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The Best Utility Knife

Utility Knife Reviews

Our Top Pick is the Vermont 2in1 Folding Stainless Steel Utility Knife

Chances are if you have a tool box of tools there is a utility knife in it.  These versatile and useful tools are the perfect thing to have handy whenever you need to open boxes, trim carpeting, wallpaper, vinyl flooring and much more.

The Vermont 2-in-1 folding stainless steel wooden handle utility knife is not only functional, it looks fantastic too.

One of the reasons utility knives are so popular is because they are a lot safer than using sharp kitchen knives. Utility knives are designed to be grabbed quickly when you need to cut something.

Open the utility knife, do the cutting and then retract the blade.  You won’t have to worry about getting cut as long as you make sure that the knife blade has been retracted properly.

The Vermont 2-in-1 folding utility knife is called the King of Utility Knives for many reasons.  The handcrafted knife has a smooth, silky finish that is made of wood.  If you are looking for the perfect gift for someone, they will love this utility knife.

If anyone in your life is a professional roofer, floor installer, drywall hanging or otherwise works in a similar field, having their own utility knife of this quality would be an excellent gift.

It is lightweight and razor sharp, making it the perfect tool for many home repairs and jobs.  The portable double blade opens to full length, including the handle, to 6 ¾” long.  When it is closed it measures 3-3/4”.   The stainless steel blade is long lasting and durable and corrosion resistant.

This utility knife is also great for self defense and survival situations as well.  It comes in a beautiful gift box, ready to give and makes the perfect gift for anyone. You can use it for camping, hiking, traveling, home repairs, cutting various materials and more.

This Vermont 2-in-1 folding utility knife with the beautiful wooden handle comes with a 100% risk free lifetime warranty for the ultimate in peace of mind.

Who Should Buy This

Utility knives are frequently used in many different professional applications. People that most often use utility knives on a regular basis include carpet layers, linoleum layers, grocery store or department store stockers, contractors, construction workers, drywall hangers, leather workers, crafters, seamstresses, DIY-ers, home owners, roofers, campers, fishermen, artists, and many more.

A utility knife can be used for kitchen repairs and home repairs and are used to perform such tasks as cutting hides, rope, shingles and sheetrock, butchering meat, cleaning fish, camping, hunting, fishing and much more.

What Makes a Good Utility Knife?

Look in most well stocked tool boxes and you’ll almost always find a utility knife or two. There are several different kinds of utility knives, so it’s possible that you will have one or two different kinds in your tool box.

Because of the variety and ease of use they provide, you can easily think of them as the most utilized knife in history and that means you want to have at least one, good quality utility knife in your tool boxes.

Utility KnifeThere are a lot of features that a utility knife can have that contribute to them being one of the most popular tools in your tool box.  Because of this, it is important to choose a high quality utility knife so it can stand up to the tasks and not break like many of the less expensive and lower quality utility knives do.  Before you start the process of shopping for a utility knife make sure you have the answers to a few key questions.

  1. What are the different styles available?
  2. What kinds of blades are there and what does each blade do?
  3. What kind of blade replacing process is there for the knife you are considering?
  4. What features are you looking for?

The answers to these questions will help you n arrow down your choices from the large selection that is available.  We’ve outlined some of the more common features below.

Common Utility Knife Features

  • Folding Blade, Fixed – A fixed blade is one that is always in the open position. It typically doesn’t fold and doesn’t normally have a cover.  A folding fixed blade utility knife makes the “fixed blade” much safer because it folds up like a pocket knife, protecting the user from stabbing themselves. This folding fixed knife can also be safely carried in your pocket, unlike the regular fixed blade designs.
  • Easy Blade Changes – No one wants to have to battle their utility knife just to change the blade once it becomes dull.  Look for utility knives that advertise easy blade changes.  The phrase you want to look for is “tool free” which means you just have to rotate a part of the knife to change out the blade rather than getting tools to do it.

Some models even have automatic blade changes where there are several blades inside the knife and when one is dull, another replaces it. The main objective is to make sure, whatever mechanism is used to change the blades, it’s user friendly.

  • Self Retracting Blade – Some styles of utility knife have a safety feature that can be a both a blessing and a curse. Self retracting blades are one of these styles.  With a utility knife that has a self retracting blade, you have to press a button to expose the blade and do any cutting.  When you release the button, the blade retracts.

This is great on the one hand because if you set the knife down, a sharp blade is not just laying around. However if you have a lot of cutting to do or you use your utility knife often, you may find this feature really tiring and frustrating as you have to keep the button depressed throughout the entire cutting process.


  • Blade Storage – Some of the utility knives on the market have the capability of storing extra blades in their handles.  This feature is fantastic and makes fast, efficient work of changing out the blade.

