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The Best Snow Shovel

Snow Shovel Review

Our Top Pick is the Garant GIPP26KD Grizzly 26-Inch Heavy Duty Poly Snow Pusher

The top pick we have for a regular, manual powered, snow shovel is the Garant Grizzly 26-Inch. This snow shovel is designed to be ergonomic so it’s easier to hold and to push while you’re shoveling the snow this winter season.

It uses a 26-inch blade that is made with poly to ensure that it will last a long time under more difficult conditions such as larger amounts of snowfall or even with excessive amounts of sand or dirt if you choose to use it for other purposes. It’s designed to hold a large amount at one time and to make it more balanced for you to carry that snow or dirt if you need to leave it somewhere else.

It is designed not to chip or crack if you happen to encounter rocks or hard ground while you are shoveling because the material is specially made and thick. As a plastic material it is lighter than steel or aluminum but still provides a lot of the strength that you’re looking for.

The handle is 45 inches long and made by steel tubing to ensure it is strong and sturdy enough to withstand the weight associated with the snow or sand or other materials that you are using it on. It is long enough that you don’t have to be right next to the material but not so long as to throw off the balance of the large blade at the end when it is full of materials.

The grip portion of the handle is made with wood and designed to be strong enough that you can easily push the shovel, but still comfortable enough that you can use it over an extended period of time if you need to clear a large area.

Designed to push the snow rather than actually lift and move it, this shovel works quite well for the purpose. Though it can be used for lifting snow as well, the true benefit for its use is in pushing with the large blade and the long handle to help balance the snow and make sure that it is scraped clean from any area with ease.

It can be used with any type of surface and doesn’t catch where aluminum or other metal built shovels tend to when not used on a completely level surface. This shovel also has no problem with skipping over bumps or other rough areas in the pavement or even on your grass if you’re looking to clear away any type of material.

Though built for snow, this shovel can be used for just about anything that you might need to move or carry. It does better when used as a push shovel rather than a lifting one but will still provide a lot of support and longevity when used in either format.

This shovel does not have a metal strip at the end as some others do and this actually improves the longevity of the shovel and ensures that it provides even more effort without problems with uneven ground. This also ensures that it requires less work when looking to improve the outcome of it.

It is also designed to work for taller or shorter individuals because of the design and the length of the handle, which is good for closer maneuvering with taller individuals and further maneuvering for shorter.

Who Should Buy This

If you need a shovel that is strong but lightweight then this would be an excellent choice as it provides a good combination of both. It is sturdy and strong for lifting or pushing large amounts of snow, sand, dirt or other debris, but still weighs less than 4 pounds overall to make it easier to use for anyone.

This shovel is good for anyone who needs to be able to clear their driveway or their sidewalk of snow during the winter or even spread salt or clear dirt in their yard for planting or other purposes. It is designed to help make pushing a whole lot easier but actually can be used in many different configurations to make a number of other tasks much easier as well.

This unit could be used by just about anyone including those who have back problems or struggle with shoveling snow under normal conditions because of the design and ergonomic style.

What Makes a Good Snow Shovel

There are a number of factors that make a good snow shovel but the first thing you want to look at is just how large it is. It depends on what you plan to do with it and how you plan to use it what size shovel you would prefer from an 18-inch to a 30-inch.

A good shovel should be able to push or carry a large amount of snow without breaking or bending under the pressure. It is up to you whether you prefer one or the other, but many shovels will allow you to do both while being built for a little better ability in one or the other.

Your shovel should be made of sturdy, high quality material at the blade which may be aluminum, steel, or a specialized plastic poly. The material should be able to stand up to a lot of work for a long time and should not crack or break when you push it up against rocks as well as working well over uneven ground (unless yours is completely smooth).

Snow ShovelYou should have a sturdy material for the handle as well, which could be steel tubing, plastic tubing or even a wood pole. This will ensure that when you push or lift the snow the handle won’t break and you won’t be left with a tool that can’t help you with your needs.

The actual grip of the handle should be designed so that you can hold it easily and for an extended period of time while you’re shoveling. You should be able to get a good handhold on it and it too should be made of quality material such as wood or plastic while being comfortable or even ergonomic and padded.

