to this top notch products and its counterparts as well.

Our Pick


Product Dimensions 6.9 x 5.2 x 1.8 inches
Shipping weight 9.9 ounces
Belt Clip Yes
Electronic Yes
Hand Tool Type Measuring Tape
Magnetic Tip No
Housing Material Plastic
Lockable Yes
Warranty 90 Days
Tape Length 16ft

Who Else Likes It?

The exceptional features set of the etape 16 has garnered it some rave reviews amongst some of the popular blogs. For instance, the laser level direct mentions that the etape 16 is an exceptional tape measure that comes has been customized to incorporate both a well thought out design and top level performance. Moreover, the inclusion of the digital display screen means that this unit stands out from rest of the conventional tape measure designs. They consider this the best laser tape measure out there.

Furthermore, according to the, this tape measure embodies all the ideal qualities of an excellent tape measure and even more. It features a robust exterior design along with a various other features such as the digital display screen and its unique aesthetic design. As a result, the etape 16 is by far one of the best units on the market for your needs.

According to a user review at, “this tape measure is fast, accurate and consistent I really love it. I especially like the digital display and the simple to adjust button on the back or the front of the unit that provides super accurate measurements. As a result, it has become one of the main aspects of your toolbox kit.”

The Step Up

If in the rare case the etape 16 fails to meet your unique needs, then a good suggestion for you would be to try out the STANLEY FMHT33865 Fatmax True Zero Magnetic 25-Feet Tape. This contemporary tape measure is the first of its kind since it comes with an 11” blade standout for various types of applications that can range from small-scale home jobs to professional jobs as well. It comes with an auto lock mechanism that helps secure the blade in place until the user is ready to release it, and the detachable framing hook is ready for grabbing stuns when the user needs it.

More so, the auto lock helps improve the longevity of the blade, and it can be used in the manual mode to disengage the lock for efficient marking. The tape also features a unique blade armor coating the provides 10x blade life. Additionally, it also comes with a detachable hook that allows the user to work conveniently in various conditions, based on the hook storage the keeps the hook in when not in use.

Top Tape Measure Comparison

Length ( Feet )
Warranty (Days)
2Maerble 16
Limited Lifetime
Limited Lifetime
Limited Lifetime
Limited Lifetime
Limited Lifetime
10Klein 25

Care Use & Maintenance

While the tape measure is a relatively harmless object, there are various recommendations that you should take into account when using it for your unique needs. Tape measures are handy tools to have around the house or workplace, especially when one is wants to expedite a redecoration or home repair job. It’s nice to be certain of the metrics and sizes that you have to work with, but it’s equally important that you are competent at using the tape measure.

Safety Tips

  • Keep the tape measure aware from children or even pets
  • Put on the appropriate gloves when working with the tape measure
  • Only use the tape measure for the relevant applications such as making measurements
  • Avoid touching the tape measure blade when in use
  • Use protective gloves if possible when taking measurement

Maintenance Tips

  • Store the tape measure in the appropriate location
  • Never allow liquids to get into the interior of the unit
  • Always clean the tape measure every once in a while with a damp clothing
  • If the tape measure makes weird noises in operation, then evaluate the interior components
  • Ensure that you keep the tape measure in a safe position away from high impact falls

Wrapping It Up

Overall, when taken together choosing a good tape measure ensure that you will recive the ideal value for investment each time. This is because an excellent tape measure such as the eTape16 ET16.75-DB-RP Digital Tape Measure comes with an exclusive feature set that makes it excellent for various types of applications. More so, it also stands out from the conventional tape measure designs since it comes with an ample sized digital display screen that provides the user with the ultimate convenience when taking small measurements. It also comes with ergonomic handles that make it comfortable in the users hands even after extensive use.