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The Best Benchtop Grinder

Benchtop Grinder Reviews

Our Top Pick is the DEWALT DW758 Bench Grinder

A benchtop grinder is a table top power tool that contains rotating metal wheels that rotate at various speeds and are used for grinding, sanding, and shaving down work materials. These rotating wheels may also be switched out for other various attachments such as polishers, and buffers. Some examples of jobs or tasks you might perform with a benchtop grinder include sharpening drill bits, sharpening knives, shaping and grinding down wood. You can use a grinder to polish silver and metal equipment, buff out project materials, and even cleaning some materials. The bench top grinder is an extremely versatile and useful piece of equipment to have in your work shop due to the many features it offers.

A benchtop grinder is made up of several key components including a fine wheel, and a coarse wheel (these are the main rotating work wheels), wheel guards to protect the back and sides of the machine, tools rests (where materials will come into contact with the rotating wheels), spark detectors, and an eye shield. These elements of a grinder aid in the performance of the machine and keep you protected from flying sparks during use.

To find the best benchtop grinder we completed extensive research and testing of the top 26 grinders. After thorough testing the benchtop grinder that rose above the competition was the Dewalt DW758 8- inch bench top grinder. This grinder ranked the highest in every category including customer satisfaction, real world performance, durability, efficiency, and value. It features a ¾ horsepower motor that operates at a maximum speed of 3600 RPMs. It has a rear exhaust and wheel guards to protect you during operations. The unit comes with well-balanced wheels to minimize vibrations and there is 12 ½ inches between the wheels for an efficient work space.

Who Should Buy This

The benchtop grinder Is versatile and diverse tool giving it a variety of applications for most who work with wood or metals. It is useful in a wide range of fields; such as mechanics, engineers, architects, those who participate in DIY projects, those who restore antique or old furniture, wood workers, welders, construction workers, home owners, and craftsmen. Really anyone who works with tools will benefit from owning a benchtop grinder. They are compact and do not require a lot of space, and are very affordable.

What Makes a Good Bench Grinder?

There are several features that are present in the best benchtop grinders the first being, a strong motor. A bench top grinder is equipped with not one, but two rotating wheels which each must maintain a consistent and powerful pull to provide an even finish. The motor must be strong enough to maintain its speed even while wood or metal is applied to the wheels. Motors that reduce speed or even shudder when pressure is applied will leave an uneven finish on the material. A powerful motor can also be used for longer periods of time without overheating. Along with a strong horsepower or amperage a motor also needs to spin at high RPMs. This is the number of revolutions per minute that the wheels are able to turn. Faster RPMs provide the ability to work with harder materials and still get the job done quickly and efficiently.

Benchtop GrinderThe next quality to consider is the base. Since they are placed on a benchtop or table the base needs to be sturdy. Some units are able to be secured to a table for additional stability. The base should be both heavy and immovable even while the unit is operating. If there is movement, it will create vibrations that impede on the ability to complete accurate work and maintain a steady hand. These machines are made to stay in place while in use, and a sturdy base will provide you with just that. Cast iron is a common material used in machines with sturdy bases. The cast iron is very heavy and will weigh the machine down as long as it is on a level surface. Some units with cast iron bases do not need to be secured to the table to obtain minimum vibrations.

Another feature that is useful is rear exhaust ports. These ports provide a smoother operation, prevent your machine from over-heating, and overall can greatly improve the long term performance of your machine. Without this feature it is possible for your machine to become heated after long periods of use, or over-heat faster as the machine ages.

Tool rests are found on most machines. However, finding a tool rest that is higher quality will make the feature much more useful. A tool rest is an essential part of a benchtop grinder as it is the direct connection of your materials and the grinder. When grinding or sharpening materials it is not uncommon to have sparks flying about. Having a tool rest made from aluminum will provide a sturdy and safe tool setting that will not chip or melt away when coming into contact with hot debris. Plastic tool rests can melt and cheaper metal can get heated or chip. Heavier materials add unnecessary weight to the machine.

How We Tested

We began our research by first conducting a general search for benchtop grinder. In doing this we were able to determine what features and quality’s make up the best benchtop grinders such as durability, available RPMs, sturdy base, motor performance, tool efficiency and long term performance. Following this we studied tool blogs, forums, tool magazines, and received expert advice from professionals who use grinders on a daily basis. This enabled us to refine our search to the top brands and models on the market. We then reviewed customer feedback and Amazon reviews to find the best of the best based on real world performance and maximum capacity.

