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The Best Vise Grips

Best Vise Grips Review

Our Top Pick is the IRWIN Tools Vise-Grip

Discover the excellence of the original curved jaw locking pliers that comes with a wire cutter to place tremendous pressure on points of any bolt heat or style nut. The exceptional auxiliary features that are available on these Vise Grips make them idea for clamping, turning, twisting and for tightening as well. In fact, it’s a simple procedure since the user has to turn a screw and adjust the pressure to fit the work. The unique Vise Grips design means that this unit can stay adjusted ideal for repetitive use. It has been constructed using superior grade and heat-treated allow steel for optimal durability and toughness as well. The inclusion of the guarded release trigger unlocks quickly and mitigates the chances of any accidental release. It also comes with hardened teeth that are excellent for gripping objects from almost any angle. Besides that, comes with a hex key adjusting screw to that can be used to alter the pressure and draw material closer together. With the classic guarded trigger, the durable and heat-treated alloy steel pliers deliver a controlled release with just a simple touch. The unique design of these Irwin (5-10WR) makes them ideal for safer grinding and can be used as a portable grind. Best of all, these vice grips offer solid performance and impressive affordability that easily qualifies them as some of the best units available out there on the consumer market. Since the advent of the first well known locking pliers in the early 1920`s, the typical features set of some of these things has been improving and is simply impressive. In fact, we have come across noteworthy upswings such as clamping power , material construction and adjustable jaw sizes amongst various others. Faced against this backdrop in improvements, it’s no wonder low quality gripping tools and conventional gripping methods are fading into importance, while excellent ones such as the Irwin 5-10WR are coming into the limelight.

Who Should Buy This?

These vice grips are an excellent investment for any professional who wants to hold metal parts or components in place for welding purposes. By the same token, they can also be used for holding nuts or bolts that have a rounded shape or as temporary knobs/levers on machinery such as espresso machines. This is because the vise grips provide an excellent grip and have unique handles that reduce the amount of force that the user has to exert to get the job done. On one side of the vice grips is the handle and on the other side is the nose. When you squeeze the handle side, the nose of the vice grips also contracts accordingly thereby making it excellent for DIY enthusiast who are working with metal components. These kinds of tools are also ideal for people who want to gain convenient access where the fingers or other conventional tools cannot reach.

How to buy Vise Grips

Before buying Vise Grips, it is important to be aware of some of the common models that are available out there on the consumer market.

Bench Vises- The bench vises come with a unique design whereby they can be integrated to flat platforms such as workbenches for exceptional gripping force. Although some bench vises are stationary, other models can rotate around their bases.

Pin Vises- the pin vises are a unique type of clamps and vises that do not hold spate objects together or perhaps to integrate them to workbenches. In fact, they are actually used for precision hand drilling and various crafts such as jewelry production. The vise in the interior of the device is normally used to hold a small pin and a drill unit stably in position.

Pipe Vises- the pipe vises are excellent for clamping onto pipes. The pipe vises require the use of a screw or chain ideal for holding and adjusting components. In most cases, they are typically heavy and do not require to be integrated onto a flat platform. Rather, their heavy base can be place on top of a flat platform.

Vise GripsTable vises- the table vises are ideal for a broad range of applications. These tools also differ in design and their range of use is determined primarily by their design functionalities. The table vises may come with a unique vise that can clamp onto a tabletop along with another vise that can be used to grip the objects. Furthermore, these kinds also come with a suction base that lies on the tabletop. The models that grip the table by using are ideal for large-scale work that the models that come with suction bases.

Before settling for an excellent vise grip that suits your needs, it is equally important to have some sufficient insight into some of the typical functionalities of these things. In fact, these tools are also commonly referred to as mole grips of locking pliers that can be locked onto one position by using an over center functionality. One aspect of the handle comes with a bolt that can be used to customize the aperture of the jaws and the other side of the handle, particularly in the large models such as table and pipe vises, often comes with a lever to push the tow side of the handles apart and to unlock the pliers.

An excellent vise grip typically comes with parallel jaws that provide excellent contact whenever used on flat platforms such as workbenches or when used to clamp on to hex work. You also want to select locking pliers that come with a customizable screws to provide accurate pressure for your clamping or gripping needs. With just a simple turn of the screw, one can be able to squeeze and work the handle with one hand to grip the item with extensive pressure. Some higher end models even come with a safety release trigger that provides convenience especially when it comes to unlocking the mole grips.

How We Tested

We selected this particular flashlight based on various research techniques that we have used to selects our previous products.  We have made the research process easier for you by selecting the best performing product market based on our noteworthy techniques. We select the product based on a long short list which if finally boiled down to a few select products that are more than likely to suit the user’s needs. The research process started with by noting some of the ideal qualities that users seek in their ideal flashlight. Following this, we went further on to consult some of the prevalent home depots and retail stores on some of their best selling brands. We then took our research process to the next level by consulting some of the prevalent product review blogs as well as the accompanying customer remarks.