Your snow shovel should also be able to withstand the type of snow that you are dealing with as some areas will have light fluffy snow and others will have heavy, wet snow. If your area gets one or the other make sure that your snow shovel is designed to combat and work with that type of snow without any problems.

A good snow shovel should be easy for you to use because no matter how it’s built or what it’s able to do, if you can’t use it then you’re not going to get the job done. There are a number of different types of shovels out there and you are the only one who can decide which one is going to work out the best for your use and your purposes so make sure you check them out carefully.

How We Tested

The first thing we look at to choose a good snow shovel is the most popular style among those who shovel their snow rather than using a snow blower. We look at ergonomic, heavy duty, different materials and a whole lot more to see what most people prefer in this regard.

We found that plastic or poly material shovels that are ergonomic and heavy duty were the more popular and were purchased by the most people. From here, we start looking at the different options available to see which ones are the best of the many being offered.

At this point, we narrow down the list and talk to people who use snow shovels to make sure that the shovels we’ve chosen would be on their list if they were looking for a new one and have them give us some pointers on picking the one that should be at the top of the list. By then, we’ll have our choice.

Specifications of Garant Grizzly 26-Inch

  • 4 pounds
  • 5″ x 26″ x 5.5″
  • Ergonomic style
  • Lightweight frame
  • 45-inch steel tube handle
  • 26-inch blade
  • Push style shovel

Who Else Likes It?

Amazon gives this shovel a 4.7 out of 5 with over 73 reviews. One said ‘Living in the northern section of the country it’s important to have a good quality snow pusher so we’ve tried a lot of them. We definitely would rank this one as the absolute best we’ve ever had because it really gets the sidewalks clean and makes it a whole lot easier to do so as well. We’ve had it for a couple years now and it still works great.’

Another stated ‘We clean our driveway as well as some neighbor’s driveways and we’ve never had a problem with this shovel. It takes care of all the snow right down to the surface and that’s really great for us and our neighbors. Because it doesn’t have the metal edge we’ve never had to worry about even a little snow being left or about it hitting against the uneven parts of the sidewalk while we’re going. Overall, it’s a great shovel and holds up well.’

Top Snow Shovel Comparison

Blade Size (Inches)
Length (Inches)
Weight (Pounds)
4The AMES Companies, Inc26
6Suncast-Big Scoop22

Care, Use & Maintenance

In order to keep your shovel working properly you need to make sure that it’s always well cared for and stored properly. Though a shovel doesn’t require a whole lot of effort or work to keep clean, you still want to keep anything you can off of it including fertilizers or chemicals that could damage the integrity of your shovel or even cause it to break down or wear out faster. This can require you to wash it off after use if you happen to use it in areas where these products are or if you are using it to haul them.

Safety Tips

  • Shovel away from yourself when you go
  • Walk slowly and deliberately as you push so you don’t flip your shovel or the snow
  • Do not push more than you are comfortable with
  • When using to carry make sure you do not overload the blade
  • Always use two hands to use this shovel for carrying
  • Keep the blade level on the ground as much as possible for pushing
  • Don’t stay outdoors too long when the weather gets cold
  • Make complete passes through the snow with the blade down to get the most snow

Maintenance Tips

  • Clean the shovel after use for anything but moving snow
  • Wipe off snow or let the shovel dry entirely, especially if there is salt on it
  • Make sure to wipe off and rinse when the shovel comes into contact with chemicals or fertilizers
  • Do not leave too close to a high heat source
  • Keep stored in a clean environment to extend longevity
  • Do not use for rocks or other sharp/heavy materials to extend longevity
  • Store upright rather than laying down to prevent tripping hazard or breaking

Wrapping It Up

Overall, the Garant Grizzly is a good quality shovel that will provide you with a lot of power and strength while you’re working on clearing your driveway, sidewalk or yard. It can easily be used to push snow, as it is built for, or even to carry and move snow if you need it to be taken somewhere else.

Though it’s built only for the snow, this shovel can also be used for other materials as long as they are lightweight or you only carry small amounts at a time. It is made with sturdy materials that allow it to last a long time and perform the same way for years.

This unit also provides an ergonomic style that makes it easier for most people to use and more comfortable at the same time, while still getting the job done quickly and easily. It provides a clear surface when you are done which can’t be easily achieved with a metal or otherwise metal edged shovel.