Toolversed Marketing Scholarship (Annual)

Toolversed is dedicated to providing consumers with detailed reviews of a large selection of tools through our in-depth research. Consumers that visit the Toolversed website will have access to informative guides and tool comparisons that will help them in their search for the right tools for their needs.  Here are a couple of examples of our helpful and information-packed reviews :

Toolversed writers work hard to ensure that the content they provide is useful and thorough. Their goal is to ensure consumers have all the information they need to make those important purchasing decisions.  Every review on the Toolversed website is a reflection of the pride we have in our writers’ efforts.

We’ve created the Toolversed Marketing Scholarship for undergraduate and postgraduate students that have a desire and talent for producing exceptional content.  Students in all areas of study are eligible to apply for the scholarship. Those who are pursuing degrees in the Information Sciences, Marketing, Communications and Business may be particularly interested in applying.


To be eligible for this scholarship, students must be actively enrolled in college or accepted for the upcoming quarter or semester. Proof of this enrollment and/or acceptance is required at the time the application is submitted.  Read the ‘How to Apply’ section below for the rest of the scholarship application requirements.


Students interested in participating in the Toolversed Scholarship Program will need to submit an article about a product that they have had experience using.  This article should be thorough and reflect first-hand knowledge of the product’s features, advantages, disadvantages and other helpful information. Required word count is 700 words.

The applicant that submits the best article will receive a check for $1000 that will be forwarded to their school. This check can be applied to the cost of the scholarship winner’s books, supplies and other costs.  Articles need to include the following information:

  • Personal experience with the product
  • How the product performed in real world applications. Did the product perform the way it was expected to?
  • How does the product compare to the competition?
  • What recommendations are suggested to consumers interested in purchasing this product?

 How to Apply

  1. Write a 1000 word article on a tool you have first-hand experience with.
  2. Forward the completed article to [email protected] using Microsoft Word format. **
  3. Include the following information in your application email:
  • First and Last Name
  • Address
  • Working Phone Number
  • College/University Name
  • Area of Study/Major
  • Proof of Enrollment or acceptance for the upcoming quarter or semester

** By submitting your article, Toolversed has permission to use it for marketing and/or promotional purposes.

Deadline for Submission

Applications will be accepted through December 31st.

The winner will be selected and the check mailed by January 15th.

Please Note:  The $1000 Scholarship Award is sent directly to the college or university you are attending.

The Toolversed Marketing Scholarship is awarded on an annual basis.

2016 Winner

Abi Oni from Johns Hopkins University
Abiodun Oni

Winning Article

Now Accepting Applications for 2017