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The Best Wire Strippers

Best Wire Strippers Review

Our Top Pick is the Irwin Self-Adjusting Wire Stripper

If you have been using your teeth to strip the insulation, then chances are that you have at one point felt the inconvenience of such a situation, and you might want to avoid sharp knives and razor blades since they can damage your wire. However, the Irwin Industrial Tools 2078300 8-Inch Self-Adjusting Wire Stripper is an excellent solution for your needs since it will help you stop using the ineffective conventional methods such as using teeth or knives. The Irwin 2078300 comes with a durable nickel chromium and steel exterior that makes it ideal for various types of settings. This is because the exterior has been specially designed to provide optimal impact and scratch resistance especially for those who will be using the tool on a frequent basis. The unique Protouch grips deliver sufficient comfort and can help reduce hand fatigue. The Irwin 2078300 also comes with an induction-hardened cutting edge that not only stays sharp for a long duration of time but is also regarded as self-sharpening in that the blade is much more tapered after each session of use. To be specific, this unit can be used to cut and strip 10-22AWG wires, thereby qualifying it as a highly versatile tool. The unique design of the nose allows the user to stretch and pull looping in the cable. This unit can also be used to cut bolts to an appropriate size, and it can produce the ideal lead thread for users.

Who Should Buy This?

A wire stripper is an excellent tool for any professional or individual who wants an efficient tool for eliminating insulation from a wire. In most cases, the tool is ideal for professionals such as electricians, computer technicians, engineers, and mechanics amongst various other individuals who require a simple solution for eliminating insulation from a wire. The added benefit about these types of tools is that they are simple to use, and even a novice DIY enthusiast finds it easy to use the tools. However, while the tools might be necessary enough even for a novice, user, it is important that you use the Wire Stripper carefully to ensure the ideal results each time.

What makes Good Wire Strippers?

A poor performing tool may affect the effectiveness of your project. However, an excellent tool will mean that you are receiving the ideal for your money based on exclusive feature sets and their accompanying benefits. Before settling for a good wire stripper, it is important that you have information on some of the common types that are available out there on the market. For instance, we have the:

Manual models

These are simple wire stripper comprises a pair of parallel blades similar to the unique design of wire cutter and scissors. The inclusion of the center notch provides the user with an easy time when cutting the insulation without in any way affecting the wiring structure. This kind of equipment is used by wrapping it around the insulation, without affecting the insulation when applying pressure to make a cut around the insulation. Since the insulation is not permanently glued to the wire structure, it becomes simple to pull of thereby making these particular the most efficient wire strippers. Another instance of manuals strippers that are similar in design to the previously mentioned models, but these types features several notches of different size. This enables the user to match the groove size to the wire size thereby dissipating the need for twisting. Once the device is safely clamped on the instrument, the remainder of the wire is easy to pull off, thus leaving the insulation behind.

Automatic models

Wire StrippersThe other version of wire stripper is referred to as the automatic models. These types come with an automatic wire stripper that features double edges that grip the wire from one side and can then be used to cut and remove the insulation from the wire. Using the tool is a simple procedure, all the user has to do is to place the wire in the jaws and proceed to apply pressure on the tool handle. Although this type of device is ideal even for novice users, it does come with some disadvantages. In fact, the automatic wire stripper can only work on cables that have a particular length range. If the wire is too small, the unit may break based on the pulling force, and if the wire is large, it may not enter the wire stripper jaw.

When choosing an excellent wire stripper, ensure you have information about its unique type and benefit as well. Here are some of the popular types:

Gauged stripper

This is probably one of the most standard wire strippers available out there on the market. It provides excellent balance with exceptional price and performance. These types of wire strippers are similar to a pair of pliers that come with special nozzles for unique wire gauge designs. All the user needs to do is to place the wire in the appropriate slot and proceed to close and remove the insulation.

Self-adjusting and automatic wire strippers

These kinds are regarded as some of the most effective and efficient version available on the market. They have a customizable depth gauge such that the user can always remove a precise length of insulation from the sides of the wire. In fact, all the user has to do is to insert a wire in the jaws of the wire stripper and squeeze the handles for a perfectly stripped wire.


Gauged automatic wire strippers

These types are a unique combination of gauged stripper as well as self-adjusting stripper cables. Similar to the gauged wire strippers, these gauged automatic versions come with different sized slots for various types of gauges. All the user needs to do is to place the wire in the appropriate position and squeeze in one movement. The main benefit of these types is that they are easy to use, and the cutting jaws are simple to replace when after usage.

How We Tested

The consumer market if packed with a broad diversity of Wire Stripper, which can make choosing an excellent unit a tough task for some users. For this particular reason, we used an exclusive search process that encompassed information from various resources that helped in us making an informed decision. In fact, this product is ideal since we have reduced all the hassle that you one would have encountered when shopping for a unique wire stripper online or perhaps at the home depot.

