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Our Top Pick is the Designers Edge Work Light

Are you ready to take your working experience to the next level? Then it might be an excellent time for you to try the Designers Edge L14SLED 1000-Watt Twin-Head Adjustable Work Light that has been tailor made poor lighting conditions. It comes with complete with dual500 watt halogen bulbs, which do well to illuminate any given workspace with outstanding effects. Furthermore, it also comes with an exceptional 18 gauge power cord that measure five feet, which allows the user to access even the remotest locations with ample light.  The Designers Edge L14SLED also comes with equipped with a detachable sled platform along with a tripod base, which makes it perfect for most types of home and work jobs. With its contemporary comfort, grip and advanced grade handle make transporting the L14SLED a breeze. This work light also comes with customizable extension legs for optimal results even on irregular working surfaces. With its incredibly easy to use design, this work light can telescope from 40 to 67 inches based on the easy grip locking nuts and the base measures 42inches in diameter. The inclusion of the waterproof on/off switches allow for convenient manipulation of the lights. The L14SLED further designers further embrace safety and versatility in design with the inclusion of face and tempered safety glass.

Who Should Buy This?

The L14SLED is ideal for anyone who wants a reliable and powerful lighting solution for various settings.  Whether you are working on your car or creating a project a work light is good. For instance, those who want outdoor lighting for camping, festivities or perhaps for a photo shoot might settle for the unique benefits that it has to offer. That being said, it is an exceptional investment for those who want an affordable yet feature packed lighting contrivance. This worklight also makes an excellent addition for homeowners who are in areas that are prone to power outages or as an emergency solution. Simply put, a work light is an excellent investment for anyone who wants needs quality lighting. The inclusion of safety functionalities ensure helps ensure the safety of children especially in poorly lit conditions, as a result making them perfect for home settings.

What makes a Good Work Light?

Work lights are available in different types of shapes and forms, and choosing the best one for your needs might be determined by some common factors.  The consumer market is packed with various work light brands, which can make selecting an excellent one, a difficult task. However, this is a good thing since it means the typical feature set of some of these things will improve. Here are some of the common functionalities that you may come across when searching for the ideal work light.

Bulb type- majority of technological upswings have made the conventional work light design obsolete. To be specific, work lights that don’t provide high lumen qualities simultaneously with benefits such as reduced heating, energy efficiency and brightness options are becoming redundant. Therefore, one would benefit from evaluating the lighting structure of a given work light. Other models come with several bulbs that are consolidated into one aperture to provide outstanding brightness for a given setting.

Beam design

In most cases, the beam design refers to the reflect that adorns the bulb and therefore plays an important role in determining how the light will be dispersed. Here are some of the common beam type options that are available on the market:

Flood or fixed- these types typically provide a single but powerful beam of light, which makes them ideal for outdoor activities such as camping of festivities.

Spot or focused- the focused or spot beam types are several beams that are consolidated into one beam to reach long distances. These types are perfect for finding routes or even hiking.

Customizable or adjustable- most beam widths fall in between from focused to wide amongst many others. Therefore, this means that a climber seeking an exceptional location would settle for a spot beam

Battery type

Work LightThe type and availability of replacement batteries often plays a significant role when choosing the ideal flashlight. For instance, we have the:

Disposable- these are the most common battery types on the market and include the AA or the AAA, which are easy to find on the consumer market. For instance, C123A is a prevalent choice for most work light but are more expensive and difficult to find. The benefit of these types is that they have more voltage output and compact sized, ergo making them ideal for various types of work lights.

Rechargeable- these types of work lights come with in-built lithium ion batteries that can be recharged through various options including USB or perhaps AC/DC functionality.


Work lights come with a single setting that is adequate for general-purpose usage. Some models offer various modes such as medium, high and low. The user may rarely have to settle for more than one mode but having the option to display a higher beam might be extremely beneficial. However, it is important to note that the runtime is directly dependent on the brightness.


The inclusion of on/off and lighting mode switches is important for users. For instance, control features such as dials, buttons and sliders are normally thumb operated. The inclusion of a rotating bezel can also be used as a switch that requires both of the user’s hands to operate. More so, some work lights also comes with safe features that prevent the light from being accidentally turned or mitigate the likelihood of a flat battery.


Materials and shape

Some work lights come with unique exterior designs that feature either plastic or aluminum allow. Other models come with stainless steel in the head of the flashlight to provide additional impact resistance. It is important to know that not all aluminum bodies are similar, the thinner models are lighter and the thicker ones are more robust. The most common shapes are the cylindrical bodies that tend to roll around when laid on a surface; however, some models are designed to mitigate the effects of rolling.

