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A pole saw is a small curved saw blade that is mounted onto a long handle. A pole saw is used for pruning branches and tree limbs that are beyond the reach of someone that is trying to trim or cut down the branches or limbs of a tree.

This pole saw will quickly remove the difficult of trimming your trees and the danger right out of the equation. You will be able to stand on the solid ground safely without any hesitation, easily adjust the Sun Joe Telescoping Electric Pole Chain Saw and let gravity do all of the work for you. With this pole saw you will have up to 15 feet of overhead reach and you will be able to trim limbs and branches with ease and get your work done quickly.

It is powered by a vigorous 6.5 amp motor, and it can handle tree limbs that are stubborn, up to 7.5 inches think and hard for you to reach in a safe manner. It also features a 8 inch Oregon bar and chain with an oiler that is automatic… this will keep the chain and bar lubricated all the way when you are using it.

It is powered electrically, and unlike power tools that are powered by gas, you can rest assured that it will power up reliably with the simple push of a button. You won’t have to worry about fumes, tune ups or smoke. It has a safety switch that is built in and that prevents any accidental starting that can occur otherwise.


There are quite a few people that will find the Sun Joe SWJ800E 8 inch telescoping electric pole chain saw helpful and many that will be able to use one. This pole saw is a great item for homeowners that have a lot of trees or any trees that need to have branches or limbs of their trees trimmed. It is also a great product for landscape business owners to buy… if they have clients that need their tree branches or limbs trimmed, this is the best pole saw the will be able to find. If you find yourself in any type of position whether it is personal or business related where you need to have tree limbs or branches trimmed or cut this is the right product for you.


There are a lot of qualities that you should look for when you are in the market of finding a good pole saw. When you are looking to get a good pole saw one of the very first things that you should look for is the power that it works with. You want a pole saw that has a lot of power… the more power it has the better it will cut the limbs and branches you have to deal with. It is also good for your pole saw to be cordless… the cordless models will give you freedom and flexibility to move around without having to start and stop continuously.

Pole SawAnother great feature you want your pole saw to have is a handle that can be lengthened… this feature is useful because when you have branches or limbs that are higher up you will not have to make many adjustments to reach them. Lastly, it can be extremely helpful and advantageous if your pole saw has attachments that you can use in other areas of landscaping should you need to.


When we look at choosing a product to be named the best we go through a stringent process to ensure that the title is not given in vain; and that was no different when we were searching for the best pole saw. The very first step in our process is to do general research… we do that and along the way we collect the features and what it takes to have a pole saw that will be of high quality. After that is done we look at magazine publications, blogs and any online articles that we can find in the landscape industry that gives us information on pole saws. Once that is done we move on to the final step… and that is talking to professionals and any experts that we can find that works in the landscaping industry and may be able to give us more in depth information on it. We combine what they have told us with comments from the customers that have used the pole saw… once we put everything that we have found in our general research together we make all of this information available for you.


  • Amperage: 6.5 amps
  • Chain Size: 8 inches
  • Chainsaw Type: Pole Chainsaw/Pruner
  • Chain Brake: No
  • Chain Tension Adjustment: Manual
  • Oil Tank Capacity: 2.7 fluid ounces
  • Overhead Reach: 15 feet
  • Product Weight: 7 pounds
  • Power Source: Electric
  • Cord Length: 1 foot
  • Blade Length: 8 inches
  • Assembly: Some required
  • Sound Power Level: 108 dB
  • Telescoping: Yes
  • No Load Speed: 6000 Revolutions Per Minute
  • Item Dimensions: 3.3 x 5.9 x 68.5 inches


A customer from gave a 5 star review and said they would buy this pole saw time and time again! They like the weight of it was easy to hold up, the ease of it was unbelievable, the pole saw was compact, light weight and they would definitely recommend this pole saw to anyone they could.

A customer from Amazon says this is a great pole saw and is the best landscaping tool they have. They liked the adjustable length of the pole, how it was easy to tension the chain by simply turning a screw, how quickly the pole saw cut, and how strong and sturdy the pole saw. They were very glad they have this pole saw and are eager to share with others how they need to get one.