Our Pick


Part number VIS2078300
Item Weight 10.4 ounces
Product Dimensions 4x2x11
Origin Taiwan
Item model number 2078300
Size 8 Inch
Color Blue
Style 8-inch self-adjusting wire stripper
Item package quantity 1
Number of pieces 1
Batteries included? No
Batteries Required? No
Ratings 4.5 out of 5 stars

Who Else Likes It?

Based on our comprehensive search process, we landed a top-notch product that has various benefits for the user. In fact, the Irwin Industrial Tools 2078300 has garnered some rave reviews on a host of product sites. For instance according to the PC repair shop, this particular wire stripper is excellent for various types of users since it is not only sturdy, but it also comes with an ergonomic design that makes it ideal for use even for a lengthy or repetitive usage.

The also had rave insight to offer regarding this particular product. In fact, they mention that this kind of wire stripper is affordable yet does not in any way, shape or form lead to a compromise on the overall functionality of the tool. The handles are extremely comfortable, and the teeth of the Wire Stripper are sharp yet gentle on the structure of your given wire. Using it is also simple, all the user has to do is to insert the wires into the nozzles and proceed to squeeze the handles.

We also went on to check some of the reviews on This is what one of the buyers had to say.” I love this tool. In fact, since I purchased it, I have never again used my teeth or sharp items such as razor blade or knives to remove insulation from wires. I even bought one for my business partner, who also loved it. It is simple to use, and it also has a pocket-friendly price to match.

The Step Up

If you are searching for a higher end tool but is slightly more costly that the conventional wire, then an excellent choice would be the LyXuan Self-Adjusting Automatic Wire and Cable Stripper Cutters Crimper.

As one of the best-rated and higher end crimping tools available out there on the market, this LyXuan wire stripper will easily cut and remove insulation from various types of wire sizes including 10 AWG to 24 AWG. This tool is also ideal for stripping various types of insulated and non-insulated terminals and can also be used in ignition terminals to remove insulations, and it will not lead to any damage to the central wire section.

In fact, all the user’s needs to do is to insert the wire into a customizable stopper that can be used to distinguish the length of the core wire, swivel button along with micro-adjust, which is ideal for stripping wires that are smaller than 26 AWG. This model also comes with insulated and comfortable handles that provide sufficient protection and reduce the chances of any hand exhaustion that can typically occur after extensive usage. Moreover, this Wire Stripper qualifies as one of the outstanding units on the marked since it is backed by LyXuan and Kingsmith, which are both Amazon affiliated brands.

Top Wire Strippers Comparison

Size (Inches)
Capacity (AWG)
Warranty (Months)
Limited Lifetime
Limited Lifetime
Limited Lifetime
Limited Lifetime
9Innoo Tech8.00

Care Use & Maintenance

There is no doubt that wire cutter is invaluable tools that make allows users to make excellent cuts on insulation without in any way compromising on the functionality of the wire. However, there are items that when used in the inappropriate methods, can lead to injury or even damage to delicate items. Therefore, if you own this kind of tool, or you perhaps use one frequently here are some suggestions that you consider from excellent results each time:

Safety Tips

  • Avoid placing your finger or any other body organ in the jaw section
  • Never leave the tool within the reach of children or pets
  • Use the wire stripper for the appropriate purposes
  • Avoid interfering with the functionality of the unit
  • Avoid using the tool with damp or oily hands
  • Put on the proper working gear such as gloves to reduce any chance of accidental injury
  • Always ensure your hands are on the plastic handles
  • Avoid using the tool with live electric wires

Maintenance Tips

  • Perform an evaluation of the inner components of the unit every once in a while
  • Ensure that you keep the wire stripper in a safe place away from falls and high impact forces
  • If the tool breaks, only use the correct replacement parts and ensure that they are correctly installed
  • Oil the moving joints of the tool every once in a while
  • If you notice weird noises when using the tool, perform an immediate evaluation of all moving parts

Wrapping It Up

Finally, a wire stripper is one of those tools you should never miss in your toolbox, especially if you are a professional individual or you are a DIY enthusiast who likes experimenting with technology. Therefore, we highly recommend the Irwin Industrial Tools 2078300 8-Inch Self-Adjusting Wire Stripper Grips since it embodies all the ideal functionalities and values of a top performing unit. More so, this tool has also earned some excellent reviews on some of the popular product sites as well as blogs. Although they might seem like basic tools, having some insight into some of their functionalities has its inherent benefits. In other words, you are able to make an excellent decision when selecting the ideal tool; one comes with unique features that accommodate all your individual needs.