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Our Top Pick is the Rayovac Sportsman Lantern

Whether you are hillwalking, camping, hiking or simply taking your pet out for a stroll, once the sun goes out you will be searching for a reliable light source. Additionaly, if you are you perhaps searching for a lighting solution that can be used as a torch, or perhaps as a reliable source of light in the outdoors, then we have an excellent suggestion for you. Introducing the Rayovac SE3DLNACOM Sportsman 240 Lumen 3D LED Lantern that comes with unique functionalities meant for the outdoors. The SE3DLNACOM Lantern comes with unique rubber grips that make for easy portability from your RV to the camping section or perhaps from the house the backyard. What is more remarkable is the fact that this unit also comes is compact sized, which does not in any way compromise on its overall functionality.  Nicely compact and uniquely portable, the Rayovac SE3DLNACOM lantern can deliver an excellent 240lumens light that makes it an essential addition especially when exploring the outdoors. This lantern also has a sportsman green and black ABS construction that is water resistant, making it perfect for use even in the most rugged of conditions.  Best of all, this Sportsman lantern also comes with a foldout and rubberized handle for convenient transportation even during lengthy foot journeys. The bottom section of this unit comprises of an excellent hook that can fold out to light up any given space whether it is a basement, backyard patio. With its LED lighting that flickers whenever the lantern is turned off, users can easily locate the light even in the poorly lit conditions. This lantern is an excellent investment for people who reside in areas that are prone to electrical power outages or perhaps those that are working in remote areas such as mines.

Who Should Buy This?

The compact size and bright nature of this unit make it ideal for individuals who are heading for the hills or camping outside. More so, this lighting comes with LEDS, which are an excellent light source for any setting since they are rugged and do not have a filament or mercury, thereby eliminating the need for constant replacement. For that reason, people who reside in areas that are susceptible to power outages or perhaps individuals who want a reliable power solution for their unique needs, then a novel suggestion would be to try the Rayovac SE3DLNACOM. Furthermore, the SE3DLN is powered by three D watt batteries which can provide well over 80 hours of power making it ideal for professionals such as plumbers or perhaps when fishing at night out at the lake.

What makes a Good Lantern?

When choosing an excellent camping lantern, various factors such as the weight of the light, the power supply and the level of brightness that it can emanate at any given period. Besides that, you can also consider other factors such as weather conditions and the temperature if you are seeking a lantern that you can use outdoors. If you have pets of children around, then you might benefit from settling for battery-powered lights. You will also need to evaluate if the lantern will be required inside the tent or RV, AS fuel-powered lanterns can be harmful in enclosed locations. On the contrary, these types of lights have the edge when it comes to the level of brightness emanated in a given area.

Battery powered lights offer more safety for your health and are also excellent if you have children and pets. However, these kinds cannot produce a similar amount of light as fuel-powered models and may not function optimally in chilly weather. Some hybrid models combine both rechargeable and non-rechargeable batteries for added convenience. There are also the electric camping lanterns that are prevalent among campers and comprise of xenon and fluorescent light bulbs. The LED camping lanterns have vastly changed the light design. This is because the lanterns with LED are better at performance with a high level of eco-friendly design aspects. To be specific, the LED lights do not have mercury or lamps to burn out and are efficient at creating light without losing heat such the unit always stays at the ideal temperature. What`s more, we also have solar-powered lanterns that typically function with butane, propane dual fuel or even kerosene.  The solar powered lights convert energy from the sun and require no replacement batteries to operate. Although solar powered lights are not efficient in cold days, some models are available with AC power or a hand crank functionality.

Portable LED LanternThe conventional camping lantern typically comprises a light that is designed with a glass cover on the top are of the unit to deliver power with regards to its individual source of energy. Furthermore, Lanterns provide excellent lighting and can sufficiently shine on average sized tents and come complete with unique handles such that the user does not have to access the lighting section, which can be dangerous. An excellent lantern also comes with a rounded handle such that it can be placed on the wall if the user has pets, children or perhaps when the ground is wet. Therefore, it is important that one ensure that the handle is stable to avoid any adverse situations, especially with the gas or fuel powered models.

It is also important to know that some lanterns are sometimes available as stoves, such that it can be used for cooking and heating solution. Such types of lanterns usually feature an exposed flame so users should tread with care when using the light. Additionally, users should never sit inside a tent or enclose area unless there is some form of adequate ventilation in the area.

Furthermore, stove lanterns tend to be heavy and are not ideal for people who tend to move around a lot or perhaps those who seek a compact sized lighting solution. When selecting an excellent lantern, it is equally important that you assess the power source features that the unit comes with inside. For example, we have the rechargeable lanterns that are typically driven by a battery pack that must be plugged into a power outlet to gain sufficient power charging. That being the case, a user should ensure that the unit comes with the accompanying charging equipment and replacement batteries as well.

