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The Best Straight Grinder

Straight Grinder Reviews

Our Top Pick is the Dewalt DW887

A straight grinder, also known as a die grinder, is a handheld power tool used for grinding, polishing, sanding, honing or machining various work materials such as metal, wood, or plastic. A straight grinder is an excellent tool to have in your arsenal as it can access hard-to-reach places that an angle grinder and other power tools normally wouldn’t be able to. The straight grinder has interchangeable bit pieces that you can purchase and attach to your tool to perform various tasks such as grinding, polishing etc. Some examples of jobs you would be able to do with your straight grinder include enlarging holes for bolts, customizing door hinges, cleaning gaskets, sanding furniture or other wood projects, polishing metal and many more.

This versatile tool is inexpensive and can complete a wide range of detailed tasks that other tools fall short on. They are also sometimes called rotary tools. Grinders can be powered by an electrical cord or a pneumatic connection with an air compressor. For most home uses an electric cord offers an affordable solution with enough power for nearly any project you come across. For more frequent or bigger jobs, the power of the pneumatic grinder may be worth the larger investment.

We have conducted an extensive research process to bring you the best straight/die grinder currently on the market. We tested and evaluated the tools based on quality performance, machine durability, affordability, and customer satisfaction ratings. When our research was complete the Dewalt DW887 1 and ½ inch die/straight grinder rose to the top of its class. With 25,000 RPMs it has the power to create a smooth finish on the toughest metals. The unit offers AC/DC power adapter so it can be used on generators at a job site. This variable speed unit also includes a ¼ inch collet and a 1/8” reducing sleeve for tight fits.

Who Should Buy This

Straight Die grinders include a variety of attachments which increase their versatility. They are very affordable and can work with both wood and metal. If you have tubular materials that need finishing, the Die grinder can complete the task with both speed and precision. This makes the tool useful to a large audience. Some examples of people who greatly benefit from a straight die grinder are; mechanics, engineers, DIYers, home owners, furniture builders, manufacturers, wood workers, sculptors, and welders. Anyone who regularly works with metal will benefit from having a straight grinder in your arsenal. These grinders are easy to use and very affordable.

What Makes a Good Straight Grinder?

One of the most important features when choosing a straight grinder is the amount of power it provides. This is measured in no load RPMs. RPMs are what allow your tool to rotate at a faster or slower pace. Having a high maximum RPM along with the ability to adjust the speed to the job is the most efficient way to use a grinder because different materials and jobs require different speeds. The amount of power will determine the jobs your grinder can and cannot accomplish. Sanding, polishing, and creating holes are generally accomplished faster with higher speeds. More precision work will accommodate slower speeds better to gain more control over the tool. The variable speed control will allow you to consistently work at faster or slower pace efficiently.

Straight GrinderThe weight of the tool as another important factor. With any handheld tool, weight determines how long you can use the tool at a time. A tool that is too heavy will result in hand fatigue which can decrease accuracy. The best, straight, die grinders should weigh under 10 pounds. Anything larger than this is most likely going to be bulky and difficult to manage. Having more power does add to the weight, meaning you should not go with the lowest weight because it may compromise power. Around 10 pounds gives you the power necessary to complete most tasks and yet is light enough to work with for long periods of time.

Most straight grinders are electric with a cord. Battery-powered units add a lot of weight to the tool making them less popular. Pneumatic units are generally higher in cost making the electric units the most common for homeowners and small workshops. Many power tools today have the option of being corded or cordless but in this particular case a corded grinder is the best and most efficient option. Corded electric grinders provide more power and control at a lower weight than battery powered units. Having a corded tool will also offer you more flexibility with your work as the provided higher RPM output from the corded tool will allow you perform a larger number of jobs.

How We Tested

We began our research by first conducting a general search for straight die grinders and evaluating 28 different models. We looked at the most popular features including quality construction, versatility, durability, weight, highest available RPMs, tool bit functions, and speed control. Following this, we studied tool blogs, home DIY forums, tool magazines, and sought recommendations and advice from professionals who use grinders in their day-to-day operations. We then studied reviews including those from Amazon verified customers to get a sense of how our top picks stood up in long term real world applications.

