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The Best Multimeter

Best Multimeter Review

Our Top Pick is the Fluke Multimeter Combo Kit

The Fluke 88 V/A Kit automotive multimeter features various components that make it ideal for your measuring needs. This is because it comes with silicone test leads, test probes, magnetic meters and insulation piercing probes amongst many others. Furthermore, this digital multimeter, which is by far one of the most versatile tools on the planet, is designed for use in high energy environment similar to those that are found hybrid automobiles, and it can also be used to measure the AC/DC voltages of as much as 1,000V. It also comes with an ultra-high-resolution screen along with a 3.75-inch digital display that provides bright light for optimal visibility especially in poorly lit areas. On the same account, the digital display screen comes with a 4.5 digit model that provides accurate measurement and shows an analog bar graph that is ideal for fast changing or highly unstable signals. Users will also appreciate that the multimeter can perform minute pulse width measurement for various types of fuel injectors, and it can also deliver the Max/ Min recording as well as automatically capturing the variations. The inclusion of the duty cycle helps to underscore the average amount of time that a signal is below or above the trigger level especially during the peak capture function and once cycle functionality that can detect intermittent complications or any transient that goes to as low as 250 Microseconds. Additionally, the meter provides both auto ranging and manual modes for sufficient user flexibility, and the auto hold function helps to capture stable metric readings. The relative mode can eliminate test lead resistance that comes about in low ohm measurements. The meter is safety rated as a Category three unit that can withstand harmful volt spikes especially those that range in 8,000v to reduce the risks of spikes and surges brought about by load switching or perhaps industrial circuits.

Who Should Buy This?

Multimeters are special electrical test meters that can be used to measure various properties of an electrical circuit such as voltage, current, capacitance along with continuity. These units are typically available in handheld or benchtop models, and can, therefore, be used to decipher various types of electrical complications in electrical equipment. Simply put, the multimeter is a handheld contrivances that can be used in fault finding as well as field work activities, or perhaps as a tool that can be used to measure a large degree of accuracy. These types of tools can be used to troubleshoot various electrical complications a broad spectrum of household and industrial devices including but not limited to domestic appliances, motor controls, electronic tools as well as power supplies. These types of devices are also ideal for schooling institutions where students have to engage with various electrical and mechanical components. Their simple to use yet safe nature makes these tools perfect for different types of professionals and settings.

What makes a Good Multimeter?

The ideal multimeter combines as many as three electrical testing tools into one including an ammeter, voltmeter along with an ohmmeter. As a result, this type of device can be used to measure voltage, resistance, and current amongst various other metrics. The ideal multimeter can also be used in testing various items such as automobile electrical components, batteries, circuits, power sources, along with motors and various other parts. It is important to know that the conventional multimeter that is available out there on the market varies mainly according to whether the overall design is analog or digital as well as according to the range of values that they are capable of providing. To be specific, the range of values that the multimeter can distinguish determines the types of devices that a multimeter is best suited for and can range from household batteries to large automobile units that feature electrical components. An excellent multimeter can also allow for an oscilloscope attachment that can enable the user to perform a read out of fluctuations over a particular duration of time. More so, the multimeter should also enable the user to connect a temperature sensor, which is a helpful addition when analyzing computer components that tend to be temperature sensitive. Any buyer who can consider these type of aspects when purchasing the ideal multimeter has a better likelihood of obtaining a top performing unit. Some of the more common additional features that can be found on the typical multimeter include auto ranging, Db ratings as well as auto ranging functionality as well.

MultimeterThe consumer market is packed with various kinds of functionalities that require evaluation when purchasing the ideal multimeter. For instance, an excellent unit will come with an LCD screen that can produce different decimal layouts that suit the user’s needs. The digital variants tend to be more accurate by a margin of almost 5 percent in comparison to the analog models. It allows the user to measure various aspects such as AC, resistance, current and DC Voltage as well. Users can also acquire additional features such as a transistor test, ability to measure temperature and perform auto continuity tests as well. Simply put, the term multi suggests that the user can obtain more than one measurement through various techniques and from many different types of units. Most multimeters come with well-labeled service manuals that indicate the typical functionality of the unit.

Moreover, there consumer market is also packed many different brands that one can choose from that provide the ideal value for your money. The various types of multimeter brands have different prices such that the user will have to shop and compare to locate the perfect multimeter. Some of the common models include Aligent, Fluke, Meterment, HP as well as B+K precision. These types of tools guarantee high-quality products that provide the best results when making measurements.

Another important aspect an excellent multimeter is that it should have an ergonomic design that makes it fit into the hands of the user easily. An excellent measuring unit should adhere to the palms of the user thereby making it ideal for a repetitive user or usage for a lengthy duration of time. By the same token, it should be the exterior design should also have some form of aesthetic appeal that not only lets your multimeter stand out from the rest, but it also enables you to take your measurements with style and elegance as well.


