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The Best Patio Heater

Patio Heater Reviews

OUR TOP PICK IS THE Fire Sense Hammer Tone Bronze Commercial Patio Heater

A patio heater is a heating appliance that radiates thermal radiation and is intended for outdoor use. Essentially it is a burner that is on top of a post; it burns petroleum gas that has been liquefied, butane or propane and it outputs a direct flame against a metal screen that is perforated.

This patio heater has stainless steel burners that are durable and it also has a double mantle heating grid. It is equipped with an automatic shut off sensor; if it is tilted past a particular valve point it will shut off on its own to prevent and harm, danger or damage. It is very easy to move this patio heater if you need to; it comes with a wheel assembly. The wheels you have are heavy duty and they can move very easily on any landscape including rough ones.

It is very easy to start this heater; it has an electric ignition system where all you have to do is push a button and the patio heater will start automatically. And the heat output is amazing… you get the ultimate power of heat because it uses 46,000 BTU’s to ensure you, your family and friends will remain warm and cozy while you are sitting on the patio on a chilly day. It is made to be convenient for you, it runs on a 20 pound liquid propane gas tank (that you will have to purchase) which can give you about 10 hours of usage.

This patio heater is by the company Fire Sense… they are known for their innovative design, quality standards that are high, and they are the leading brand in heating products for outdoors. This patio heater is a great product that is made by this great company and that alone makes it a standup patio heater.


This patio heater is great for anyone that wants to be able to entertain and spend time with those the love and truly care about. It is also a great product for anyone that is looking for a way to be able to extend their life to their outdoor living space and still want to be able to have style, good quality products and a nice outdoor living space that they want to utilize throughout the year.

If you are looking for a way to entertain in style, having value and bringing in warmth all at the same time, this patio heater is a good choice for you. Regardless if you are using this for professional use to heat a restaurant patio for diners that prefer to sit outside or if you will be using this for personal use to warm an outdoor dinner party that you will have on your patio, this heater is a great one to choose from.


There are many things that go into making a good patio heater. A good patio heater is one that is powerful, has good quality, is easy to light amongst some other great qualities. It will supply a good amount of heat for what you need. You want a patio heater that will give off a lot of heat without costing a lot of money.

Something else to look for to know that you have a good heater is the assembling process. One that does not take a long time to get working; you do not want it to be a case of having instructions that you can not find in the guidelines you are given. It will also be easy to operate… when you have a patio heater that is difficult to work you will not want to use it often.

Patio HeaterIt will also have safety features in place. You will want a heater that has a base that is weighted, has an automatic shut off feature as well as a spark guards. You definitely want a patio heater that is built from quality products that are durable and will last a long time. You want your heater to be rust resistant and corrosion resistant… if it comes with a cover that is great, but if it does not you surely want to get one for it.

Lastly, a good patio heater will come with a warranty… generally it is a 1 year warranty.


When we choose the top pick for patio doors there are some things that we make sure we do and a procedure we go through to make sure we have selected the right one that will be the best value and have the very best performance that you can find for your money. The very first thing that we do to find the best patio heater is general research… once we have done that we go on to collect all of the features and the top qualities that you will want to have and look for in a patio heater that is of the highest quality. The next thing we take look at is all of the many different magazines and blogs that will speak on patio heaters that we find informative and helpful. We then take one last step and that is talking with anyone that is a professional or an expert on the topic of patio heaters and those that work with them on a daily basis so we can gather their opinions on the subject. Once we do all of these things and find out what really makes a patio heater better than all other patio heaters we look at the advice we have been given and the research we have done and look at the comments that have been made by those that have purchased the patio heater and we put together all of this information for you and make it available to you.



  • Item weight: 42 pounds
  • Dimensions: 18 x 33 x 89 inches
  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Color: Bronze
  • BTU’s (British Thermal Units): 46,000
  • Consumption Rate: 10 hours from a 20 pound liquid propane take
  • Warranty: 1 year guarantee and limited warranty

WHO ELSE LIKES IT? says this patio heater is powerful, heavy duty, has a beautiful dark finish and will be a godsend for those that are looking for a serious patio heater that allows you to withstand any chilly days. They say it is dependable when you are looking to provide heat outdoors; it will keep people warm but will not have them burning up.

