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A weed torch is a gas torch that is portable and will produce a heat that is extremely intense. When you are using a weed torch and you run the flame around and over the weeds, it will boil the water that is found in the plants’ cells and that will cause them to burst. Whenever you have heat to destroy any part of the stem of a weed that stops nutrients and water from reaching the leaves and that will cause the very top portion of the weed to die.

This weed torch has been designed to attack a large amount and very different tasks that are outdoors including controlling weeds. It can also be used to repair your blacktop if something should happen to it, and you can use it to even light your fire pit. This weed torch runs on the use of propane and there are various features that you will thoroughly enjoy.

One of the features is the knob that will control the adjustable flame. This weed torch has a 36 inch reach… with a reach this long you don’t have to worry about crouching or trying to bend over just so you can reach something you are attempting to burn.

Another feature is the piezo ignition… this allows for the flame to be easily ignited by the trigger start it has. This weed torch also has a grip handle that is slip resistant, and has a durable tip that is made from solid brass. There is also a valve that controls the size of the flame with ease and when you are ready to finish it easily extinguishes the fire.


A weed torch is a tool that can be used for a variety of reasons. If you are one that has a lot of stubborn weeds around your home, business, office, or even in your neighborhood that you can’t stand to see this is a great tool that you can purchase. If you are an owner of a landscaping business, if you are a groundskeeper or even someone that fixes cracks that are found in the ground you should have a weed torch in your arsenal of tools.

Because there are things that you can do with a weed torch other than burn and destroy weeds, anyone can find need to have a weed torch, and should have one just in case they should need it in the future.


There are a lot of features and qualities that make a good weed torch that you will find. One of the first things that will stand out when you have a good weed torch is the power it exhibits when you use it. Also, the ease in which you have when you are using it… you don’t want to have to struggle with the weed torch in any way.


Weed TorchWhen we are looking to choose the best option for a weed torch we have a particular process that we go through… we do this so we can ensure that we have found the best weed torch that has the absolute best value and the highest performance that you will enjoy and that you will have ease in spending your money on. Our process first starts with a general search on weed torches. From there we move on to look at and collect information on the different features and qualities that the weed torch has to offer. From there we look at the various magazines articles, blogs and online articles that give us more insight and information on the weed torch. The last step will be to contact different professionals and experts that have worked with and used the product in question. We get their professional opinions on the weed torch to see what their thoughts of it are. Once we have talked to their experts and gained further knowledge on the weed torch we go on to look at different reviews from customers that have actually used the weed torch. Once we have done all of these we combine everything that we have gathered and we compile the information in a format and make it available for you to carefully read it at your leisure.



  • Item Weight: 1.4 pounds
  • Product Dimensions: 39 x 8 x 2 inches
  • Warranty: Limited 3 year warranty


An Amazon customer said they really loved this weed torch and gave it a 5 star rating. They liked how well designed it was, how easy it was to ignite with just a simple click of the button and the large area a flame could cover. They were not expecting it to work so well and would definitely recommend it to others to use.

Another customer from Amazon stated they were amazed and excited to see their stubborn weeds burn immediately and were not prepared for the end results they would see. There were so happy they got this weed torch they gave it a 5 star rating as well.

Top Weed Torch Comparison

Weight (Pounds)
2Red Dragon-VT 2310,000
3Red Dragon-VT 30400,000
4Hot Max500,000
5Red Dragon VT 3225,000
8Lincoln Electric500,000


It is important to make sure that you always take care of your equipment. The first point of care is making sure that you follow all of the instructions that you find in your instruction manual. When you are instructions on your weed torch never skip a step. Another important step in care is making sure you store your weed torch properly. You want to always allow your weed torch to cool down prior to placing it in the storage area. If there is any debris or any dirt that is on the weed torch, brush it off. Keep your weed torch stored in an area that is airy… you also want it to be stored somewhere that is dry and where any leakage or fumes will not come into contact with any open flame. Keep your weed torch away from the reach of children; you do not want them to be able to play around with it and it may be advantageous to have it locked away.

