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The Best Mig Welder

Mig Welder Reviews

Our Top Pick is the Lotos Technology Welder

A MIG welder is perfect for do it yourself users who have simple welding projects at home and professional users as well. The LOTOS Mig Welder has 140 amps that can produce industrial quality and high performance.

One of the big positives of this welding machine is that it is affordable for the average user. Users can also weld aluminum and can be connected to a regular wall outlet.  Set up is super simple and can be accomplished in less than 10 minutes.

This welder uses 4” or 8” wire spools.  The thermal overload protection system protects the welder getting burned up.  This mig welder has a lot of features that allow it to work on stainless still of different thicknesses as well as steel but you will want to consider using the milder forms of steel.

The Lotos Mig140 welder is unlike many welders and actually offers users a full package so you have everything you need to get those welding projects done.  You’ll have the mig torch, the clamp cable, gas hose, regulator, welding mask and welding wire too.  Even though there may be some higher end helmets out there, with this package you’ll be all set to weld.

This welder weighs 54 pounds and even though it’s may not be the lightest welder on the market, there are others that are heavier. It is a good mid-range weight.  There is a handle on top for easier carrying, making the Lotus welder portable.

Who Should Buy This?

A MIG welder is used by many different people for a number of shop and factory applications. It is also a great choice for home repairs, hobbyists, and welding enthusiasts. A MIG welder can be used on various metals such as stainless steel, mild steel and aluminum of all thicknesses.

It is used by contactors, automotive shops, welding shops, boat and plane builders, metal factory workers, construction workers, handymen, welders, DIY-ers, home owners and anyone who has some repairs to do that involve welding.  It is a very easy process to learn and isn’t as complicated as other forms of welding.

What Makes a Good Mig Welder?

When you are looking for a good MIG Welder, there are several things that you will need to consider, the first of which, is understanding what your specific needs are.  If you will just be using the MIG welder for around the house repairs or will it be used for more professional use in a garage?  You want to be certain that you choose the right MIG welder with the right amount of power to fit the tasks and jobs you will be doing.

Mig WelderThe best type of welder to look for is a multipurpose machine that will handle general home repair, ranch tasks and jobs, auto body jobs, maintenance and repair and many others.  To do those types of jobs you will need features like auto-set systems, a standardized built-in solid contractor circuits, and thermal overload protection just to get started.

The power requirements you will have for a basic MIG welder are 115v. Most home projects involve welding thin metals, including iron.  If you need a welder that handles both thin metals and thicker metals, look for a mig welder that operates at 230v or 120v.

They may cost a little more but the versatility they offer is well worth the extra cost.  If you’ll be handling heavy duty projects, look for a mig welder that has the power to handle those heavy duty jobs.

One of the common problems that mig welders can encounter is overheating.  Once they overheat you have to leave them off for a significant period of time to cool down sufficiently so you can work again.

Thermal overload protection is one way that you can avoid these overheating problems.  This is especially important for welders that need to be used for any length of time. Knowing what you are going to use the welder for is important in choosing the right mig welder.

Are you going to use it in a mobile welding shop or one that is stationary?   If you are going to be mobile, you will want to choose the lightest welder you can get for the money you have to spend.  Don’t sacrifice quality for size. Size can be worked around, quality cannot.

Look for mig welders that are easy to maintain, and that offer good warranties and good repair options as well.  You have to know that the mig welder you purchase has the available parts that would be needed in the event a repair is necessary.


How We Tested

Our research process consists of several steps and resources. We start by doing a general search for mig welders.  The popular features and qualities that were most desirable were evaluated and compiled, including variable speeds, thermal overload protection, power and weight.  After searching extensively, we narrowed the field down to a few models that excelled.

Next in the process was looking at tool blogs, forums, and tool magazines along with talking to experts in the industry to determine what models were at the top of the list for performance, features and other factors. We also looked at consumers that had real world experience with these different mig welders and looked at Amazon for their customer reviews to see how the different models of mig welders were doing in the “real world”.

Our Pick


Made of metal and plastic
Air flow capacity of .42 cu. Ft per min.
Item weight 54 pounds
Max current is 140 amps
Height of item 9.6”
Length of item 16”
Assembly Required No
Width of item 14.5”
Power source ac/dc
volts 110
Portable Yes
Speed Variable speed
Speed Dial Variable speed dial
Cycle Dust cycle percentage
Included Accessories Includes: mask, clamp cable, mig torch, regulator, welding wire

Who Else Likes It? writes “The Lotos MIG140 features a 140 Amp MIG welder that can weld at industrial quality and performance at a very affordable price. The most versatile and perfect welder for do-it-yourself home users as well as professional users, the Lotos MIG140 is also spool-gun capable for welding aluminum.” writes “It can be easily connected to your existing 110V wall outlet and quickly setup within 10 minutes or less. It handles industrial standard 4in or 8in; wire spools and incorporates a thermal overload protection system to protect your welder.” gives the Lotos MIG140 a 4.6 out of 5 rating from 31 reviews. One customer reports “If you want a quality welder at a novice price then this is the unit for you! Don’t expect to start a welding business with this, but you can expect to be pleasantly surprised by the performance of this one. I would gladly buy again in a heartbeat (except this is a wonderful machine and I won’t need to for a long time!)”