Our Pick



Motor ¾ Horsepower
Motor Type Induction
Maximum Motor Speed 3600 RPMs
Item Weight 40.5 Pounds
Product dimensions 17.8 x 12.6 x 10.8 Inches
Base Material Cast Iron
Distance Between Wheels 12 ½ inches
Warranty 3 Year Warranty
Service Contract 1 Year

The Dewalt DW758 benchtop grinder is equipped with a 3/4 horse power induction motor to provide superior power for shop and industrial grinding applications. The motor on this grinder also has the capacity to reach up to 3,600 RPMs, allowing it to reach and maintain the highest speeds possible for even the toughest material. The motor gives you enough power to work with both woods and metals. The machine is able to maintain a steady speed even when working with tough materials like steel.

The grinder features two rear exhaust ports in the wheel guards for smoother operation and less vibration. Many operators find they do not have to secure the grinder to the bench in order to obtain smooth operations. This speeds up work and makes the unit easier to use and more portable. The exhaust ports keep debris from the motor expanding the life of your machine.

This Dewalt benchtop grinder also contains precision machined aluminum tool rests to increase the accuracy of your work and safely deal with debris and potential sparks. The work can sit on the tool rest and allow you to work with precision. The wheels are 12 ½ inches apart giving you further distance between wheels and the ability to work with larger pieces. This grinder can be used for sharpening tools, removing rust, and shaping parts. The base is made from cast iron along with a cast iron motor housing. The grinder is only 16 inches wide making it compact enough to store easily, but wide enough for bigger jobs. Included with the purchase is the grinder, grit wheels of 36 and 60. Spark deflector, eye shield, tool rests for both wheels, and an operations manual. It also comes with a 3-year warranty and a 1-year service contract. The service contract gives you the ability to have the tool cleaned during the first year of operation at no charge.

Who Else Likes It

At they wrote “It has a very powerful motor which enables it to handle the toughest of metal and other tough applications with ease. The rugged iron cast case and housing for the motor ensures the grinder can last for years without damage serving its customers well. All these features backed with a warranty goes to show how well this grinder can serve its users. The DEWALT DW758 comes with all the features users can want in a grinder making it an ideal option for those still in search of the perfect grinder.”

The guys at write “The Dewalt Bench Grinder is geared for high-performance industrial purposes that provides superior power. A 3,600 RPM induction motor provides the speed and strength you need to remove material while the running relatively smooth and vibration-free. This durable heavy-duty bench grinder has a base made from solid cast iron and a motor housing that allows it to last for years, even in the toughest job sites”

Amazon customers gave it a 4.3 out of 5 from 243 reviews. One 5-star reviewer writes “This is a beautiful piece of work. It is well built and remarkably well balanced, such that I really don’t need to bolt it down…The wheels are well matched for general use and fairly easy to change once the small screws holding the wheel covers are removed. The tool rests are sturdy and steady easy to adjust and they stay in place. I use it all the time with great results in my home shop”

The Step Up

For an industrial quality benchtop grinder, you can upgrade to the Metabo DS 200 8-inch grinder. This unit is built for low noise and low vibration during operation. It also features an induction motor which reduces the amount of maintenance required on the machine. The single phase motor features an alternating current for even work operations and increased motor life.  The wheels have die cast aluminum protective covers which reduce flying sparks and debris.

Changing disks is completed quickly and easily from the rear of the machine. The motor is 4.8 amps giving you more power and precision and the ability to tackle both large and small jobs. It also features a 3 year warranty with online registration.

Top Benchtop Grinder Comparison

Size (Inches)
Warranty (Years)

Care Use & Maintenance

A bench grinder, like all power tools require care and maintenance to keep them operating at peak performance and lasting as long as possible. To take care of your investment the following tips are recommended.

Safety Tips

  • Always wear proper safety glasses and secure loose clothing and items to avoid accidents.
  • protect your eyes and face from potential sparks or debris.
  • Keep chords neatly stored when not in use to avoid tripping hazards.
  • Only use your grinder for its intended purpose.
  • Keep your hands and arms away from any and all moving parts.
  • unplug when not in use.
  • Do not apply too much pressure when using, let the machine do its job.

Maintenance Tips

  • Check your machine for loose or broken items and make repairs promptly.
  • Store grinder in a cool dry place.
  • Always read your manual thoroughly before beginning use

Wrapping It Up

The benchtop grinder is a unique and versatile power tool that can benefit a large audience. These tools are easy to use and are used frequently by both hobbyists and professionals. The various attachment options open up a world of options and increases the unit’s versatility making it even more valuable. Benchtop grinders are compact in size so they can fit into a work space without requiring dedicated space. They are also portable and can be carried to a job site with ease. These affordable tools can be a great addition to your tool set.