How We Tested

We chose the lantern by selecting from a broad variety of information sources including product review blogs and the customer review sections on websites such as Amazon. Furthermore, we also went on further to consult individuals such as campers and various other types of outdoor enthusiasts for some relevant insight that could be beneficial when choosing the ideal lantern. We also went further on to ask for some information from first hand users who were satisfied with the overall functionality of the units. The overall customer rating also played an important role when choosing the lantern since it demonstrates the cumulative response that the clients have for the unit.

Our Pick


Part Number SE3DLNCOM
Item Weight 12.8 ounces
Product Dimensions 3.5 x 3.5 x 7.4 inches
Item model number SE3DLNCOM
Batteries 3 D batteries required
Size SMA
Color Green
Power source battery powered
Item Package Quantity 1
Type of bulb LED
Batteries included? No
Batteries Required? Yes

Who Else Likes It?

The had some excellent positive remarks about the Rayovac SE3DLNACOM. For instance, they do well to mention that this lantern comes with four-watt LEDS that can provide well over 30 hours of reliable lighting ideal for a majority of outdoor activities. It can also provide as much as 240 lumens of light with three convenient modes for the user including the strobe, low and the high settings.

According to, this lantern comes is not only powerful, but it also comes with meaningful additions that make it ideal for almost any situation that requires convenient and portable lighting. It also comes with a flickering LED indicator that blinks after 3-second intervals to indicate the location of the unit even in dark conditions.

As one of the best lanterns available on the market, this unit has also earned some excellent reviews on For instance,” once user mentions, I appreciate this light, and I must say it surpassed what I had initially expected. I love going for hikes and camping, and I needed a reliable yet portable solution for my needs. I highly recommend this lantern to anyone.”

The Step Up

The LE 2 Pack Portable LED Lantern is a step up for those seeking unit that comes with advanced grade features and additional functionalities. For instance, the LE 2 Lantern comes with a collapsible design that allows the user to turn it on just by activating a unique controlling lever. Besides that, this lantern can provide as much as many as 14 hours of continuous lighting, which allows the user to carry the unit to the location where they need it the most. With its collapsible design, this lantern is safe especially during transportation when traveling and does not consume much space in your backpack. The highly durable and elegant design comprises of unique plastic and baking varnish that delivers the ultimate scratch and impact resistance, ideal for rugged conditions.

As a result, you can tag the LE 2 along for fishing, camping, and emergency use or perhaps for walking the dog outside. The manufacturer of this unit, further demonstrates their affinity for excellence by including the hanging functionality, which comprises of sturdy metals that lie on top of light for easy hanging and carrying.  It also provides ample brightness based on the 30 LEDS along with the 1140 lumen and 360 degrees light that is handy and provides bright light ideal for a room or perhaps a tent. As a portable lighting solution, this unit provides the user with dynamic power options, which includes the use of 3 AA batteries along with a power supply. This provides the ultimate portability since the user can carry along with several batteries to provide power for days on end.  What is more remarkable is that the 4AA batteries can provide a continuous runtime for well over 14 hours. Its elegant shape and durability comprise of engineering grade plastic as well as superior grade baking finish.

Top Lantern Comparison

Runtime (Hours)
1Rayovac3 D
2ThorFire1 AA
3Diateklity2 AA / 3 AAA
4Divine3 AA
5Streamlight3 D
6Sunhiker3 AA
7PeakAttacke3 AAA
8Coleman8 D
9Coleman Classic4 D
10Outlite3 AA

Care Use & Maintenance

The conventional lantern design is unlike the conventional lighting contrivance. This is because some are powered by gas or fuel, ergo making safety and maintenance an imperative for every user. Furthermore, most of these units also come with various components that can lead to explosion or damages when tampered with inside.

Safety Tips

  • Never touch the working components of the lantern
  • Always use the light for the correct applications
  • Avoid leaving children unwatched around the product
  • Never introduce secondary power sources on the lantern
  • Use the hanging functionality when if you have pets or small children around
  • Consult the user manual when in doubt
  • Avoid tampering with the inner components especially for fuel and gas lanterns
  • Always ensure that the hanging feature is stable enough

Maintenance Tips

  • Clean the parts of the light as advised on the manual
  • Use the recommended replacement parts
  • Keep the light on a safe platform away from high impact falls
  • Keep the product in an enclosed location away from elements such as dust

Wrapping It Up

As has been noted above, the lantern is an excellent lighting solution that not only provides sufficient brightness for setting such as camping but is also portable and comes with various auxiliary features that make it ideal for poorly lit conditions. Based on our blue chip researching strategies and techniques, we are proud to present the Rayovac SE3DLNACOM Sportsman 240 Lumen 3D LED Lantern as a highly plausible investment for your individual lighting needs. This is because it provides excellent brightness levels, runtime and it is compact sized all without compromising on the overall functionality the lantern.