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Our Top Pick is the Dewalt DWE4012

Angle grinders are versatile power tools that are used to grind, sand, and cut a wide range of materials. This is done by adding different attachments or wheels to the grinder for each job that need to be done. For example, if you want to clean dirt and clay off of shovels and hoes, use a wire wheel. Alternatively, a cutoff wheel is used to cut hard metals like re-bar, rods or bolts. Diamond head wheels allow you to cut tile, and a grinding wheel will take care of all your sharpening needs from lawnmower blades, to axes, to shovels. An angle grinder has the ability to clean off rust or other tough dirt or debris that has become embedded in your tools. This grinder can even remove mortar from brick without damaging the brick or the surrounding area. An angle grinder would also be an excellent tool for cutting angled tile pieces or sanding down woodworking projects. They can be used on a variety of materials such as brick, wood, steel, stucco, and many others, along with being able to cut and trim down materials.

What makes an angle grinder so versatile are the various attachments you can use. Each performs a different job and they come in a wide range of sizes and textures – each designed for a specific task. Some of the most common attachments include a sanding disc, grinding stone disc, cutting disc, stainless steel wire wheel, carbon steel wire wheel, and a sanding flap disc. The attachments are each designed for a different job and are built from various materials to tackle all different forms and thickness of metal, brick, wood, and stone. The most common of these attachments is the grinding stone disc which is specially designed for grinding metal.

After we performed a thorough evaluation of 28 angle grinders and performed a series of tests and evaluations, the Dewalt DWE4012 rose above its competitors. It’s powerful, versatile and affordable. With 7.5 amps of power and a maximum, no-load RPMs of 12,000, it is designed for homeowners and small shop owners who will use this tool on a regular basis. It passes performance tests for both initial and long term applications and fits a wide range of accessories with the 4 ½ inch wheel.

Who Should Buy This

With the ability to add a wheel to fit the job, the angle grinder is a very versatile tool that can be enjoyed by anyone who does DIY work, home improvements, woodworking, masonry, or construction. Whether you are looking to sand, clean, or cut, there is a wheel that can get the job done. The tool is very compact yet has a ton of power allowing you to complete jobs faster with a great deal of accuracy. Very few tools have the high level of versatility and power that a n angle grinder has. An angle grinder could easily become a great addition to a welder, auto mechanic, furniture maker, and anyone who find themselves working with exterior materials such as brick, stucco, metals or wood.

What Makes a Good Angle Grinder?

Most homeowners and small shop owners do not need to invest in a high-end model to get the performance you need for everyday projects. Less expensive grinders generally do not have the power needed to perform more than basic work and have weaker motors that will burn out faster. Higher end models have more power than most homeowners will ever use.

Angle GrinderAngle grinders come in electric (both corded and battery powered), gas, or pneumatic. For most users an electric grinder will offer the power and convenience needed to complete the job. Corded units are more cost effective and more powerful at the same price point. Battery operated units are higher priced but more portable and you don’t have to ensure the cord is away from the wheel during use adding to its convenience.

When considering angler grinders there are several features that you will want to consider that easily separate the good angle grinders from the best angle grinders the first quality being the motor. The best angle grinders are going to have higher, no load RPMs such as 10,000 RPMs or higher. This provides faster and more effective sanding and material-removal capabilities and will also provide higher overload protection. Another factor to look for is a filter or technology that protects the motor from intake debris that can prematurely wear out your motor.

Next, you will want to look for an adjustable guard. These guards partially go around your attachment in a “C” shape to protect you from debris and loose materials being thrown back at you. On the best angle grinders these guards will be adjustable so you can maneuver them into the position that best protects you, as well as allow you to reach your material comfortably and safely.

Another quality found on many grinders is a side handle. These side handles can be attached on either the right or left side of your toll to accommodate both left and right handed users. A handle will provide control and comfort while using the grinder. The handle can be compared to bike handles and are equipped with grips and a comfortable padding to ensure a no-slip grip and easy glide.

Up next is the weight. Angle grinders are tools that are going to be constantly up and in motion so finding a lightweight angle grinder will reduce user fatigue and aiding in control. The best angle grinders, and even the most expensive, high quality angle grinders should be under ten pounds and fairly compact for maximum efficiency. Tool Vibration will also play a factor in your comfort.


How We Tested

We began our search by reviewing the most popular angle grinders on the market. We then consulted with professional and avid DIYers looking for the top features that were needed for a reliable and useful product. From there we narrowed the list and searched home improvement blogs, tool websites and professional opinions to reduce the list for further testing. We then searched for magazine feedback, and tool blogs, to gain insight to the long term performance of our top picks.