Safety Tips

  • Always read and follow the safety warnings that are included with your weed torch
  • When you are using the weed torch make sure you have safety glasses and protective gloves
  • Never use a cylinder that is damaged or missing any seals… if you see this get rid of the cylinder if rust or any dirt particles are seen in the valve areas
  • Before you attach a fuel cylinder to your weed torch, make sure the torch head is turned off
  • When you are attaching any hoses or appliances to it, make sure you hold the cylinder upright
  • Never use tools to tighten the cylinder, hand tighten it only
  • When you have something attached, always check for a leak
  • When you are using the weed torch, hold it upright so you make sure you prevent any flare-ups or flashes that can occur
  • After you have used the weed torch, allow it to cool down

Maintenance Tips

  • Always take extra precaution s that you do not heat the fuel tank
  • Never expose the weed torch to temperatures that are more than 120 degrees for a long period of time in the sunlight
  • Never use weed torch in or around fumes, liquids, or explosive materials that are flammable
  • Do not ever pierce fuel tank or expose torch to fire.
  • Never breathe gas, fumes, vapor or spray. If these things are inhaled, get the person affected to fresh air.
  • Always avoid contact with skin or eyes. In case there is contact with eyes, rinse immediately with plenty of water and get some medical
  • Help… If there is any skin contact, flush the skin large amounts of water.
  • Never modify the weed torch in any way. Do not alter factory settings, if you do it is possible for serious injury or death to result from adjusting the factory
  • settings or modifying any parts that are factory fitted parts. Always use the manufacturer recommended replacement parts.
  • Keep the weed torch out of reach of children and anyone else that has not read instructions. Do not point the weed torch towards your face, another persons face or any objects that are flammable objects. Never attempt to use the weed torch as a lighter for a cigarette
  • Always wear protection for your eyes and hands when you are lighting and using the weed torch
  • To avoid any risk of damage your weed torch, always protect it from impact and never allow the weed torch to drop onto floor or any hard surfaces. Do not ever use a weed torch that may appear to be damaged. Do not attempt any repairs on it yourself
  • Perform a leak test to the connection point to the cylinder before you use it… do not check for any gas leaks by using a match or any open flame. Apply soapy water at the cylinder connection, if any bubbles should appear disconnect the cylinder
  • Do not use a weed torch that is leaking, damaged or malfunctioning; if the weed torch is found to be leaking, contact the manufacturer or retailer immediately
  • Do not attempt to light the weed torch with a match or cigarette lighter
  • Always keep your hand away from the tip
  • Ignite the weed torch away from your face, hands, clothing, or other flammable materials
  • Never use the weed torch for space heating
  • Always use the torch with the cylinder in the upright position. If it is tilted toward the horizontal position liquid fuel will reach the burn tip… this will generate a large yellow flame. Immediately return the weed torch to the upright position and turn the knob off
  • Before heating a surface, always check to make sure that heat will not be conducted to adjoining areas that you may think could be combustible or become pressurized when heated. When you use it, check the adjoining areas frequently for unintended heating
  • Always work only in areas that are well-ventilated areas.
  • Be careful to avoid fumes from plated and galvanized metal
  • Ensure that the weed torch is completely cool before you store it… Always disconnect cylinder from weed torch for storage.
  • Never leave the weed torch unattended.
  • On bright sunny days or when there are windy conditions take extra caution… bright sunshine can make it difficult to see the flame, and strong winds can carry the flame or sparks to unintended areas
  • Make sure your grip does not cover any of the air holes before using the weed torch


When it comes to locating the absolute best weed torch that you could possibly find, the Bernzomatic 19425 JT850 Self Igniting 20,000 BTU Outdoor Torch is the best that you will be able to find today. With the simple one touch trigger starter, the amazing power that comes from the weed torch and all the various things you can use the weed torch for: burning weeds and leaves, starting a campfire or even a barbeque, fixing your walkway or asphalt and so much more… the possibilities are endless with this weed torch.

As always you want to remember to follow all of the safety guidelines, maintenance guidelines and any instructions that you will find in your instruction manual when you get your weed torch. Proper use of the weed torch and safety is the first priority; you never want any accidents or incidents to occur at all, but especially because you neglected to follow the instructions that were set forth for you in the product instruction manual. With the research that was done, you know you have the best weed torch that you can find today when you purchase this one, the Bernzomatic 19425 JT850 Self Igniting 20,000 BTU Outdoor Torch. If you are looking for a weed torch, you need to look no further.