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Our Top Pick is the Lenox Industrial PVC Cutter

What happens when you want to make the best cuts out of the any PVC item with excellent results each time? Well, a brilliant suggestion for you at such a point in time would be to settle for the best PVC cutter available out there on the market. One such example is the Lenox Industrial Tools 12123 R1 PVC Cutter Up to 1-5/8-Inch Ratcheting Cut that comes with unique jaws and teeth that hold the pipe in place for smooth and straight cuts each time. By the same token, the Lenox 12123 PVC cutter have also been designed with unique self-sharpening blades that provide that help ensure the blade is even sharper after each use, thereby enhancing the longevity of the unit. More so, it also comes with benevolent additions such as the rubberized grips that allow for stable cutting even when in damp and wet conditions. Users will also appreciate the inclusion of the special release button that provides simple operation otherwise referred to as the one-hand operation. This Lenox PVC Cutter also comes with a locking feature that helps keep the stainless steel blade securely in place especially during the one handed operation. With its unique and extensive cutting design, this unit can deliver 1.25 nominal and 1.68 inches maximum OD cutting. The manufacturer of this Lenox 12123 tool also demonstrates their obsession for progression and affinity for excellence by incorporating a unique locking latch that provides one-handed operation of the spring-loaded cutter, thus freeing the primary components of the hand to stabilize the tube. By the same token, the safety latch is also used for additional protection for the user especially in demanding conditions whereby the user doesn’t have additional support.

Who Should Buy This?

The PVC cutter is ideal for any home or property owner who wants to cut Vinyl carpet or any other type of Vinyl materials. Simply put, this kind of cutter is a handy tool to have with you at home in your toolbox since it can be used for many different cutting applications. With its highly ergonomic design, this cutter is not only comfortable when sitting on the users hands, but it also provides simple storage as well, thereby qualifying it as an excellent tool for DIY enthusiasts. More this good PVC cutter can also be used by people in the professional industry such as plumbers and electricians who want to cut PVC pipes or material. It is important to note that PVC is a common material that is used to make piping, carpets and electric cables amongst several other applications. Therefore, this kind of cutter is ideal for the common small-scale jobs due its medium sized cutting design.

What makes a Good PVC Cutter?

Ergonomic design

There is nothing worse than the inconvenience that can originate from using a poorly made PVC cutter for several hours. Therefore the ideal PVC cutter should incorporate some form of ergonomic design. In other words, the cutter should come with functionalities that provide the user with the ultimate comfort even after using the cutter for a long time. For instance,  an excellent PVC cutter will come with specially designed handles that often feature rubberized or plasticized handles that make it simple to exert pressure when cutting PVC material. With a user-focused design, this unit is ideal since it reduces the likelihood that the user will suffer from blisters or pains on the palms even after extensive usage. The ergonomic design means that the user can also store the unit with ease and retrieve it later for user conveniently.

Cutting capability

PVC CutterThe cutting capacity is also an important aspect since it determines the cutting effectiveness especially when it comes to cutting PVC material. Therefore, it is highly important that a user takes the time to evaluate the cutting capability of the cutter before purchasing. A great start would be to assess the teeth construction of the cutter as well as the material used to construct the cutter. More so, you should also be keen to assess the cutting teeth structure and their level of durability as well. These two factors play a significant role in determining the cutting capability of any given cutter. Equipped with an excellent cutter, the user is guaranteed that the unit can be used for various types of cutting applications.


Since the cutter will be used for various types of applications, choosing one that is highly durable has its inherent benefits. In other words, selecting a PVC cutter that can withstand the various professional settings in which it will be used will ensure that you receive the ideal value for your time and money each time. To be specific, some of the aspects that you should be evaluating for include the durability of the handles along with the general usability over the long-term duration.

Some other equally important factors that you should consider when purchasing the ideal PVC cutter include:

  • Customer rating- the overall customer rating of a given cutter, in particular on the common product sites can be an excellent source of information. This is because the average rating is typically obtained from many different customers who have experienced using the tool.
  • Cost- when shopping for the best PVC cutter, the overall cost of the unit is also important since you want to be in the position whereby you can receive the ultimate value for your time and money each time. Suffering from buyer’s remorse can be a challenging experience, and it is, therefore, beneficial when you evaluate the average cost of the unit with regards to its overall functionality.
  • Type of use- since we have various kinds of PVC material and as many different kinds of applications, you need to be aware of the specific functionality that you might require in your PVC cutter. While these cutters might all be for cutting, they do have various features such as the cutting size and cutting teeth construction that typically varies.


How We Tested

We chose the best PVC cutter based on comprehensive search process that involved sourcing data and information from various sources. For instance, we started with some of the prevalent product review blogs where we evaluated all the best selling PVC cutters that are available out there on the market. On a similar account, we also went on to consult some of the best-rated online shops including Amazon and EBay for the overall customer rating. Additionally, we also went on to evaluate the client’s review that was posted on the website since the insight available from customers is typically invaluable for users. We also went on to consult some of the industry experts and professionals on their opinions on some of the best-rated units available on the market.

