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The Best Table Saw

Table Saw Reviews

Our Top Pick is the DEWALT Job-Site Table Saw

A table saw is a circular saw that is mounted to a table and is used for cutting various materials.  Some table saws are portable and are designed to be set on top of tables rather than having legs and support of their own.  Another name for those portable table saws is job site table saw. They are much more compact and lighter than the free standing table saws and tend to be more popular as well.

The DEWALT 10” jobsite table saw has many different features that make it a perfect choice when you need a high quality table saw.  The Site-Pro Modular Guarding System provides specific setups that give the user accurate cuts in a fast, timely manner.  The 15 amp motor and 20” rip capacity give the user tons of power to cut materials such as hardwood or pressure-treated lumber.  The no load speed of the blade is 3850 rpm.  This provides clean cuts no matter what you’re working on.

The DEWALT job site table saw features a maximum cut depth of 3 1/8” at 90 degrees and 2 ¼” at 45 degrees. The coated table reduces friction which means improved cut quality. The metal roll cage base provides the user with a sturdy set up that surpasses the durability and stability of plastic bases.

The telescoping fences allow the rails to be adjusted to 20” which can rip full sheets or it can be retracted for a more compact design that can be moved quickly and easily.  Since this table saw weighs only 45 pounds, it is super easy to move from job site to job site without needing two people to move it.

There is onboard storage and a 2 ½” dust collection port that easily connects to a shop vacuum to prevent dust from being all over the shop. Along with the saw comes blade guards, a miter gauge, a push stick, a 10”, 24 tooth carbide blade that will get you working on projects right away.

Users will get a great warranty package as well including a 3 year limited warranty, a 1 year free service contract and a 90 day money back guarantee as well.

Who Should Buy This?

Table saws are common power tools that are in almost every workshop.  They are used on the job site to cut a multitude of materials including hardwoods, softwoods, plastics, thin steel with the correct metal cutting blade, and pressure treated lumber.

They are most often used by construction companies, woodworkers, carpenters, DIY-ers, home owners and furniture makers.  They are very useful power tools that take care of a variety of projects at home and professionally.

What Makes a Good Table Saw?

There are several things that you want to look for that make up a good quality table saw.  One of the most important is high safety features.  Most table saws feature blade guard systems that are much better than the older model tables.  Instead of splitters, they have riving knives and guards that are much easier to adjust.  The blade guards and riving knife set up is tool-free and very easy to flip out of the way or detach.  If the blade guards are inconvenient the user will likely take them off and that exposes them to increased danger.  When they csn be flipped out of the way, there is no need to removed them.

Table SawGood dust control is another important feature of a good quality table saw.  The best dust control measures will have shrouds around the blade and a chute that slants toward the main dust port.  The table saws can be connected to a shop vac as well to carry the dust away from the project and to contain it rather than letting it fly around the workshop or job site area.

Table saws that have a left blade tilt set up are better choices than a right tilt.  The left blade tilt design tends to result in fewer kickbacks.  On a right tilt table saw, debris seems to become trapped more often between the blade, table and fence and eventually flying out at the user.  It is also said to be easier to make clean miter cuts along the length of panels with a left tilt design table saw.

Cast iron tables are heavier but preferable due to less vibration being present on a cast iron table.  The aluminum tables are much lighter and have a lot more vibration.  Blade alignment needs to be accurate for the best cuts and needs to be checked periodically.  Make sure the handwheels are turned easily to move the blade.  The wheels and levers should be easy to lubricate without dealing with friction.

Having good dado capacity is important in a good quality table saw.  Make sure that the table saw’s arbor is long enough to accommodate the dado stack you are using.  Some of the cheaper saws only have ½ arbors which is not big enough for all projects. Also make sure the table saw has a standard miter slot so you can use aftermarket accessories on the table that provide additional convenience and accuracy.


How We Tested

Choosing the top table saw is not guesswork. There is a specific process we go through to determine the quality of the different saws.  We start with general searches to get a solid list of features typical to high quality table saws.  Next we look at tool magazines, blogs that feature tools, other reviews on different table saws and we spend time talking to experts in the industry that know a good quality table from a lesser quality and why.

We also go over customer comments and reviews of those who have bought different models and are using them to see what they have to say about them.  All this detailed information is compiled and the results are a top quality table saw that stands out in all areas including durability, reduced vibration, high power, large rip capacity and portability.