One customer on Amazon said they love how it lights right away and is easy to shut down when you are ready to do so. They also like how it is easy to move around… they were happy that it did not take long to assemble and they are getting a second one because they like it so much.

Another customer found on Amazon says they love this heater; they had an easy experience putting it together and they were able to do it all by themselves. They love the great quality of it; it is sturdy and brings a great look to their deck. They love that it lights very easily and it gives off excellent heat.

Top Patio Heater Comparison

Tank Capacity (lb)
Usage (Hours)
1Fire Sense46,000
2Amazon Basics46,000
3Mr. Heater15,000
4Golden Flame46,000
6Thermo Tiki46,000
7AZ Patio Heaters1,500 W
10Lava Heat Italia11,000


It is important for you to take care of your patio heater. There are some things that you can do to make sure you have the proper care being done. When you have a stainless steel patio heater it is great to use a stainless steel cleaner. Doing this will get rid of any marks that you may have on your heater. It is also best to remove the reflector cover if there is going to be a storm; if you do not want to do that you can always move it to a safe spot… this will make sure there will be no damage done to it because of the storm.

You also want to check your LPG hose periodically for wear and tear; if you see any you want to replace the hose. If you are in a location that gets extreme winter weather it is best that you store your patio heater. When you are storing it you want to place a protective cover over the heater to ensure that no bugs or dust affects your heater.

Safety Tips

  • Make sure you use your heater outdoors only
  • Have it placed in an area that has a well-ventilated area
  • If there are high winds occurring outside, do not use the patio heater; the wind could possibly blow the flame out and or tip the patio heater over
  • Do not let children operate the patio heater and do not leave them around a heater unattended for any length of time
  • Before you turn your patio heater on, make sure you know how to turn it off
  • Do not move the heater while it is in use
  • If there appears to be a gas leak, turn the heater off at the valve if you do not have a source of ignition. If there is a source of ignition you need to call for emergency help immediately
  • Make sure the heater placed where there are no objects close to it and ensure there are not any hanging materials near it
  • Do not have any flammable materials near the patio heater
  • Make sure you let people around the heater of the output of heat that is to be expected

Maintenance Tips

  • Make sure you keep a watchful eye on the hose… if they are ever worn or damaged you need to replace them immediately
  • Always keep your patio heater clean; do this on a regular basis
  • Check for blockages such as debris or spider webs in air ducts and other areas on a intermittent basis
  • Cover and store your patio heater when you are not using it… you do not want the elements to affect it
  • Store it outside along with the gas cylinders… make sure they are all in a upright position
  • Have it stored in a dry, clean and safe environment
  • Make sure the connection between your propane gas tank and the patio heater is fitted tightly


You want the very best patio heater that you can get, and the Fire Sense Hammer Tone Bronze Commercial Patio Heater is a great choice. With the great features it has, the great heat output, easy to put together and easy to use and it is easy to maintain, this patio heater is a choice that you definitely want to have when you are looking to warm your outdoor patio area. If you have family and friends over that you are looking to entertain, if you enjoy having an evening drink on the patio and want to be warm on chilly nights, or if you are looking to heat an outdoor seating area at a restaurant… this patio heater will give you a peace of mind that you have the very best and you will be satisfied in knowing that you will have the results that you desire. You will be happy with this patio heater when you get it and you will be happy with it for many years to come.

When you have this patio heater make sure that you pay close attention to the assembly instructions, as well as the safety and maintenance instructions that you are provided with when you get your patio heater. When you care for it the way you are intended to and when you operate it the way you are supposed to, you will be able to have this heater for many years to come and you will be able to use it with ease for a long time. Because Fire Sense is a company that has a great reputation you will be pleased with your choice of this patio heater and you will become an instant fan of the company.