Next we took to real world application and talked to real customers to see how each angle grinder stood up in real world situations, and high performance jobs. In doing this we were able to determine which angle grinders ranked highest in durability, performance, value, and customer satisfaction.

Our Pick



Grinder Style Electric
Motor 7.5 Amps
Maximum RPMs 12,000
Weight 5.6 Pounds
Product Dimensions 4.6 x 15.4 x 6.1 Inches
Spindle Tread 5/8 – 11 inches
Accessory Compatibility 4 ½ inches
Wattage 850.00
Horsepower 1.14 HP
Warranty 3 year limited warranty

The Dewalt DWE4012 is top of its class and features a 7.5-amp AC/DC 12,000 RPM motor that was designed to remove material faster, sand projects smoother, and provide a higher overload protection than ever before. It includes a one touch guard which allows the protective guard to be maneuvered into the desired position with just the press of a button. This feature helps control the direction of any debris and protects you from the wheel. It also is secured in place to prevent the guard from slipping.

One convenient feature with the Dewalt DWE4012 is that it has a hex wrench instead of the typical spanner wrench. This more standard tool is easily replaced if the hex wrench is misplaced. Its low-pot gear case also increases the tools durability and allows the angle grinder to fit more easily into tight spaces. The tool also features a Quick-Change Wheel Release which offers tool free wheel removal without need for a wrench.

The comfort grip handle can be adjusted in two positions and can be removed based on your needs. The padded side handle increases both comfort and control. It also offers a slim, ergonomic body design that provides increased comfort in extended use applications. In addition to the three-year warranty Dewalt offers a one-year service contract which allows you to have the tool serviced and cleaned at no cost for the first year.

Who Else Likes It

Amazon customers gave it a 5 out of 5 from 5 reviews. One reviewer writes, “Used to grind rust off auto step rail (Ford pickup) and worked great. Easy to control and light weight.”

Another customer wrote, “These grinders simply work hard, and work great for a long time…use daily in my shop, and they always last a long time and provide a surprising amount of power for their size. Every new guy that picks one up and uses one for the first time is surprised by the power in the small package.”

One customer confesses, “I’m not a contractor. I’m a DIY, home project kinda guy. I wanted an angle grinder for a few projects around the house…this thing is powerful…I had to remove some rust from an ax blade, so I screwed in a wire wheel — it turned into a 15 second job to clean off the rust. I had to cut through a steel bar — I screwed on a cutting blade. Cut through a 3/4 inch steel bar in less than a minute”

The Step Up

If you need more power, then upgrade to the Dewalt D28114. This angle grinder comes with 13.0 amps and 2.3 horse power enabling you to take on bigger jobs and faster performance. The dust ejection system provides durability by ejecting damaging dust and debris that enter the tool through the intake vents and increases the life of the motor. The quick change wheel release does not require any tools when changing accessories.

There is also a one-piece brush arm to prevent brush hang ups due to dust ingestion. The side handle is designed to reduce vibrations giving you the ability to work longer without hand stress. The Dewalt D28114 is extremely light weight and compact making it an excellent upgrade if you are looking for more power and higher performance.

Top Angle Grinder Comparison

Warranty (Years)
9Black & Decker6.00

Care Use & Maintenance

Below we have included a list of safety and maintenance tip to help keep yourself and those around you safe while using your new angle grinder, as well as a few maintenance tips to help keep your new power tool running strong.

Safety Tips

  • Never remove the guard from your angle grinder, simply maneuver it to a more comfortable position to access the material you are working on.
  • Never use cutting discs for grinding.
  • Always wear safety glasses, gloves, face shield, and steel toed boots when operating your angle grinder. A face mask may be required depending on what you are grinding.
  • Ensure the brush wheel spins away from you not towards you.
  • Keep both hands on the tool at all times to remain in control of the grinder.
  • Keep hands away from moving parts
  • Avoid accidental starting by ensuring the tool is in the off position before plugging it into a power outlet.
  • Only use your angle grinder and its attachments for the job(s) it was intended.
  • Always read your tools manual before beginning use.


  • Store your tool in a cool dry place.
  • Never allow the power cord to come into contact with water.
  • Check before each use to ensure there are no loose, chipped or worn parts.
  • Lubricate according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

Wrapping It Up

Angle grinders are versatile power tools with attachments capable of completing a large number of tasks and working with a wide variety of materials. These tolls can be used by professionals and amateurs alike and are very compact making them easy to transport and store. They will enable you to complete projects faster and are a great addition to your tool collection.