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The Best Digital Caliper

Digital Caliper Reviews

Our Top Pick is the Neiko 01407A Electronic Digital Caliper

Digital calipers provide users with the most precise measuring tool they can use.  Anytime you need exact measurements, a caliper is what you want to reach for.

This Neiko 01407A Electronic Digital Caliper is the perfect addition to anyone’s tool box. Especially those who work in a profession that requires precise measurements.

Whether you are involved in furniture making, metal working, or woodworking as a hobby, you will want this digital caliper in your tool box.

It is very easy to operate with a one-button switch that can be switched from inches to millimeters.  The stainless steel shaft is hardened and durable and offers a depth measurement probe and precision ground jaws.  The accuracy is .02 mm which equals .001 of an inch. This is about the most precise measurement you can get with calipers.  The large, easy-to-read LCD display makes taking measurements simple and efficient.

Users can take precise measurements from 0” to 6”.  It has a convenient auto-off feature that saves your batteries, and the machine-grooved thumb roll mechanism is comfortable to use and provides sure adjustment with the position lock in place.  There are two long-life batteries that come with the device, but only one is needed at a time. The other is a spare for when you need a battery change.

Make sure that you have the tool that will give you precise measurements whenever you need them and get this Neiko Electronic Digital Caliper.  You won’t have to use guesswork or hope that your measurements are correct when you use this tool.

Who Should Buy This

Digital calipers are used in many different trades including engineering, woodworking, medicine, construction, automotive, and more.  When using a digital caliper, you won’t have to manually adjust the measurements to get the reading.  You will get an accurate measurement every time without the headache of guessing and wondering if it is correct or not.

Digital calipers are used to measure the distance between two distinct points. They can also measure internal and external distances along with depth.  If you are in one of the trades listed above, having a good quality digital caliper can save you a lot of work.

What Makes a Good Digital Caliper?

It doesn’t matter what profession you are in, if you have ever used tapes and rulers to try and get an accurate measurement, you know the frustration that they can produce.  This is the reason that digital calipers are so popular.  They take away the guesswork and headache of getting those accurate measurements in a simple, fast, and efficient way.

They are designed to be accurate on a regular basis.  They are used in many different situations including measuring the depth of various holes. They can even be used to measure body fat.  It may be overwhelming to sort through the large selection of calipers that are available, but we’re here to help.

Digital caliperWhen you are looking for a high quality digital caliper, you want the quality of the construction to the type of readout they have to be top of the line. This will ensure even more accuracy.  There are three different types of calipers:

  • Vernier
  • Digital
  • Dial

This review will discuss the features that you should look for in a digital caliper to ensure you have the best one you can get.  Digital calipers are made to be easy to read, and the best ones require no squinting at tiny little lines trying to get a precise reading. They also don’t require any adding.

On a digital caliper, the readings will be displayed on an LCD screen so you will know the exact reading.  On dial and Vernier calipers, you will sometimes need to estimate.  Some of the drawbacks that people have identified in using digital calipers are the fact that you will need a battery to operate them and also that they tend to be the more expensive option.

You will also want to look for a digital caliper that is constructed from durable stainless steel and that will measure interior, exterior, depth, and step dimensions.  Make sure that the model you choose offers both metric and standard readings.

Battery life is another factor in choosing a superior digital caliper.  You don’t want to have to worry about your battery running low all the time so look for high quality batteries that will last a good, long time.  Extra large displays, push button switch that allows you to go from metric to standard, and depth gauge and accuracy to .02 mm are the most important features to look for.

How We Tested

We began our comparisons by researching the top digital calipers on the market.  We gathered a list of the most important features that experts in the industry, who use digital calipers on a regular basis, deemed important.  We looked for and compared features such as the durability of the unit, ease of use, large, easily readable displays and more.

We also looked through tool magazines, forums, blogs, and Amazon reviews as well as comments from customers who purchased digital calipers and used them in their trades or DIY projects.   All of this information enabled us to narrow down the list and come up with the top performer.