How We Tested

The consumer market if packed with an array of exceptional work lights that are customized to fit various settings. For this particular reason, we had to ensure that our research process was exclusive enough to accommodate various information sources. For instance, we started with the a couple of product review websites where by we meticulously went through the information provides on some of the work lights that we had previously shortlisted. We also went on further to consult some of the prevalent home depots and retail stores to obtain insight on work lights as well.  Furthermore, we also went through the various customer reviews whereby we acquired invaluable and first hand experiences from users.

Our Pick


Brand Designers Edge
Part Number L14SLED
Item weight 3 pounds
Product Dimension 25 x 14.6 x 13 inches
Origin China
Item model number L14SLED
Assembled height 12 inches
Assembled Length 24 inches
Assembled width 14.5 inches
Item package quantity 1
Color Orange
Batteries included? No
Batteries required? No
Power Source Corded Electric
Type of bulb Halogen
Watts 1000

Who Else Likes It?

The designers of the L14SLED have done well to produce an exceptional work light that customer review blogs and consumers have been showering it with rave reviews. The builder does well to mention that this work light is exceptional since it comes with dual 500-watt halogen bulbs that eliminate inconvenience of poorly lit conditions or the occasional power outages.

Furthermore, according to next, this work light also comes equipped with a customizable and extendable tripod that is up to 68 inches tall, thereby making it easy to illuminate any given are with outstanding results.  They also go further on to mention that this best work light comes with a weatherproof design and lights that can be used separately, which makes it a pertinent solution especially for the outdoors.

The product has also earned some awesome reviews on the website Amazon. For example Chris Anne mentions,” I am no handy man, only a 55-year-old lady who loved completing DIY projects in the based. I am also rather stingy and have the habit of borrowing lights instead of purchasing my own. I received, the L14SLED as a gift from my sister. I must say, that this work light is the best gift ever and I even got one for my husband. I would definitely recommend this tool for anyone.”

The Step Up

Are you seeking for advanced grade work light that but is higher up on the pricing spectrum, then an excellent recommendation for you would be the Bosch Bare Tool FL12 12-volt Max LED Cordless Work Light that comes with a vast array of features tailor made for users who need powerful lighting.  To help users produce top quality light, this nit comes with as many as 10 high intensity LEDS that provide unrivalled illumination and incredible lighting each time. Users will also appreciate that it comes with a 2.0 Ah battery that can provide well over 6 hours of continuous runtime and with a 4.0Ah batter, the runtime double.

Such an exceptional amount of runtime makes this work light one of the more powerful units available out there on the market. The unique LED lights in the Bosch FL12 provide exceptional longevity and high durability as well. With its 200-degree articulation and the inclusion of two powerful magnets, this work light provides the ultimate convenience for any type of setting. Aside from all its spectacular and high-end functionalities, the FL12 also comes with a re-enforced exterior that provides exceptional scratch and impact resistance, which makes it ideal for outdoor settings.

Top Work Light Comparison

Number of Lights
Run Time (Hours)
1Designers Edge24

Care Use & Maintenance

Any given work light is an electrical component that is can provide a hassle free user experience if the user adhere to some few recommendations. While they may seem like basic lighting, they do require adequate care and some level of safety as well. For example, some of higher end work lights typically comprise of wires that are under immense voltage and can be susceptible to items such as beverages or perhaps negligent pets and children who can be injured.

Safety Tips

  • Never leave live wires out on the open
  • Never leaver let children or pets to play around especially with high-end models
  • Consider fire and safe use regulations of a work light
  • Never introduce secondary connections or power sources on the work light
  • Never use different battery brands since it can lead to damage
  • Avoid touching the inner components when the work light is on
  • Only use the recommended work light spare parts to avoid malfunctions

Maintenance Tips

  • Only use the work light in the recommended applications
  • Ensure the work light is in a protected location that especially if it lacks a waterproof design
  • Use an air compressor to eliminate dust and damp cloth to wipe the exterior occasionally
  • Avoid leaving the work light on for extended duration of time
  • Only use the recommended batteries and power sources
  • Perform an evaluation of the inner components of the unit every once in a while

Wrapping It Up

Finally, when all factors are taken into consideration, a work light is an excellent venture for anyone who requires convenient and top quality lighting each time. The typical functionality of some of these things has been improving over the years and is nowadays outstanding. Whatever your ideal values of a product are, the Designers Edge L14SLED 1000-Watt Twin-Head Adjustable Work Light definitely embodies them and more. It comes with dual lights that are powerful along with a unique customization features that allows the user to easily customize the unit to suit their needs. All these features and more are the main reason one should therefore invest in this particular lighting unit. Now, when you do that, this is the type of investment where you are sure of receiving the ideal value for your investment each time.