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The Best Tool Belt

Tool Belt Reviews

Our Top Pick is the Custom LeatherCraft 1614

When working on a project or job it’s likely you will need to use more than one tool during the project. When you use a hammer you also need nails. When you need a drill you’ll need additional bits, screws and other tools to complete the project. Whether you are close to your tool box, on a ladder, or working in another room, having all of your tools together in one place increases efficiency and reduces frustration. If you have various job sites, or are traveling from one job to the next, a large tool chest is usually too heavy to tote from place to place. A tool bag is a convenient way to gather the tools you need for a job, but it can become disorganized and is not always close by when you need something.

Due to its convenience and versatility, a tool belt is a popular item to have for home projects, DIY projects, or professional jobs. A tool belt is wrapped directly around your waist and contains a number of pockets, clips, and compartments where your tools can be stored. It is an excellent addition to your arsenal of work tools because it not only keeps them close and safe, but it also saves you the time as you often need to interchange tools one after another. A tool belt is also a great way to stay organized as the pockets and compartments come in various sizes so your small materials such as nails and screws can be kept separately from larger items.

We evaluated and considered 35 of the top tool belts in the industry. After an extensive research process the Custom LeatherCraft 1614 combo system emerged as the best overall tool belt on the market. It has a lightweight design and maximum tool capacity that allows you to carry as much or as little as you need for each job. There are two hammer holders and a clip for a measuring tape. Add the high grade material and durability and this belt is the best value for the money and considered the best of its class.

Who Should Buy This

Tool belts are ideal for anyone who frequently uses tools. They help you stay organized and allow you to operate hands free, saving you time and energy from constantly having to retrieve tools. This would include auto mechanics, construction workers, roofing workers and those who participate in DIY projects. Anyone who works with wood or makes home repairs will benefit from having a tool belt. Essentially anyone using tools big or small can benefit from having a tool belt on their side.

What Makes a Good Tool Belt?

There are several aspects that make up the best and most efficient tool belts. The first thing being the material that is used for the belt. You want your tool belt to be made of a material that’s going to be strong enough to hold the weight of all your tools while also being comfortable enough to wear for long periods of time. Durable materials include both leather and polyester as long as they are high grade and heavy duty material.

Tool BeltAnother valuable feature that is not found on all belts is the suspenders. This can be very useful as it has the ability to redistribute the weight of the tools and makes it easier on your back. If you choose a tool belt with suspenders, they need to have shoulder pads for comfort. They also need to be adjustable for your height so you are able to use them comfortably. Most suspenders are removable which means you can use them for big jobs and opt not to use them for smaller projects that require less tools. Having suspenders attached to your tool belt will give you added strength with the ability to load up your belt to capacity with no fear of breakage or strain to your tool belt. The suspenders also, and most importantly, help provide you with additional back support. Carrying a large amount of tools can easily strain a person’s back so having the suspenders attachment relieve allot of the added pressure.

The best tool belts also have a large amount of pockets of various sizes. The more pockets you have the more you are able to carry. Having small pockets for nails and screws and then larger pockets that can fit a drill, screwdriver and other tools is the best combination. Being able to carry all your tools together will save you time and energy from having to repeatedly retrieve tools, which also keeps them safe and secure by your side.

Pocket sizes are just as important as having a large amount of pockets. You will want large enough pockets and clips to be able to carry larger tools such as hammers, drills, wrenches etc.But it is equally as important to have a designated place for small items such as biscuits, nails, screws, or pins. The various sizes will help keep you organized and refrain from having small pieces lost or mixed in with larger ones.

Also consider the waist size they can accommodate to ensure they will fit and the pockets should be easy to open so getting your tools is not a struggle.


How We Tested

We began our research process by conducting a general search for tool belts and collecting data on the belts available on the market. We then looked at the features and qualities that made up the best tool belts. This included features such as good quality materials, quality build, number of compartments, texture, carrying ability, durability, comfort, and value. We were then able to use this information to narrow our search considerably to the belts with only the best features and highest value.

Next we consulted tool blogs, forums, and expert opinions from professionals and “weekend warriors” to determine the best brands and models for long term durability ease of use. We then tested based on real world experience and concluded our research by evaluating customer reviews of our top picks.

Our Pick



Total Number of Pockets 23: 6 Large and 13 smaller pockets and sleeves
Weight 5 Pounds
Product Dimensions 5.2 x 23 x 12.5 Inches
Suspenders Yes
Material Double Layered 600D Polyester
Number of Hammer Holders 2
Waist Range 20” to 46”

The Custom LeatherCraft 1614 is crafted from a double layered 600D polyester fabric and provides 6 large pockets, and 13 additional sleeves that allow you to carry a wide variety of tools. These pockets also range in size from large, small, and extra small, to ensure that even the largest and smallest items in your arsenal will find its place in this belt. On this belt in addition to the many pockets and sleeves you will also find two hammer holders as well as a measuring tape clip for added convenience. There are also two special sleeves for a pry bar or crowbar, as well as a carpenter’s square and a combination square.

