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The Best Ceramic Tile Cutter

Ceramic Tile Cutter Reviews

Our Top Pick is the QEP Manual Tile Cutter

Ceramic tile cutters may not be versatile in what they do, yet they are a commonly-purchased tool that can take care of tile, glass and porcelain work.

The heavy-duty aluminum base makes a sturdy foundation for handling tiles up to 35” square and 24” square on the diagonal.  This ceramic tile cutter is perfect for large tile jobs because it has the capacity to hold these larger squares.

It can handle materials up to ½” thick.  The base will not break, crack or chip so it will last for a long time through many tile-cutting jobs. It is made of a heavy aluminum alloy that can withstand a lot of use.

It is fitted with a smooth ball bearing system that provides trouble-free operation when sliding the carriage back and forth. This smoothness means easier operation and less struggling. The cutting head is made of titanium-coated tungsten carbide that is durable and long lasting. The steel rails are chrome plated for smooth scoring and are rust resistant too.  For additional support on large tiles, there are side extensions.

The chrome rails can sometimes get worn on a ceramic tile cutter but if you make a habit of rotating the chrome rails, the wearing is minimized.  In addition, make sure to get the proper OEM replacement parts whenever they need to be replaced. The only part that will typically ever need replacing is the cutter wheel since this is the part that gets the most contact. Because it is made of such a strong material, it is unlikely that you will have to replace it very often unless you are cutting tile with it on a daily basis for an extended period of time.

This professional grade ceramic tile cutter will be the perfect tool for any job site. It comes with a handy carrying case to make moving it from job site to job site much more convenient and easy.  If you’re looking for a high-quality professional grade ceramic tile cutter, this is definitely the one you want to purchase.  It will get the job done with little effort and can handle a heavy work load on a regular basis as long as you are sure to use the proper usage procedures and perform proper maintenance.

Another great thing about the QEP ceramic tile cutter is the terrific price. You get a professional grade cutter that will work on any job site for the cost that a DIY-er will be happy to pay.  With affordability like this on an excellent product, there is no reason to settle for anything less.

Who Should Buy This

Ceramic tile cutters are fairly specific tools that are used by a multitude of professionals to cut tile, glass and porcelain.  It is the perfect tool to make jobs like laying tile flooring or redoing the tile in the bathroom or as a kitchen backsplash much easier and more precise.

This helpful piece of equipment is used by Do-it-yourself enthusiasts, flooring contractors, remodelers, restoration specialists, kitchen and bathroom installers, construction companies, landscapers, pool contractors and pond builders.

DIYers, flooring contractors, remodelers, kitchen/bathroom remodelers, construction companies, landscapers, pool contractors, stained glass artists, window companies, and pond and fountain builders.

The ceramic tile cutter works by scoring the material which is then broken at the score.  It is a popular means of cutting glass for many reasons.  You will get a 90% faster cut using a ceramic tile cutter instead of doing it by hand. It is the most inexpensive method used to cut glass and doesn’t require water or electricity.  You will have a piece of glass that has a clean, bright finish when you are done if you use a tile cutter to cut it.

What Makes a Good Ceramic Tile Cutter?

There are many features that make a ceramic tile cutter a high-quality piece of equipment.  One of the most important features is the ball bearing carriage that allows it to run smoothly without any hitches. The ball bearings keep things moving uniformly which results in the same cut every time.

ceramic tile cutterThe double steel rails are also responsible for helping you get a good cut. These rails are chrome-plated and rust-resistant which add to the functionality of the cutter. A cutting head made of tungsten carbide is always a good feature due to the durability and strength it provides the user.

Make sure that there are non-skid, rubber feet on the bottom of the ceramic tile cutter.  You can ruin a piece of tile or glass if you try to make a score and the tool slides under your hands. The non-skid rubber feet prevent this from happening.

A ceramic tile cutter that is made from aluminum is much stronger and longer lasting than any other material.  Make sure that the base of the cutter you want is made from this tough material and you can expect to have a great working ceramic tile cutter for years to come, especially if you take care of it.

Another quality feature is the integrated ruler that makes accurate measurements every time. When you are performing a job such as laying tile for a bathroom, or a kitchen remodel, you don’t want to have to use an external measurement source.  Having measurement capabilities built right into the machine makes measuring easier than ever.

When you’re working with large tiles, having side extensions is a plus.  These help support the bulk of the larger tile and makes it much easier to work with.  It is much easier to use the extensions than it is to try and balance it with one hand while you score with the other.


