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Tile Saw Reviews

Our Top Pick is the Skil 3550-02

Tile saws are used by those who lay tile or work with tile, masonry products, marble, slate, ceramic, porcelain, clay, or granite. Straight cuts for tile might be able to be made with an inexpensive snap cutter, however, any decorative, angled, or detailed cuts will require a specialized tile saw. A couple unique features with the tile saw is that it uses a diamond blade to cut the material and the “wet saw” uses water to keep the blade and the cut material cool.

Tile saws range from the low end to the high end. There is also a huge difference in the quality of saw based on the price. The low range saws do not have much power and are not large enough to cut more than small pieces of tile. If you only have a small job you would be better off to rent a better machine that will not provide good quality and accurate cuts. Quality saws start at a higher price and unless you are a professional who needs more power and the ability to make a variety of cuts on a wide range of material, is should not be necessary to spend the money for higher end models.

We reviewed 33 different models of wet tile saws and found the Skil 3550-02 offered the power and features most homeowners would need at an affordable price. This saw has the size and power to cut up to 18 inch tiles and can tackle a variety of material. The water container is designed to keep most of the water in the reservoir, making it clean to operate and can also make beveled cuts up to 45 degrees. This gives it the bells and whistles the majority of users need at a price you can afford.

Who Should Buy This

For those working with tile a wet tile saw is essential for anything beyond a basic straight cut with edges that will be against a wall. If you need to make any other types of cuts, including angled or diagonal cuts, then a wet tile saw is the best tool for the job. A manual straight edge cutter is not precise and can only make straight cuts on traditional tile.

If you want to lay a kitchen floor and then have plans to redo a bathroom then you will benefit from having a tile saw in your workshop. For professional and semi-professional tile cutters, a wet saw is an essential tool for creating a professional look to your work.

What Makes a Good Tile Saw?

A tile saw is sometimes called a wet saw, is designed specifically for cutting tile. This includes a wide range of material including granite, ceramic and porcelain. When cutting tile materials it is difficult to get a clean cut without a designated tile saw. The pieces fragment easily and can create a dust that is dangerous to inhale.

Tile SawMost tile saws come with a diamond blade. This is a blade with small diamond pieces in the blade, as the name implies, creating a very hard blade that is able to tackle hard surfaces without cracking or chipping the material. A good tile saw should make accurate cuts quickly and easily.

Water is used with a tile saw to cool the blade, reduce the amount of dust in the air and create a smoother cut. The edges of the material will still be sharp after the cut and care should be given when handling the cut tiles.

There are three basic types of tile saws, a hand held, the overhead saw and the table wet tile saw. The handheld requires a source of water and is both lightweight and portable but does not contain a water basin. The overhead saw offers a blade that is above the tile and is lowered onto the tile from above much like a miter saw. The table saw has the blade beneath the tile and you move the tile over the blade for the cut, much like a table saw.

Other things to consider is the materials the saw is able to cut, the ability to cut angles, and the water reservoir’s ability to contain the water with minimal spillage.

How We Tested

We began with a comprehensive list of wet tile saws available on the market. This list was quickly narrowed to reflect those that offered the features and quality in relation to the price. Once we reduced the list to the best feature to value, we completed further research and testing on the remaining saws. We reviewed websites and blogs on tools and homeowner sites that offered professionals with long term working experience on the models we selected. From there we reviewed Amazon and gathered information from additional reviewers to make our final pick.

Our Pick



Style Saw Table Wet Saw
Power of Motor 3,600 RPM and 7 amps
Size of Blade 7 Inch
Weight of Saw 17.7 Pounds
Maximum Cutting Capacity 18 X 18 inch material
Material of Blade Diamond Blade
Miter Angle Range 0 – 45 degrees
Positive Stops at 0, 22.5 and 45 degrees
Dimensions 22 X 18 X 8.5
Warranty 3 Year Warranty

The Skil 3550-05 is a table saw with a 7 inch diamond blade. The 7 amp motor is powerful enough to cut most of the tile material available on the market with accuracy and precision found in more expensive models. This saw can handle tiles up to 18 X 18 inches which makes it the perfect size for most DIYers, and homeowners. The saw includes a table extender that supports the tile and enables you to make straight and angled cuts with precision.