Our Pick



Total Amps 3
Power Source AC/DC adapter for both electric and generator applications
Maximum Output 350 Watts
Weight 4.2 Pounds
No Load RPMs 25,000
Spindle Thread ¼ inch collet and 1/8-inch sleeve
Product Dimension 16 x 5.6 x 3.1 Inches
Included With Purchase 2 wrenches; ¼ inch collet and 1/8 inch sleeve
Guarantee 30 Day satisfaction guarantee
Warranty Description 1 Year Full Warranty and one year free service contract


The Dewalt DW887 Straight Die Grinder is a high performance industrial tool that comes equipped with a powerful 3.0-amp motor with 25,000 available RPMs. This will provide the strength and efficiency to complete virtually any task needed for cutting and grinding down the toughest metals. This straight die grinder was built for accuracy and is equipped with a 1/4th inch collet with a 1/8th inch reducing sleeve to help you maintain a solid grip providing both precision and control.

This grinder also features a handy paddle switch with locking capabilities so your grasp is comfortable and safe. Another great feature is that it is capable of adapting to your work environment with the 120-volt ac/dc adapter. You can use an electrical outlet or you can power the tool off of a generator or welding machines if the circumstances require it. The Dewalt DW887 includes a patented safety switch to prevent accidental start ups – keeping you safe when your tool is not in use.

This grinder is designed to tackle any tubular object that needs smoothing or shaping. It is strong enough to work on metal pipes or wooden material. It works well with sanding and lap wheels, cut off wheels, carbide burrs and even mounted points. Included in the package is the 1/8 inch reducing sleeve that is designed to secure the bits. The ¼ inch collet and two wrenches, giving you everything you need to start working. The DE887 comes with a one-year warranty and a one-year service contract.

Who Else Likes It

The guys at wrote “Give your metal pipes and other tubular objects the ultimate smooth finish with this top notch DEWALT DW887 ½-inch straight/die grinder. It features a powerful 3 amp, 25,000 RPM motor, offering strength and efficiency for cutting metal and removing burrs. Designed for accuracy.”

The guys at writes “The DW887R die grinder provides the flexibility users expect from a high-speed 1/2-inch die grinder with 1/8-inch and 1/4-inch collets. The exclusive safety switch allows users to set the tool down without worrying about it accidentally turning on. This unit works well with carbide burrs, sanding and lap wheels, cut-off wheels, and mounted points.”

Amazon customers gave the Dewalt DW887 a 4.7 out of 5 from 42 reviewers. One 5 star reviewer wrote, “This is a powerful rock solid tool. I use it in combination with an angle grinder – as I am a welder. The tool is very well made, doesn’t bog down and is a pleasure to use. Highly recommended!”

The Step Up

If you are looking for a straight grinder with even more power, the next step up is the Makita GS5000 5-inch die straight grinder. This grinder is equipped with a 7.0 amp motor as well as spiral bevel gears to provide smoother rotations and a more efficient transfer of energy. This tool is corded electric, and also has a tool-less guard cap removal system for convenient wheel charges.

This grinder features a rubberized handle with added grips to provide you with additional comfort and control.

Top Straight Grinder Comparison

Warranty (Months)
2Ingersoll Rand27,000
8Dewalt Straight25,000

Care Use & Maintenance

We have compiled a list of safety and maintenance tips. These tips will help keep you safe while operating the grinder. The maintenance tips will ensure the tools lasts as long as possible under normal working conditions.

Safety Tips

  • Always wear eye protection or a face shield to protect yourself from loose particles and debris.
  • Never allow your chord to sit in or near water.
  • Always be aware of where the cord is to ensure it does not get in the way of the grinder while in operation.
  • Always keep your tool pointed away from yourself and others when in use.
  • Make sure the unit is unplugged before changing bits.
  • Be sure that the collet is tight before beginning use.
  • Never pick up the grinder by its chord.
  • Do not over reach. Always keep a firm footing and good balance.


  • Always store your grinder in a cool dry place
  • Never leave your tool outside for long periods of time where it may become susceptible to weather damage.
  • Clean your grinder after each and every use.
  • Ensure that chords are wrapped up and stored properly to prevent unnecessary wear and tear.
  • Be sure to repair any damaged parts or bits before attempting to use them again.

Wrapping It Up

Straight Die grinders are easy to use and very versatile power tools. They bring multiple functions and efficiency to many jobs. When using the proper grinder, you can accomplish precision and professional-quality work. With high RPMs, speed variability, lightweight and compact qualities, you can’t go wrong investing in one of these highly-rated, multi-purpose tools. Their small size allows you to easily transport and store them because they require minimal space. The high speeds they can achieve provide you with all the power you need to sand the roughest terrains and cut the thickest metals. The ability to adjust the speed to the job will grant you confidence and control.