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The Best Random Orbital Sander

Random Orbital Sander Reviews

Our Top Pick is the Bosch Variable-Speed Sander

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A random orbital sander is the perfect tool for stripping furniture, getting new molding ready for installation and other jobs where a strong sander is necessary.

The Bosch 3727DEVS   is a great choice, equipped with a powerful 3.3 amp motor.  The enhanced random orbital action ensures that you will have a clean, swirl-free finish with every project you tackle.

This sander uses the standard, 6 inch hook and loop disks that are super easy for anyone to change.  It also has a dust canister that keeps dust under control and will keep your workshop, and your lungs free from dust.

This orbital sander has an opm (oscillations per minute) that ranges from 4500-12,000.  The micro filter collects up to 120% more dust than regular dust bags.  The medium hook and loop backing pad will corm to the surfaces you are sanding and lasts up to 5 times longer than the regular pads.

This sander also has exclusive dual bearing mounting system and the die-cast housing work together to reduce and virtually eliminate vibration and wobble which means a better finish and result. The Bosch random orbital sander provides aggressive removal of old paint and other materials to give you a clean finish in which to refinish.

The constant response circuitry feature maintains a constant motor speed even during tough jobs which provides overload protection and gives the person sanding a reduced torque soft start to prevent gouging.  The variable speed dial allows you to decide how fast the sander sands, so you can adjust it to the specific job.

Since this orbital sander use standard 6 hole, 6” hook and loop disks, you won’t have to spend time or money for the much more expensive, proprietary abrasive disks.  You also will never have to worry about troublesome adhesives.

The ergonomic handle has a comfortable soft grip top and the front and rear handles are also ergonomic for the ultimate in convenience and comfort.  You won’t get tired with the multiple grip choices.  You can even remove the front handle if necessary and you are sanding in tight spaces.  The convenient trigger features a lock-on button that means you won’t have to just hold down the button constantly while you are sanding for long periods of time.

Dust can be a real problem for any type of sanding project.  The Bosch micro-filter dust canister has an integrated paper filter that provides a great filtering system for fine dust.  It can trap particles as small as ½ micron and reduces the person’s exposure by collecting far more dust than other random orbit sanders do.  Weighing just 5.2 pounds, there is a 1 year warranty, 1 year service plan and 30 day money back guarantee.

Who Should Buy This?

A random orbital sander is a common and much valued tool with woodworkers, cabinet makers, furniture makers and professional carpenters.  They are used to remove the finish from objects or to smooth a new project without the common swirl marks that other sanders leave so often.  They are very easy to use and work on a variety of materials including wood of all kinds and sanding the edges off of plastics or laminate. Because of the clean, swirl-free surfaces the random orbit sander provides, it is a must have tool in any woodworker’s tool box.

What Makes a Good Random Orbital Sander?

There are several features that combine to make an excellent quality random orbital sander.  One of the most important features of the orbital sander is how efficient and easy it is to change the sandpaper.  Most sanders have a hook and loop method which makes changes very easy and fast so changing the sandpaper doesn’t slow you down.

Random Orbit SanderA variable speed dial is another great feature in a high quality orbital sander.  When you are able to control the speed of the sander you will have a smoother finish on your various projects because you can adjust the speed according to what you’re sanding.

If you are sanding something like veneer, a slow speed is much better and eliminates the problem of sand through.  Overall, slower speeds will be better for a smooth, silky finish. A random orbital sander with a variable speed control may cost more but it is well worth the extra cost.

A good vacuum option is always a must in a random orbital sander.  Most of the sanders on the market will come with a bag or canister to help with dust collection.  This is important for health reasons in addition to keeping the workshop cleaner.  The most effective method of getting rid of the most dust is to hook the orbital sander to a good quality shop vac.  You will need to make sure that the connection on your sander matches the standard vac sizes of 1 ¼”, 1 ½”, and 2 ½”.

Ergonomic handles and grips are also important.  The best sander in the world won’t be enjoyable to use if it is uncomfortable and hard to get a good grip with.  You want to find one with multiple grip choices and that those grips are soft and comfortable.  This will enable you to do long term sanding jobs comfortably as well.

For convenience look for an orbital sander that has a power cord with plenty of length.  Having a short cord will force the person sanding to have to use extension cords. Having a long cord enables them to move around the object they are sanding without hindrance.

Some other features that are part of a great quality orbital sander include:

  • Having a sealed switch to keep out dust and dirt
  • Having it balanced and low vibration
  • Trigger lock – on
  • Portability (have a good carrying case)
  • Tracking adjustment


How We Tested

Testing to find the best random orbital sander is very important.  There is an in-depth process we do to find the top pick; it’s not just about guesswork at all.  We start off with a general search on random orbital sanders.  From this general search we usually get a list of important features to look for.  We also look through woodworkers blogs and magazines, DIY forums, and talk to professional carpenters and woodworkers to hear what they recommend and why.  We also look at customer reviews and comments and see what the customers at Amazon think about a certain power tool.  From all of this information, we make our pick.