The Hydro Lock Water Containment system is patent pending and does an excellent job of keeping water on the blade and tile, without letting it escape from the basin. You will be able to use this in the room where your project is rather than hauling tiles from the garage or outside because of the water spillage. This feature also reduces clean up time for both the saw and the surrounding area. The saw  includes an aluminum top which reduces the overall weight of the table and resists rust.

The Skil 3550-02 wet tile saw is able to make bevel cuts up to 45 degrees. There are three positive stops at 0, 22.2 and 45 degrees, which are the most common bevel cuts needed with tile cutting. The saw comes with a continuous rim diamond blade that is strong enough to cut porcelain, ceramic, and other tile materials. There is an adjustable rip fence that can be set for more accurate cuts. The Skil 3550-02 offers all of the features you will need for nearly any job a homeowner will come across, while remaining at a very affordable price. It also comes with a one year warranty.

Who Else Likes It

The guys at Best Tile Saw reviews acknowledge that this is not a high end tile saw but consider it the “best in its class”. For homeowners who need to complete some work around the house, “grab this puppy.”

At Best Power Tools Reviews Online they said this: Perfect saw for home jobs, it is light in weight, really nice small wet tile saw, compact, and sturdy. The saw works well, is easy to use, and cuts through stone easily…Very little dust was created during the cutting of the tile.”

Amazon reviewers gave is a 4.3 out of 5 stars with 76 reviews. One 5 star reviewer stated, “The water retention method was fantastic. Cutting results was excellent with minimum spray. Make sure that when you cut the tiles with this type of saw they are finish side down.”

The Step Up

The Dewalt D24000 is a professional grade table style wet tile saw that comes with a 1.5 horsepower motor and a 10 inch diamond blade. It contains up to 24 inches of ripping capacity and the ability to cut an 18 inch tile diagonally. Angled cuts are available up to 45 degrees. This is a professional grade saw for specialist in flooring or those looking for a remodel. It comes with an integrated rail system that offers precision at its finest.

The motor offers 15 amps of power which can cut any grade of stone, brick or porcelain. It has a depth range of up to 3 1/8 inches. The saw includes a 5 gallon pan that contains the water and a hose that allows you to control both the volume and where the water is sprayed for optimal performance. This upgrade comes with a 3 year warranty. If you want to add a stand the unit available is the Dewalt D24000s.

Top Tile Saw Comparison

Blade Size (inches)
Warranty (Months)
1Skil HydroLock7.00
2QEP Water Pump30.00
4QEP Portable7.00





Care Use and Maintenance

Because of the dust that is created from cutting tile, safety glasses and a dust mask should be worn at all times to prevent dust from getting in your eyes or lungs. Wearing work gloves will prevent you from being cut from the sharp edges that are produced by the tile saw cuts.

Care for the saw includes maintaining and replacing blades as needed. Worn blades will results in less accurate cuts and can crack or chip the tile. Because of the use of water, electrical wires and connections should be examined before each use, as loose wires could result in a live electric current.

Using the saw you should also wear a waterproof apron or clothes that can get wet because even the best saws will not contain all of the water discharge. Every wet saw will have a water reservoir and therefore you will need to either fill the reservoir or have a water source available if you are using a hand held saw. Tile saws are best used in an outdoor environment.

Water in the reservoir should be replaced after each use to prevent debris from being caught in the saw blade. Filters should also be cleaned after each use to extend the life of both the motor and the blade. The blade should be removed after each use and all the saw parts should be dried to prevent rusting.

Wrapping It Up

For tile jobs having the right tool for the job will make all the difference in both the time it takes and the quality of the completed work. Wet tile saws offer some unique features that cannot be found in any other tool, making it a must have if you will be working with tile.