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The Best Jobsite Radio

Jobsite Radio Review

Our Top Pick is the Dewalt DC012 Heavy Duty Radio/Charger

If you are looking for a heavy-duty worksite radio that will stand up to the rigors of your construction site, then this is the radio for you.  Our top pick for Best Jobsite Radio is the Dewalt DC012 Heavy Duty Radio with Charging Dock.  This radio is brought to you by Dewalt, a trusted name in the tool industry that has been in business for more than 90 years.  An added feature of this jobsite radio is that it can charge your 7.2 Volt – 18 Volt Dewalt battery packs for up to one hour.  Furthermore, it is equipped with 3 side power outlets that you can plug into for increased power on the jobsite.  You will have no worries about being fully charged if you have this radio on the job! The radio itself has an AM / FM tuner with an LCD display as well as a built-in clock and the ability to preset 15 radio stations.  Added features include an auxiliary port into which you can attach an MP3 player or even a portable satellite receiver.  The speakers are weather resistant and the durability of this radio is unmatched.

Who Should Buy This?

This Dewalt jobsite radio is the perfect choice for anyone wanting to have the durability of a well-built radio with them while working on the job.  It is designed to be easily portable and weighs in at only 14.25 pounds.  The Dewalt DC012’s features are seemingly endless.  Not only can you choose to listen to the radio but you also have the choice of connecting an iPod, mobile phone or other MP3 player to it so that you can stream or listen to the music of your choice.   The Dewalt name has stood the test of time and is the go-to brand for many professionals and construction companies.  Whether you plan on using it for the occasional weekend job or as your daily worksite radio, you will be pleased with your choice of the Dewalt DC012.

What makes a Good Jobsite Radio?

Battery Life

Nothing can hurt the jobsite more than a lack of power.  Luckily, many jobsite radios have the option to be powered in either one of two ways.  If the jobsite has power readily available, the radios can be plugged in for endless enjoyment and charging power.  However, if you find yourself on a jobsite with no electrical power or where it is not possible to run a cord, you will need to consider a jobsite radio that can be run off battery power. Many styles of jobsite radios come with the ability to run for up to 8 hours with a fully charged battery.  This battery option can be a huge benefit when working in less-than-optimum conditions.  Consider choosing a model that offers both the corded and battery options of being powered.


We all know that jobsites, construction sites and even workshops can be dangerous places.  With many projects underway, often under tight deadlines, it is not unheard of that tools and equipment can get thrown around, tossed aside or even dropped.  With this being said, it is very important to consider durability when purchasing a jobsite radio.  You will want to consider a heavy-duty radio that is ruggedly built and can withstand the rigors of intense jobsite usage.  Many models come equipped with durable bars and handles surrounding them to protect the radio from unwanted misuse as well as from general wear and tear.  In order to ensure that your jobsite radio lasts well into the future, be sure to choose a model with rugged durability.  You will not be disappointed if you make durability a priority.

Power Outlets and Ports

Jobsite RadioOften the hardest part of starting a project is getting the tools and materials packed, ready, and onto the jobsite.  Having to carry a large number of items onto the site is not how any worker wants to start the job.  The advantage of purchasing a job site radio, equipped with multiple power outlets and ports, is that you do not need to pack and bring these with you as they are already included on the radio.  You will not need to bring outlets or battery charging devices that are needed to run equipment or charge your phone. Most importantly, you will not mistakenly forget them! What a time saver it will be to choose a jobsite radio that includes multiple power outlets and ports. These power outlets will add versatility to the jobsite and keep the work running smoothly.

How We Tested

We based our top choice for the best jobsite radio on our comprehensive online research. Initially we scoured popular tool-review blogs and matched writers’ opinions with our review product. We also read multiple retail-site reviews which were filled with honest and insightful customer opinion. Other important criteria that we used was feedback that was given after the customer used the product over a period of months. Through this process we found that customer and peer feedback prove to be invaluable to consumers when they are choosing a product, which is why we made these an important part of our calculations. Lastly, we consulted the top-rated online shops such as Amazon and eBay as well as the online sites of Home Depot and Sears. We gathered and reviewed all this information into our choice for Best Jobsite Radio and decided on the Dewalt DC012.  You can rest assured knowing that we performed a thorough and comprehensive review of this product and know that you will not be disappointed with your purchase of our recommended jobsite radio which is powerful and rugged enough to stand the test of time.