Our Pick


Part Number GID-286585
Item Weight 4 Pounds
Product dimensions 14.2 x7.3 x 1.3 inches
Item Model Number 12123R1
Item Package Quantity 1
Customer Reviews 4.2 out of 5 Stars

Who Else Likes It?

According to, the Lenox cutting tool has a well-built, sturdy and solid construction. The blade has a unique shape that allows it to bite into PVC pipes and various other types of PVC material as well. With its self-sharpening blades, this particular cutter remains sharp even after an extensive period of use. We also liked that the blade is replaceable and is, therefore, ideal for various applications. also mentions that this is by far one of the most efficient cutting tools that are available out there on the market for users. This because it provides sufficient cutting power and it is durable enough to withstand various working conditions. More so, Lenox Manufacturers are well known for producing units that have sufficient cutting power.

One customer on Amazon says that” I had neglected to buy an excellent PVC cutter, but since my brother handed me this Lenox tool, I can attest that my life has become much simpler. In fact, aside from this tool, I can say that I appreciate all Lenox tools and would highly recommend them for anyone seeking to cut PVC material.

The Step Up

Enhance your cutting overall cutting regime with the Cobra Products PST002 Ratcheting PVC Cutter 1-5/8″ that improves your cutting leverage for the ideal cutting power.  In fact, with its stainless steel made cutting alloy, the Cobra PST002 provides the ultimate durability and strength when it comes to cutting any PVC material. In particular, the stainless steel cutter has been tested for durability as well as strength and has been proven to be a formidable solution for various PVC cutting applications. This makes the Cobra PST002 ideal for various types of applications including carpentry and construction. The Cobra PST002 also provides sufficient has also been designed with the safety of the user in mind. This is because it comes with a safety latch to keep the tool in a closed position when it does not use such that it is much safer especially if you have children.

It also comes with Ratchet action that enhances the cutting leverage for the ideal power when cutting various types of PVC material such as pipes and carpets as well. It also comes with a durable epoxy coated finish that provides sufficient protection against different elements especially dust, water, and even chemicals. The cutter is simple to use even for novice users and is highly durable against most working conditions such as constructions.  Users will also appreciate that this cutter can cut as much as 1-5/8” plastic OD plastic tubing. The unique cutter design makes it ideal for cutting vinyl, plastic and rubber tubing amongst various other robust items that require cutting. More so, it also has a unique cutter design that is self-sharpening, meaning that the unit is much sharper after each session of use. The exterior design comes with a unique Cobra painting that enhances its aesthetic appeal and lets you work with style and elegance.

Top PVC Cutter Comparison

Weight (Ounce)

Dimension (inches)

14.20 x 7.20 x 1.00
2OEMTOOLS22.4010.70 x 3.90 x 4.00
3Superior ST13.0010.20 x 4.70 x 1.50
4Heavy 46.40
17.00 x 5.50 x 1.50
1.50 x 8.30 x 1.00
6Cobra 11.2010.00 x 5.00 x 2.00
7Superior17.6010.00 x 4.20 x 1.20
8TEKTON12.0011.20 x 5.00 x 0.90
9Wiss15.201.30 x 4.30 x 12.00

Care Use & Maintenance

While the PVC cutter might seem like a basic tool, some various factors that you need to take account if you have one in your toolbox to ensure the longevity of your cutter. The added benefit is that these types of cutter typically comprise of few parts, meaning that even newbie users can use be able to perform DIY repair and maintenance with ease. Since the teeth of the of cutter tend to be powerful, it is important that you keep the unit in a safe place away from the reach of children:

Safety Tips

  • Avoid putting your fingers in the cutting area
  • Oil the joints of the cutter when possible
  • Store the cutter in a safe place away from children or even pets
  • Always wear protective gloves when cutting electric material
  • Keep the PVC cutter in a toolbox or glove compartment if possible
  • Avoid using the cutter in oily or slippery conditions

Maintenance Tips

  • Wipe the cutter every once in a while
  • Never store the cutter in damp location
  • Avoid using the cutter for cutting resilient items such as metal since this can damage the teeth
  • Only use the cutter for the particular type of applications that it is best suited
  • Avoid using the cutter in intense heat or chemical settings

Wrapping It Up

Broadly speaking, PVC is an exceptional type of material that is not only robust but is also designed to withstand various elements and is highly affordable as well. Our ability to manipulate this type of material depends on our ability to select the appropriate tools. Therefore, settling for an outstanding unit such as the Lenox Industrial Tools 12123 R1 PVC Cutter Up to 1-5/8-Inch Ratcheting Cut is a worthwhile investment for any individual. It comes with an ergonomic design; it is simple to use, and it is durable enough for various types of applications. With all these factors and more taken into consideration, the Lenox 12123 easily qualifies as one of the towering giants when it comes to PVC cutting.