How We Tested

If you are a professional who is always searching for top quality units for making measurements, then you will have noticed that the product markets is flooded with a diverse array of Multimeter devices with as many different functionalities. Therefore, our search process involved various types of information sources including some of the notable product review websites along with the accompanying customer reviews. Furthermore, we also extended the realms of our search process by consulting the appropriate professionals along with their opinions on some of the best performing units on the market. The additional items that we have recommended are some of the outstanding units that we had come across during our rigorous search process.

Our Pick


Style 88 V/A
Product Dimensions 13.5 x 8.9 x 4.4 inches
Shipping Weight 5 pounds
Item model number FLUKE-88-5/A KIT
Batteries 1.9V batteries required
Average customer review 4.5 out five stars

Who Else Likes It?

According to the, the new Fluke 88 comes with improved measurement functions along with troubleshooting features and accuracy that is essential when it comes to solving electrical complications that typically occur in hybrid vehicles. To be specific the 88V has functions that are similar to the Fluke 88, and it can also provide addition safety, power, impact protection as well as convenience.

The also mentions that the Fluke 88 comes with an ample-sized display along with double re-enforced bright light for the ultimate visibility even in poorly lit conditions. More so, it also comes with an analog bar graph that can be used to track unstable or signals that keep adjusting. Users will also appreciate the input alert that provides a clear warning against the improper use of input jacks.

Aside from the popular product review blogs, this Fluke unit has also garnered some excellent review on eBay. For instance, one customer says that” it comes with an easy access door for convenient battery changes without the need to open the case. Users will also appreciate the classic design that adheres to the hand with the inclusion of the removable holster and the inbuilt test lead provides additional storage. I would recommend this product for anyone looking for an excellent tool to have in the toolbox.”

The Step Up

For those who are searching for an excellent grade multimeter similar to those used in industrial settings, then it might be time to discover the brilliance of the Klein Tools MM6000 that is regarded as a durable RMS multimeter. It comes with a setting for evaluating the flame sensors, and since it is an auto ranging multimeter, it can measure both Voltage and current. It also comes with an analog bar graph for quick moving reading it can also measure a broad spectrum of factors including duty cycle, frequency, capacitance as well as temperature. It also comes with a lead warning, auto power shut off and low battery indicator.

With it’s easy to use battery and access fuse compartment, this Klein MM6000 unit provides the ultimate convenience even for novice users. This complete diagnostic package can provide measurement functions and troubleshooting functionality that is ideal for solving complications a diverse array of setting. It also comes with detachable probes that can be used to pieced corroding items or perhaps live electric wires. This is one of those tools that you should never miss to have in your toolbox or professional regime due its high-end features.

Top Multimeter Comparison

AC/DC Voltage
AC/DC current (amps)
1Klein < 1,000
< 10
< 10
< 10
< 20
< 10
< 10
7DMiotech <600
< 10
8Mastech <600
< 10
< 10
< 10

Care Use & Maintenance

Since the multimeter is an electrical tool that has various components working to produce measurements, having some insight into how some of these units should be used and cared for has its inherent benefits. In fact, just like a mobile phone or any other meaningful contrivance, the multimeter is a delicate yet useful device that requires adequate care from the owner. Simply put, with the following safety and maintenance tips, you are sure that the unit is able to provide you with the ultimate value for your time and money each time.

Safety Tips

  • Never leave the multimeter near the reach of children
  • Never touch corroded items or live electric wires when using the multimeter
  • Avoid using the multimeter with wet hands
  • Only use the multimeter for the appropriate applications
  • Always read the user manual guide
  • Wear protective gear when performing jobs that require measurements

Maintenance Tips

  • Only complete a repair job with the proper spare parts
  • Avoid using the multimeter in wet conditions
  • Keep the measuring unit in a safe and enclosed location after use
  • Wipe down the unit with slightly damp clothing every once in a while
  • Only install the recommended batteries and never mix different battery brands

Wrapping It Up

Finally, there is no sense in denying that life would be difficult without the features and benefits that a multimeter has to offer. This is because the typical feature set of some of these things has been improving over the years and is just astounding. We have come across significant improvement especially in terms of the overall efficiency and effectiveness of some of these units. Therefore, an excellent suggestion for your unique measuring needs would be to settle for the Fluke 88 V/A KIT Automotive Multimeter Combo Kit. The unique design of the Fluke 88 allows the user to take measurements of various types of metrics and its suited for a vast array of setting such as hybrid automobiles amongst various other settings. However, while this measuring unit might be excellent in performance, various safety functionalities need to be taken into account to ensure long-term functionality.