Our Pick


Part Number DC012
Item Weight 14 Pounds
Shipping Weight 15.8 Pounds
Product dimensions 12.3 x 10.4 x 20.8 in
National Stock Number 6130-01-601-4148
Item Package Quantity 1
Voltage 18 Volts
Customer Reviews 4.5 out of 5 Stars

Who Else Likes It? lists many positive reviews on the Dewalt DC012 on their website.  One is from a man who bought the radio for military duty and for use on his ATV.  As it’s nearly indestructible, he mounted it to the front of his utility ATV and took it for a ride.  He says the sound was great going down the road, even at 40 mph, and it still had volume to spare!

Another reviewer on says that the battery charger is outstanding and that it charges batteries quickly.  He also loves the three outlets on the side which help him tremendously because his garage has limited access to outlets. He feels it is an excellent Jobsite Radio for the price and is thrilled to own it as he has needed to use it to charge is cell phone on numerous occasions.

This radio is amazingly popular on with many hundreds of positive reviews.  One reviewer says that it sits in her barn all the time and it is one of the best things she’s ever bought.  She loves the extra hook ups and her horses have even kicked it over a few times with no resulting problems!  Have no concerns about the durability of this product as it has stood the test of time with many hundreds of online reviewers.

The Step Up is the Bosch PB360C

You can enhance your musical experience on the job by choosing our step-up Jobsite Radio, the Bosch Power Box PB360C. This radio offers Bluetooth technology which allows the user to play either stored or streaming music from their smart device with a range of approximately 150 feet.  It also has four-way speakers and a subwoofer which provides outstanding sound quality with 360-degree-enriched stereo sound.  This Bosch Power Box is durable and includes an aluminum and rubber roll cage with a weather-resistant design.  This radio can either be powered by a Bosch 18V Lithium-Ion battery or by plugging it into a 120V outlet.  While plugged in, the unit will also charge the user’s attached Lithium-Ion battery.

Reviews on the Bosch website are filled with praises for this radio.  Users love the sound quality, durability and quality of this product.  Many say that they would have paid more because they enjoy this model and its features so much. One reviewer says that an indoor radio of the same quality and with the same options would cost twice as much money.

One reviewer points out that he likes the feature of being able to use the radio’s speakers as a PA system.  With the push of a button you can mute the sound and send a loud-and-clear message to someone far away. He feels that this is a great safety feature. He also likes the radio’s durability and expresses that the word ‘durable’ is an understatement as he feels this radio is durable beyond measure.   Another Amazon reviewer exclaims that the Power Box PB360C is a monster of a radio and that you cannot beat its quality.

Some of the many benefits this radio provides the user:

  • The ability to connect via Bluetooth technology
  • 360-degree sound with the four-way speakers and subwoofer
  • A protective aluminum and rubber roll cage
  • 4-way power outlets
  • Can either run on batteries or by being plugged into an outlet
  • Bosch offers a free Bosch PB360C App through Apple or Google Play
  • The AM/FM radio offers 20 FM and 10 AM presets
  • Advance digital tuner
  • Built-in battery charger
  • USB charging port
  • Weather and dust resistant design
  • LCD display

This unit weighs in at 24 pounds and comes with (1) 6” Male to Male Auxiliary Cable and (2) AA batteries

Top Jobsite Radio Comparison

Warranty (Months)
3ION Audio-iPA30100 - 120
8ION Audio-iPA7712

 Care Use & Maintenance

Although Job Site radios tend to be extremely tough and durable, there are a few care suggestions that should be regularly carried out to maintain the life of the radio.  Wiping or brushing off dust and debris from the unit at the end of each work day can be beneficial in increasing the lifespan of your radio.  If dirt were to build up in the small creases, in outlets and/or beneath knobs, it could create undo wear and tear on the unit.  Be sure to unplug any electronic devices from the radio’s side ports if applicable and unplug the unit, itself, from the power source to avoid electrical damage. Be sure to bring the radio inside or place it in a safe place overnight so that it is safe from weather elements such and rain or snow.  Also, avoid leaving the radio volume up high so as not to shock the speakers when you turn it on the next time you use it.

Wrapping It Up

A jobsite radio can be a great tool which can help to keep you focused and enjoying working on your project.  Whether you are interested in a radio with all the bells and whistles such as Bluetooth, added outlets, USB port, charging station, etc. or just a basic radio tuner with AM/FM receiver, you will be happy you chose a Jobsite radio to keep you company on the job.  Many people find that their jobsite radio can be their best friend while working.  The radio can keep them entertained and informed yet also offers functionality as a charging station for tools and electronic devices or can even be used as a PA system as detailed in the Bosch Step Up model above.  A Jobsite radio is an excellent, must-have jobsite item and would be an incredibly useful gift for anyone in your life who works in the field or just enjoys a weekend DIY project.