Our Pick


Item weight 8.8 ounces
Dimensions 6” x 1” x 1”
Size 6”
Display LCD
Construction hardened stainless steel shaft
Reading type standard and metric
Accuracy .02mm
Batteries included yes
Batteries required yes-2
Features thumb roll mechanism, position lock,
depth measurement probe
Switch auto-off capable

Who Else Likes It? writes “When you require exact measuring, you reach for a caliper. But an accurate measurement is meaningless if you can’t read it accurately. This caliper takes an essential tool into the 21st century with an extra-large LCD digital readout for exact internal and outside measurements – accurate to .001 inch.” writes “Another nice feature on this caliper is that it includes a depth gauge, a lot of cheaper calipers do not contain a depth gauge. It also includes a serial port on the side of the readout so that you can connect the calipers to a computer or other display device, etc.”

Amazon gives the Neiko 01407A Electronic Digital Caliper 4.4 out of 5 rating from 1795 reviews.  It is a #1 Best Seller.  One customer reports “For the money, you cannot beat this product. I work in a Navy calibration laboratory and calibrated it with gage block standards and it was right on, dead nutz.”

The Step Up

If you are looking for a heavy duty, professional grade digital caliper, the iGaging Origin Digital Caliper is just what you’re looking for.

It has super high accuracy absolute technology for the most precise readings.  The measuring range goes from 0” to 6” and the accuracy is to .02mm.

Once the origin position is set, the iGaging keeps track of it so you don’t have to keep re-setting it.  The easy to read, large LCD display provides users with the actual position of the sensor when measuring starts, you don’t have to reset to zero.

Unlimited measuring speed and includes a standard USB data output. (The USB cable is sold separately)  The surface is made from hardened stainless steel with a lapped finish and is both dust resistant and splash resistant too. The slider moves smoothly and easily thanks to the high quality finish.

The battery on this unit lasts an incredible 2 years or more with normal use and 2 batteries are included with the digital caliper. It also comes with a 2 year warranty to cover any problems.

Top Digital Caliper Comparison

Size (Inches)
Accuracy ( mm )
4Long Jaw6

Care Use & Maintenance

No matter what the tool is, it requires a degree of safety and maintenance.  Even though some tools may have more safety guidelines and maintenance, when you pay attention to what your tools need to remain in great working order, you will have them for a long time. We have gathered a list of basic maintenance and tips that will ensure your safety and will also help you take care of your digital caliper correctly.

Usage Tips

There isn’t a whole lot of danger involved when using a digital caliper. Instead of safety tips we will provide some more in depth information about digital calipers that will help you use them to the best of your ability.


Parts of a Digital Caliper and Their Uses

  • Depth Gauge – T-his measures the thickness of objects and also the depth of a hole
  • Locking screw – This feature will prevent the jaws of the caliper from moving while you are measuring
  • ABS button – This will temporarily set the current measurement to zero
  • Step gauge – This gauge measures the distance from one edge to another point on the object
  • Outside Jaws –  This part of the caliper measures the outside dimensions of an object
  • Inside jaws –  This part measures the inside dimensions and are very delicate and breakable so care must be taken not to break them
  • On/zero button – this will set the current position to zero and turns the calipers on as well
  • In/mm button – this convenient feature switches the measurement from inches to mm
  • Battery compartment – holds the battery that operates the caliper

Maintenance Tips

  • Keep the digital caliper lightly oiled (the shaft) and wrapped in corrosion resistant paper. If the area is very humid, keep in a de-humidified cabinet
  • Do not expose it to corrosive chemicals
  • Do not drop it or put heavy things on top of it
  • Do not use it as a hammer, clamp or wrench
  • Keep out of excessive heat
  • Check the battery to ensure it is fully charged
  • Remove the battery if you won’t be using the caliper for awhile

Wrapping It Up

Calipers have been around since ancient times but they are still a very important addition to your tool box now. The style of calipers has changed a lot over the years and with the invention of digital calipers, measuring is easier and more accurate than ever. Two of the fields where this accuracy is super important are medicine and mechanical engineering.

With the large selection of calipers available, it is important to know exactly what you are looking for so you choose the perfect digital caliper for what you need it for. The top choice we have reviewed here is perfect for most applications that you would use it for.  If you need a more professional model, the step up version is perfect for those who need a high quality digital caliper for everyday use.

With a digital caliper you will never have to worry about accuracy or struggle to find the right measurements.  You can use it easily and know that the readings you get are going to be the right ones.

A great digital caliper is a must have in the tool box of an engineer, furniture maker, healthcare professional, woodworker, metalworker, construction worker or contractor.  Even if you don’t have any of those professions, if you do a lot of DIY projects, you would make use of a digital caliper enough to warrant buying one.