Our Pick


Blade Diameter 10”
Maximum Cut Depth 3.125”
Product Depth 22.8”
Product Height 18.75”
Product Width 23.5”
Table Length 22”
Table Width 16”
Amperage 15
Bench and Stationary Tool Table saw
Bench or Stationary Bench
Blade Location Left
Blade Speed 3850 rpm
Blade guard system yes
Color family yellow
Cord Length 8 ft
Dust Collection Method 2.5” dust port
Maximum Cut Depth @ 45 deg. 2.25”
Maximum Speed 3850 rpm
No tool blade change no
Power tool features blade guard system
Power tool product type bench and stationary
Product weight 45 lbs
Reconditioned no
Rip capacity Left 12”
Rip capacity Right 16”
Tools product type power tool

Who Else Likes It? writes “This lightweight, durable DEWALT 10 in. 15 Amp Compact Job Site Table Saw delivers powerful rip-cutting performance. With a motor reaching up to 3850 RPM, this saw can rip through hardwood, pressure-treated lumber and tough job-site materials.” writes “The DW745 has a powerful motor, a great rack and pinion fence adjustment mechanism”

Amazon gives the DEWALT DW745 4.7 out of 5 rating from 594 reviews.  One satisfied customer writes “I never used a table saw before and I was very impressed with it right off the bat. This table saw is very powerful. It cut through the material with ease. The instructions are straightforward. It is also lightweight so even though I am only 5 foot 2, I can easily lift it and move it around. It is a great tool to have. I highly recommend it.”

The Step Up

If you need an industrial grade table saw with strength, power and features to support any number of projects you have on tap, then the Bosch 4100 table saw is for you.  This table saw features the first modular smart guard system.  Other features include a durable sub base with carry handles, an exclusive Squarelock Rip Fence with auxiliary fence slots and a t-slot miter gauge.

The blade guards, riving knife and anti-kickback pawls are modular and tool free so removing or adding each element is quick and easy.  The blade guard has a new split-guarding the offers users a great optimal line of sight and also gives maximum protection.

The table is 29” x 21 ½” square, giving the users the most usable tabletop space available. It has a 25” rip capacity that can handle larger materials. The 15 amp, 10” table saw has 4HP and 3650 rpm which gives super clean cuts.  The soft start and constant response electronics manage the power very well.  The 5/8” arbor size can handle compatible blades and can handle bevel cuts in the range of -2 to 47 degrees.  The dado cuts are up to 13/16”.

Weighing only 39 pounds and is top of the line for durability and has a powder coated finish for longevity and scratch resistance.

Top Table Saw Comparison

Blade Diameter (Inches)
3Craftsman Evolv10
4Chicago Electric413,000

Care Use & Maintenance

Maintenance and safety are important components with any power tool.  Starting with safety, there are several things that you need to do and not do to ensure the safest experience working with the table saw as possible.  If these safety tips aren’t heeded it is far too easy to end up with an injury that can be potentially very serious.

Maintenance can help your table saw last a long time and can keep it running in great condition, producing excellent results in your projects.  Below we have listed both safety tips and maintenance tips for you to follow to make sure that your table saw lasts as long as possible and that you and others are safe while you use it.

Safety Tips

  • Always use safety glasses when using the table saw
  • Avoid awkward positions when using the saw so there are no accidental slips
  • Keeps arms, hands and fingers away from the blade
  •  Never do ripping, crosscutting or any other operation freehand
  • Never reach over or around the blade
  • Make sure the table saw is sturdy and stable at all times, especially when on a table top or on a stand
  • Do not use for ferrous materials, masonry or cement board
  • Use the right saw blade for the job you are working on
  • Disconnect the saw from the power source and turn off machine before trying to free a stalled blade
  • Don’t start the blade with the work piece against it. Start the blade and then place the work piece against it
  • Clean the table and work area before leaving
  • Never operate table saw in the rain or in damp conditions
  • Keep children away from the table at all times, especially when it is being used
  • Wear proper clothing when using the table, nothing loose and hanging
  • Wear a mask when using the table to avoid dust from being inhaled
  • Never operate the table saw when tired or under the influence of   alcohol, medications or drugs.
  • Never move a job site table saw while it is on
  • Keep table saw clean
  • Keep up with maintenance schedule

Maintenance Tips

  • Never inspect, clean or do maintenance on the table saw while it is connected to a power source or switched on.
  • Use only mild soap and a damp cloth on the plastic parts as chemical cleaners can destroy the plastic.
  • Never get any liquid, even water, into the table saw itself
  • Never immerse any part of the table saw in water
  • Inspect cords and connections before each use
  • Clean table saw after each use
  • Do not let dust buildup get into mechanisms, around blade, etc.
  • Wipe table of after you are finished cutting for the day
  • If any repairs need to be made, only have them made by certified, approved repair people
  • If the saw is not operating correctly do not use it, instead find out what the problem is

Wrapping It Up

A table saw is a valuable and often used power tool in a workshop or professional construction site.  It isn’t hard to learn to use them, but they require exceptional safety and care when operating to prevent accidents and injuries.  Finding a table with good power, great features and a good stand or sturdy construction if there is not a stand, is important to ensuring you can perform the types of projects and the number of projects you want to accomplish with this tool.

The choices here are both excellent, high quality table saws.  The DEWALT is a favorite among many customers. It is strong enough to handle almost any project.  It is a great addition to your workshop.