Another customer from says they were pleasantly surprised at how easy it was to use and the power that it had within it. They liked how it cut through several limbs and was still running cool and still had quite a bit of oil left in the tank. With them being an engineer they could immediately tell this pole saw was built with quality in mind and the results they saw showed just that.

Top Pole Saw Comparison

Size (Inches)
 Overhead (Feet)
Warranty (Years)
1Snow Joe8.00
Limited Lifetime
6Trimmer Plus8.00
Limited Lifetime
11Poulan Pro8.00


There are particular things that you should make sure you do so that you can properly care for your pole saw and allow it to have a long life. With the proper care this pole saw will last for many years. In order for you to ensure that your pole saw is always in good working order and prolong its life you have to maintain it. Always follow instructions that are in the instruction manual that comes along with your pole saw. You want to look over your pole saw prior to each use. You need to make sure that you check all the nuts, screws and bolts… make sure they are tight. Check the trigger lock and the trigger… make sure they move normally before you turn on the saw. You also want to make sure you look over the chain and make sure there are not any breaks or other damage to it. You also want to make sure that you store your pole saw properly making sure you take extra care that you have it in a safe place that have all the right elements.

Safety Tips

  • Check your safety guards on a regular basis to make sure they are fitted properly and fitted in the proper order
  • Make sure adjusting wrenches are removed from the saw before you turn it on
  • Once you have cut branches and limbs make sure you clean the area that you worked in…. when you have a cluttered space you create an accident prone area
  • Do not operate the pole saw in locations that are damp or wet
  • Do not, under any circumstances, use the pole saw in the rain
  • Make sure the work area is clear of all children, bystanders and pets… they should be a safe distance away
  • Use the pole saw at a rate that will do the job in an effective way and safe… do not force it to move
  • Wear clothing that is appropriate, gloves that are heavy duty, non-skid footwear and clothing that is not baggy
  • If you have long hair, wear a hair covering that will protect it
  • Always wear safety glasses and ear protection when using the pole saw
  • Wear a dust mask or a face mask
  • Keep your balance and the proper footing when you are using it
  • Keep your tools clean and sharp so you can make sure you have the safest and best performance
  • Prior to each use, make sure you check for any parts that may be damaged… if you find any, do not operate until they are repaired or replaced
  • Always make sure you never leave the pole saw unattended while it is running
  • Do not start the pole saw unintentionally… make sure you do not carry it with your finger on the switch
  • When you are picking up or holding onto the pole saw, make sure you do not grab it by the cutting edges or the cutting blade
  • Stay alert when you are using it
  • When you store the pole saw, make sure to do so indoors in a dry area that is high and out of the reach of children or locked away

Maintenance Tips

  • Keep the cooling air vents clean from sawdust and debris at all times… this will prevent overheating and any possible damage to the motor
  • Always check the tension of the chain prior to using the pole saw when the chain is cold
  • Check the screws and nuts on a periodic basis… make sure they are tight and secure
  • Check on the collar that governs the telescoping pole… ensure that it is intact and in the right working order
  • Check the chain saw periodically… make sure that it is sharp (the pole saw always works best when the saw is sharp); it is not recommended to sharpen it, but to replace it if you see it is dull


When you are looking for the right pole saw in is undoubtedly apparent that the Sun Joe SWJ800E 8 Inch 6.5 Amp Telescoping Electric Pole Chain Saw… it is the perfect choice and it is clear to see why this it. With the cordless ability, the power it packs, and the extendable pole so you will be able to reach branches and limbs no matter high up they are, you can not get a better pole saw than this one. With a pole saw of this caliber it is sure to last you for many years to come for sure.

When you have a pole saw or are thinking about getting one, make sure that you always follow the assembly instructions as well as the safety guidelines and the maintenance guidelines as well. Whenever you are not using the pole saw, make sure you have it put away safely and securely. You do not want anyone that should not have the pole saw to be able to get to it in any way. If you follow all of the care instructions as well as the storage recommendations you will be able to have and use this pole saw for a very long time. And whenever you find yourself being able to use a landscape or garden tool for many years, you know you have a good product on your hands. You will feel comfort in knowing that you have a pole saw that is a standup product that is great to have in your collection of landscape tools.