All of these pockets have also been designed with a Sta-Open pocket design with webbing reinforcement as well as an antique brass finish. This design feature will grant you easy open access to all of your tools as you work as well as providing your belt with optimum durability. The pockets are placed in such a way that the belt will remain balanced even when the belt is loaded with tools.

Along with all these great features this tool belt was built with safety in mind. The 1614 tool belt incorporates not only, fully adjustable, padded suspenders, which distribute the pouch weight more evenly, reducing strain on the lower back and hips, but provides a heavy-duty web belt with a double-tongue roller buckle that helps keep pouches in place. This tool belt fits waist sizes 29 – 46 inches accommodating most home and professional users. Additional holes can be put in the belt to accommodate smaller size waists if needed.

Who Else Likes It

The guys at Best Tool Belt Reviews Writes “Whether you’re an electrician, repair technician, or installer, you’re going to find that this Framer’s Rig tool belt has everything that you need to safely and comfortably store your tools around your waist. This is the convenient and hands-free way to take everything with you and know where each tool is, without having to lean over to look into a tool box or bag…Custom LeatherCraft always does a fine job with their tool storage and carrying products, but this belt really stands out from the rest.”

The folks at Tool Belt Reviews from wrote “The pockets are larger, easier to get your hands in to retrieve tools and accessories, and the clips and loops for a hammer, tape measure extra do the job well. It feels robust, it stays where you put it, there’s a lot going on for the price tag.”

Amazon reviewers gave the Custom LeatherCraft 1614 a 4.1 out of 5 from 153 reviewers. One five-star reviewer says, “This is a great tool belt harness. It is balanced and has just the right amount of versatility for me. There are lots of little sleeves on the inside of the pockets to hold screwdrivers and pliers and such. There are pockets big enough to put things like a couple of outlet boxes or a speed square in and there are pockets small enough to hold wire nuts or screws but still let you get at them. The entire rig is sturdy and the pockets stay open…The hammer holders are large enough that a standard caulking gun fits. With the addition of a cordless drill hook this rig is perfect. You can load it up so that you aren’t having to make multiple trips up-and-down a ladder or you can put in just what you need for smaller jobs.”

The Step Up

If you’re looking for a tool belt with even more durability the Bucket Boss 85035 Camo Mullet Suspension Rig is sturdy enough to handle the biggest jobs. This tool belt is crafted of 70% elastic, 25% Ferric and 5% leather with heavy duty 2 ply polyester material. The tool belt also features a Load bearing stretch suspension system so you can load your belt to maximum capacity and still carry the weight with ease. Other valuable features include large capacity pockets, speed square pockets, and a steel buckle belt with monster grommets. This tool belt will fit waists up to 52 inches.

Top Tool Belt Comparison

1Custom600D Polyester
2Style N Craft600D Polyester, Nylon
3The Original Pink BoxPolyester Canvas
4Bucket Boss600D Polyester
5Carhartt1200D Polyester
6Bourn ToughLeather
7MagnoGrip1680D Polyester
8Dead OnNylon
9Milwaukee600 D Ripstop Polyester

Care Use & Maintenance

Tool belts are designed to safely carry your tools and allow you to complete projects without having to constantly return to your tool box. This makes the durability and balance important to using the tool belt safely.

Safety Tips

  • Never run the tool belt through the belt buckle on your pants. If something gets caught this could create a very unsafe situation.
  • Always be aware of any loose or dangling parts while working. This is especially true of items like a hammer or drill.
  • Keep sharp and jagged tools faced to the side. Knives and other sharp objects could protrude through the belt.
  • Keep those around you at a safe distance while your tool belt is on, and full.
  • Never run if your tool belt has tools in it.


  • Clean out your tool belt often and remove old or damaged tools.
  • Store your tool belt in a cool dry place.
  • Do not attach bags to your belt that have been ripped or damaged.
  • Repair any damage before each use.
  • Lubricate and treat any leather to reduce drying out and cracking.

Wrapping It Up

Tool belts are great accessories for nearly any job. Whether you want to carry tools, nails, or other accessories, having a tool belt will keep everything in place and easy for you to get when you need it. They help you stay organized and allow you to carry tools hands free. These belts can be used by everyone who completes home or professional projects. Both large and small jobs will benefit from having a tool belt. This accessory will minimize workers fatigue, as you won’t need to retrieve tools continuously or reach down time and time again to trade out various tools. Tool belts are inexpensive and are a very good investment allowing you to keep tools close to you as you complete a project.