Our Pick


Part Number VIS10WRC
Item Weight 1.2 pounds
Product Dimension 9 x 2.4 x 0.7
Origin USA
Item model number 502l3
Size 11 inch
Color Black
Item Package Quantity 1
Number of Pieces 1
Batteries Included? No
Batteries Required? No
Warranty Description 2yrs
ASIN B00004Y05M
Customer Reviews 4.7 out of 5 stars

Who Else Likes It? had some positive remarks to make about the IRWIN Tools Vise-Grip Cutter (5-10WR). To specific, they really liked the original design of the vise grips that make it an excellent tool for placing exacting pressure on an item. They also liked that it can stay adjusted for repetitive use, thereby making an ideal addition for equipment such as espresso machines.

According to the, these particular Irwin (5-10WR) vise grips come with a superior grade and heat treated alloy steel that provides excellent durability and toughness for various types of applications. It also comes with a guarded release trigger that easily unlocks and protects the unit from accidental release. The hardened teeth are ideal for gripping items from any angle.

On top of that, the tool has also garnered some petite reviews from customer on Amazon. For instance, one satisfied customer does well to mention that,” Irwin have done it again, they have produced an excellent handtool that makes them the leading brand in the consumer market. I have various Irwin tools and I must say that these particular vise grips are a sound investment and addition for the toolbox.”

The Step Up

Experience the next level of gripping and clamping power by settling for the IRWIN Tools Vise-Grip 11-Inch Locking Clamp with Swivel Pads that comes with elongated locking clamps as well as swivel pads that help protect damage against your work piece. This tool is also made using durable and heat-treated allow steel that makes it particularity suitable for outdoor and professional applications. The inclusion of clamps that have a simple locking and release action provides the ultimate convenience for your needs.

This unit has also been constructed using advanced grade and heat-treated alloy enhances the durability and robustness to allow the screws to stay in position for repetitive usage of clamping at a similar setting.  In fact, the only thing that will make one dispose these tools is that they are outdated, but they are design to provide optimal longevity for the user. Besides that, these locking pliers also come with a superior exterior design that not only provides the ultimate durability, but also provides sufficient aesthetic appeal that lets you complete your jobs in style and class. The Irwin 11 inch locking clamps also come with a simple to use design, such that maintenance and part replacement becomes a simple task each time. One can even use these swivel tools to hold 1×2 pieces of steel or perhaps when looking for an excellent grip on items. The gripping tips come with a swiveling feature that works well to deliver additional grip when in use by matching the angle of the clamped item.

Top Vise Grip Comparison


Size (Inches)
Weight (Ounce)

1Irwin 502L31016.00
3Irwin 11T10

5Irwin 211ZR18

6Irwin 159LN9

7CH Hanson7
8Stanley 9
9Irwin 5WR3 5
10Irwin 2218

Care Use & Maintenance

Vise grips are excellent tools for clamping and gripping onto objects. However, some models such as this Irwin 5-10WR tend to come with pointed and metal components that make safety as well as maintenance and important activity for the user. In this way, the user is able to mitigate the chances of any damage or injury occurring because of using the tool. This is because these locking pliers can be used to deliver immense amounts of force. Here are some suggestions worth considering:

Safety Tips

  • Always consult the manual whenever you come across challenges
  • Never touch the metal components of the vise grips when working with electrical equipment
  • Never leave the tool around children
  • User protective gear if possible when working
  • Use the product only for the recommended uses and applications


  • Keep the Locking pliers in an enclosed are each time after use
  • Avoid using the pliers as a hammer since this can lead to damage
  • Use a toolbox to keep the vise grips safe after each use
  • Replace damage components only with the recommended parts
  • Keep the tool away from highly acidic conditions or conditions that have immense temperatures

Wrapping It Up

Finally, when all factors are taken into account, vise grips are excellent tools especially for those who want an excellent gripping or clamping tool. Unlike the conventional pliers design, these types of pliers typically come with a locking mechanism that suits various applications. Whether, you want to cut wires or you perhaps want a convenient solution for adjusting your espresso machine, mole grips  are the best suggestion for your needs. For that reason, an excellent example of such a tool would be the IRWIN Tools Vise-Grip Curved Jaw Locking Pliers with Wire Cutter (5-10WR) for excellent results. We help you avoid the hassles of searching the consumer market and any likelihood of buyer’s remorse by choosing the best product based on a set of exclusive research techniques. Therefore, this tool is an excellent investment or addition in your toolbox or mechanical needs.