How We Tested

Finding the top ceramic tile cutter involved the typical research we use to find all of our top-rated products. We start off with general searches for ceramic tile cutters and found what features are common among the high-quality models. Then, we went to tool magazines, tool blogs, remodeling blogs and talked to many professionals in the field to find out what they feel makes one ceramic tile cutter better than any others out there.

Next, we looked at customer reviews and comments from various sources including Amazon.  These comments and reviews from actual customers are important because they have their hands on the cutter and can really give an inside view of its performance.  With all of this information we chose the top ceramic tile cutter that will provide you with the best tile cutting experience.

Our Pick



Product length 43”
Product width 8”
Cuts through ceramic, porcelain
Maximum tile cut size rip 24
Flooring Product Type tile tool
Product Weight 23 lbs
Handle Material steel with rubber grip
Maximum tile cut size diagonal 24”
Maximum tile capacity 35”
Tile tool type manual tile cutter
Guarantee 90 day money back
Warranty 1 year parts

Who Else Likes It writes “The dual, chrome-plated rugged steel rails and linear ball bearing slides are designed to for smooth scoring on large tiles. The wide aluminum alloy base, heavy duty rubber pads and cutting table extensions provide extra stability for larger, heavier tiles. The high leverage bicycle grip handle makes cutting easier.” says “The Heavy duty aluminum alloy base with hard rubber feet will not break, crack or chip and the ball bearing carriage makes for trouble-free operation.”

Amazon customers gave the QEP 4.4 out of 5 from 49 reviews.  One customer writes “This product works great!!!!! Before purchasing this tile cutter, I bought one from HD at a very similar price. The one from HD was horrible and the rails would bend when trying to snap the tile. This one scores and then snaps with very little effort and has a straight clean cut every time. I would recommend to anyone.”

The Step Up

If you’re looking for a higher quality ceramic tile cutter, you will want to take a look at the Brutus 10600BR 24” rip /18” diagonal pro porcelain tile cutter.

This manual tile cutter can cut both ceramic and porcelain floor and wall tiles that measure up to 24” and can cut tile up to 18” diagonally and up to ½” thick.

The base is wide, made of die-cast aluminum and has heavy duty rubber pads to prevent slipping and sliding while you are making your cuts.

The large, high-leverage handle resembles a bicycle handle that makes cutting easy and reduces hand fatigue.  This ceramic tile cutter has a replaceable 7/8” cutting wheel that is made from carbide and is titanium coated.  It is strong and durable and will last a long time.

The cutting wheel can be adjusted to 4 different heights to move out of the way of the tile and allow for easy, efficient snapping of the material being cut.  The base has convenient and help side extensions that support large format tiles so the user doesn’t have to struggle.

Top Ceramic Tile Cutter Comparison

Rip (Inches)
Wheel Size (Inches)

Care Use & Maintenance

Proper maintenance and safety precautions are always important when working with tools of any kind. Although the ceramic tile cutter is not a complicated tool there are some basic safety guidelines to keep in mind and some basic maintenance tips to follow. Remember that tools are not toys and children should never be allowed to use them or play with them.  We have listed important safety information and maintenance tips below.

Safety Tips

  • Improper safety can cause accidents, make sure  cutter is assembled per instructions
  • Wear approved safety goggles while using cutter
  • Wear heavy duty work gloves during use
  • Keep work area clean and well lit
  • No one should be in the area during use other than the one cutting
  • Do not use when tired or under the influence of alcohol or medication
  • Keep children away from the cutter at all times
  • Use as intended only, do not cut materials not cleared for this unit
  • Do not use handle extension to increase force
  • Inspect cutter  before every use for any problems
  • Never use a cutter that is damaged or that has loose parts
  • Maintain product labels and nameplates
  • Replace parts as needed

Maintenance Tips

  • Clean debris and tile chips out of the cutter after each cut
  • Store it in a dry location in the carrying case or bag
  • Wipe down entire tile cutter after  job is done
  • Inspect wheel, handle, feet and surface for any problems
  • Replace cutting wheel when a clean score is not achieved
  • To evenly distribute wear on the chrome rails, occasionally rotate each of the two rails
  • Do not use oil on this cutter
  • Replace carbide scoring wheel as needed

Wrapping It Up

The ceramic tile cutter is a way to make quick work of cutting tile in a safe manner. These tools are easy to learn how to use and do not require training or skills. The instruction manual ought to be sufficient enough. Ceramic tile cutters are used for remodeling bathrooms and kitchens, cutting tile for pools, fountains and ponds, replacing tile on a kitchen backsplash, laying tile flooring and many more applications.

Because of the ease of use, if a person works with tile often, they will definitely benefit from purchasing this piece of equipment to make it easier and faster to get the cutting part done. They are a staple of any tile company or any construction site that works with tile on a regular basis.