With the extra blades right there, you never have to worry about not having a new, sharp blade when you need one.  Just be sure to restock the replacement blades when you have 2-3 new blades left so you truly never do run out.

  • String Cutters – Many utility knives have a feature for cutting string or twine that makes working with string very simple.  Instead of having to use the blade to cut it, these strong cutting utility knives have a notch that is typically just behind the head of the blade.  Insert the string or twine into the notch and voila! The string is cut.
  • Safety Shields – The safety shield feature is very good if you will be working with insulation or another hazardous or potentially dangerous material frequently.  The shield protects your hands from the hazardous material.

How We Tested

We started our research by checking out the top utility knives on the market.  We did this with a general search for utility knives and gathered a list of the top features that the high quality knives offered. This list gave us the guidelines in which to compare the top utility knives to see how they stacked up.

We also talked to industry experts that use utility knives in their professions on a regular basis to see what they recommended.  Lastly we gathered customer feedback and comments from Amazon users that had purchased different utility knives so we could see how they were working in the field.  All of this research enabled us to come up with the top pick and also provide users with a step up choice for more professional use.

Our Pick


Utility knife weight 5.9 ounces
Blade Stainless steel/ corrosion resistant
Manufacturer Vermont Pro Tools
Handle Wood
Type Folding

Who Else Likes It? writes “”The king of Utility Knives” – Skillfully made by hand. Quality and Craftsmanship are our top priority. Silky smooth finish wood handle, Excellent gift idea.” also writes “The Vermont 2 in 1 Box Cutter and All purpose knife is a multi tool, light in weight and razor sharp for all kind of home and kitchen repairs.”

Amazon gives the Vermont 2-in-1 Folding Utility knife with the wooden handle a 4.7 out of 5 rating from 160 reviews. One customer says “The box cutter side folds out easily and locks into place. The blade is very easy to change and I really like the amount of the blade that is visible.”

The Step Up

If you are looking for a higher grade utility knife that can handle the tasks you need to do on the job, the Milwaukee Fastback Flip Open Utility Knife.

This utility knife activates that blade 3x faster than using a 2 handed knife. The one handed blade opening is very convenient and efficient.

The tool free blade change also facilitates getting back to work quickly, even if you need to change the blades in the middle of a task.

The thin body design allows the user to store the knife in their pocket with no worry about getting stabbed or having the knife open accidentally. There is also a very handy gut hook and wire stripper built in to this utility knife making it even more useful for professionals.  If you are looking for a fast, efficient, sleek utility knife that can also handle wiring stripping this is the one you want.

Top Utility Knife Comparison

Blade Length (Inches)
Weight (Ounce)
Handle Length (Inches)
1Vermont 4.00
8Alvin 3.00
10Roberts 5.00

Care Use & Maintenance

Even though utility knives are not power tools, they still require two important things to make using them a productive experience: safety guidelines and maintenance. Both of these factors come into play especially since you are working with very sharp blades that can cause serious injury if you are not careful.  We’ve created a list below of safety and maintenance tips for you to use.

Safety Tips

  •  Never use a utility knife with a dull blade
  • Keep spare blades accessible in case you need to change out a dull one
  • Never throw away dull blades in the trash
  • Purchase utility knives with protected or retractable blades
  • Throw away dull blades in a leak-proof container (e.g. coffee can with lid, etc)
  • Don’t use too much blade when cutting
  • Cut away from the body
  • Keep your hands, fingers and arms out of the way of the cutting path
  • Close the utility knife after using and when it is not in use
  • Never store knives in the open position
  • Keep utility knives out of reach of children at all times
  • Never leave a utility knife lying around open
  • Do not use a utility knife when you are tired or under the influence of alcohol, drugs or medications
  • Utility knives are not toys and should never be treated as such
  • Only use the Utility knife on a stable, solid surface
  • When cutting certain materials make sure the surface underneath is protected from being cut

Materials that Utility knives Can Cut

  • Thin cardboard and paper
  • Shrink wrap and thin plastic
  • Carpet
  • Linoleum
  • Wall paper
  • Sections of bathroom tile that are in sheets

 Do not cut:

  • Thick cardboard
  • Thick plastics
  • Thick rubbers
  • Plastic straps

Maintenance Tips

  • Do not get the utility knife wet
  • Inspect utility blade for chips or nicks
  • Inspect blades and utility knife for rust
  • With the blade retracted or covered, wipe the handle of the utility knife down with a dry rag

Wrapping It Up

Utility knives are one of the most used tools in the tool box and having a good quality one makes cutting tasks much easier. When it comes to choosing the right utility knife, you can take all of the information we have provided in this review and guide and narrow down your choices from all of the available utility knives on the market.

Our top pick is an excellent choice for the majority of users and our step up option is great for professionals that use utility knives on a regular basis during their work day for tasks like cutting carpet, trimming linoleum, trimming wall paper and other tasks.