Our Pick


Item weight 6.3 lbs
Product Depth 14.75”
Product Height 6”
Product Width 7.6”
Amps 3.3
Color family blue
Power tool product type corded
Random Orbit Yes
Reconditioned No
Variable Speed Yes
Certifications 1- UL listed
Guarantee 90 day money back guarantee
Warranty 1 year
Size 6” diameter
Power source corded electric
Special features variable speed
Batteries included? N/A

Who Else Likes It? writes “The Bosch 6 in. Random Orbital Sander/Polisher is a multi-purpose sander with a pad that both orbits and rotates. It duplicates natural hand sanding action and delivers a smooth, well-blended surface finish.” writes”The Bosch 3727DEVS 6-In. Random Orbital Sander/Polisher has an integral pad-dampening braking system to eliminate swirl marks on the finished piece. This tool provides rapid removal and an ultra-smooth finish. Any pro who needs to sand – especially woodworkers, cabinet makers and finish carpenters – will find that the sander does the job to exacting standards and swift results.”

Amazon gives the Bosch random orbital sander 4.4 out of 5 rating from 98 reviews.  One customer writes “This is a great sander and it is extremely powerful. When it is on full it is very aggressive. When it is on low it is very gentle. It has nice handles and it is easy to hold and control. The dial that controls the speed stays where you put it and it is placed so you won’t bump or move it while sanding. The trigger has a lock to keep it running. The pad is soft and doesn’t damage what you’re sanding. The hook and loop system works great and holds the disc very tight.”

The Step Up

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If you want a professional quality random orbital sander you want this Makita BO6040.  It has a variable speed capability that has a two mode switch for finish sanding and a forced rotation random orbital aggressive sanding and polishing.

The superior engineering that it has along with the fantastic design reduces vibration by 20%.  It is much quieter than most other random orbital sanders as well.

The size of this random orbital sander is much smaller and more compact than others, which makes it very portable and easy to control and use.

The hook and loop abrasive sanding discs are very easy to change out.  It is a superior choice that woodworkers, both professional and amateur will love.

Top Random Orbit Sander Comparison

Warranty (Years)
Limited Lifetime
4Kawasaki Black2.50
6Black & Decker2.00



Care Use & Maintenance

Safety and maintenance are extremely important to keep the tools in working order. Every power tool requires some level of maintenance.  How much and how often will depend on the tool itself and what the manufacturer requires.  We have listed the maintenance tips below so you can see what is required for your specific random orbit sander.

Safety is another thing to think about every time you walk into the garage to use your tools and even when you’re not in there.  You must make it safe for children as well so they can’t go into the workshop and flip switches and turn on buttons. The safety tips listed here will help ensure that you operate the random orbital sander safely and reduce the chance of accidents and injuries.

Safety Tips

  • Hold the sander firmly
  • Don’t lay it down on the workbench while it is running
  • Orbital sanders are not waterproof. Do not use it around wet areas or on wet wood
  • Don’t operate the sander with wet hands
  • Only work in a ventilated area to reduce the chances of inhaling sawdust
  • Always wear goggles or safety glasses when operating the sander
  • Wear a mask or respirator as well when operating the sander to prevent sawdust inhalation
  • Make sure that the sander doesn’t run over the cord during use, keep it out of the way
  • Keep out of reach of children at all times

Maintenance Tips

  • Regrease the gears with the appropriate gear lubricant at every brush change
  • Examine the brushes every two months, only replace with Bosch replacement brushes
  • If the bearings become noisy, replace them right away to avoid overheating and motor failure
  • Clean the random orbital sander with compressed dry air. Always wear goggles when doing this
  • Do not use cleaning agents at all when cleaning the orbital sander, the chemicals can damage parts
  • Keep ventilation openings and switch levers free of foreign matter and dust. Do not stick pointed objects through the openings to clean, use compressed air instead.
  • Wipe down the orbital sander with a dry cloth to keep clean and in working order. Never submerge in water.

Wrapping It Up

Random orbital sanders are valuable power tools to have if you are a woodworker or cabinet maker.  They provide a smooth, swirl free finish for your projects.  There are many different features that go into a high quality random orbit sander. We have provided two of the best orbital sanders on the market.  If you want to add one of these fantastic tools to your tool box, take a look at our pick Bosch 3727DEVS   and if you want even more professional level power, check out the Makita BO6040.  Both will provide you with all kinds of power and super smooth finishes.