The Step Up

If you’re looking for an industrial capacity mig welder, look no further than the Hobart Handler 140 Mig Welder.

It is a very versatile and flexible mig welder for projects that include auto body work, household repairs, and heavy duty farm projects as well as others.

With a 5 position tapped voltage control selector, users can fine tune the arc and offer a smooth arc on all surfaces you weld regardless of the thickness. This mig welder has an industrial grade cast aluminum drive system and features a heavy duty work clamp.

Even if you are welding for the first time, you will find the Hobart Handler easy to set up and use. A handy guide is included so you set up the welder correctly.  You can weld any number of things including metal sculptures, fences, mower decks, trailer frames, tool carts, autobody panels and much, much more.

The front panel of the mig welder is sloped, putting all of the unit’s controls where you can see them easily and access as well. The quick release drive roll system gives you hassle-free spool release for easy and efficient wire changes.

The storage area that is built into the welder cabinet is a great place to store extra wire, nozzles, contact tips and drive rolls.  You’ll have all the power you need with the 20% duty cycle @ 90 amps and a 25-140 amp range. The feed head is durable and long lasting and threading new wire is super easy, even for a beginner.

This package has everything you need to get started welding including a built-in gas valve, 10 ft mig gun with liner, dual gauge regulator, gas hose, 10 ft work cable and clamp, power cord that is 10 ft, contact tips., spool adapter, owner’s manual and set up guide along with a sample spool of flux colored wire. This unit weighs 57 pounds which is a middle range weight and allows the welder to be portable if needed.

Top 10 Mig Welders

5Segawe Dual40-150


Care Use & Maintenance

The care and maintenance of your mig welder is very important in helping it last a long time.  They are not cheap purchases so you want this to last a really long time. We have compiled a list of safety and maintenance tips that will keep your mig welder lasting a good, long time and keep you safe while you’re using it.

Safety Tips

  • Make sure the power is off before any maintenance is done and any repairs are made
  • Be sure to install an earthing device according to application criteria
  • Never touch the hot parts of the welder even if you have gloves on
  •  Make sure when using the welder that you are insulated from the ground and the welder
  • Make sure you are in a good working, stable position while operating the welder
  • Keep a mask on while operating to avoid inhaling any welding smoke or gas
  • Always weld in a well ventilated area with exhaust ventilation equipment in use
  • Wear the appropriate welding masks and protective gear for your eyes, body, face and hands
  • Keep children far away from the welding area
  • If others are close by, make sure they have appropriate masks, protective wear
  • Do not weld near any combustible materials…ever
  • Always follow common sense fire safety rules
  • Keep a working fire extinguisher close by where any welding will be done and be certain you and others who may weld know how to use the extinguisher
  • When using the welding torch, you will need to allow it to cool down
  • If you or others who will be close by or using the welder have a pacemaker, do not have them near the welder.  The magnetic fields can affect them.
  • Keep away from moving parts (e.g. fan)
  • Make sure covers, safety features, panels and other parts that should be closed are closed before using.

Maintenance Tips

  • Inspect the inner circuit connection, including plugs are in good condition
  • Tighten any loose connections if needed
  • Remove oxidation with sandpaper then reconnect
  • Keep hands, hair and tools away from any moving parts to prevent injury
  • Use compressed air to clear the dust away
  • If you are using the welder in a heavily smoky and polluted area, clean the welder daily.  Be sure not to have the pressure of the compressed air too strong do it does not break any parts
  • D o not allow water, vapor or rain to get inside the welder
  • Make sure all cables are in perfect condition
  • Check gas hose for cracks on a regular basis. Never use a cracked hose, replace immediately
  • If you won’t be using the welder for an extended time period, be certain to store is properly in the original box for maximum safety while stored

Wrapping It Up

Welding is a common way to take care of many repairs at home and on the job site.  The Lotos mig welder is an excellent choice for taking care of all your home and DIY welding jobs and can be used at some professional jobs as well.  If you need an industrial welder for heavy duty jobs, the Hobart Handler will do the trick.  Both of these welders have a great package with nothing else to purchase.  They make welding, even for a beginner, much simpler.