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The Best Hot Glue Gun

Best Hot Glue Gun Review

Our Top Pick is the BSTPOWER Hot Glue Gun

Offering solid performance and impressive affordability, the BSTPOWER Hot Glue Gun Adjustable Temperature 100W Professional Full-Size Hot Melt is tailor made for handling day to day crafting essentials such as quick home repair, crafts, office jobs and school DIY projects amongst many others. In detail, the BSTPOWER 1000W comes with an advanced grade temperature control that allows users to customize temperatures that typically ranges from 100 to 200 degrees Celsius, thereby qualifying it as a versatile glue gun for both hot and cold applications. This kind of temperature versatility makes it ideal for home quick repair jobs or perhaps professional settings as well. This unit can also has minimal heating time that averages 3-5 minutes of warm time. It comes with a benevolent indicator light that informs you when the unit is set at the correct temperature and a heat insulation addition on the rear of the device to ensure longevity in use without burning out the thermal functionality. It also comes with overheating protection, which comes in the form of a ceramic PTC thermistor and an automatic thermostat for energy saving. With its interchangeable nozzle that has anti-drip functionality, and an inbuilt leak proof valve along with an insulated tip that provides a consistent and reliable flow of glue. DIY enthusiasts will also appreciate that the hot glue gun can be detached and replaced to accommodate the unique requirement of a given project. This Best Hot Glue Gun also comes with a sturdy construction, that is not only compact sized, but is also comes with an easy to squeeze trigger along with rubber coating for easier cleaning. It also comes with a detachable stand that allows the user to maintain the hot glue gun in a stable and upright manner.

Who Should Buy This?

As one of the Best Hot glue guns available on the market, the BSTPOWER 1000W  is ideal for professionals or perhaps homeowners who want a convenient solution for bonding various types of items including but not limited to ceramics, glass, metals, plastics and even wood. Besides that, people who have arts and craft or hobby projects such as the development of contemporary floral arrangement or perhaps when trying to repair broken electronic devices should also settle for this glue gun. Furthermore, hot glue guns are also ideal for product development, profile wrapping and various types of gluing applications that are available in the woodworking industry. The added benefit about these kinds of tools is that they are typically simple to use and allow for convenient calibration from the user, ergo making them ideal for any user type.

What makes a Good Hot Glue Gun?

There is no sense in denying what is apparent, but glue guns today have evolved to become mainstays in the realms of the crafting world, thereby making the completion of various types of projects a feasible task. These types of tools can are ideal for a broad spectrum of materials that range from paper and lace to wood and metal. In addition to being ideal for bonding platforms together, these hot glue guns can also be used to fill gaps in items, due to the highly viscous and tough nature of Hot melt adhesives.

When searching the market for the Best glue gun, it is important that you have insight on whether it is a low or high-temperature gun. For instance, if you are going to be working on small –scale home based projects and you have small pets or kids around the home, then a good suggestion for you would be to settle for a glue gun that maxes at around 250 degrees. On the contrary, the high-temperature guns are best suited for bonding solid materials such as wood and can typically average at 400 degrees. Dual temperature guns provide the user with both options and usually cost more than the conventional temperature gun.

Glue GunAnother important aspect to take into consideration when selecting the ideal glue gun is whether you want a trigger fed gun or a push fed model temperature gun. To be specific, the trigger feed allows the user to insert the glue stick into a unique aperture at the rear of the gun, and activation of the trigger pulls the stick into the heater section and then through the nozzle. A significant number of trigger free models are simple to use and allows the user to apply hot glue only by using the thumb. It is important to know that glue guns are available in a broad spectrum of sizes, which can typically range from a minigun that is a few inches long to high-end industrial models. Although some brand manufacturers have some battery powered glue guns, a significant number of them have electrical glue guns. If you want to make a wreath that will hang well outdoors, then a low-temperature glue gun might be a good start for you. An excellent hot glue gun also always comes with specialty nozzles that allow the user to calibrate the amount of glue that gun can spew at any given moment. For instance, the fine tipped nozzles are ideal for small-scale projects such as artwork while the large tipped nozzles are ideal for large-scale jobs such as ceramics.

On top of that, another important aspect of the ideal Hot Glue Gun is that it comes with safety functionalities that help ensure negligent children or perhaps the user is always safe from injury. Although the hot melting adhesive might be an excellent solution for bonding items, it can lead to extensive damage to the user’s skin. For this reason, an excellent glue-gun should come with a safety dial or perhaps a unique design that mitigates the likelihood of any challenging situations.

More importantly, glue guns are also available in corded and cordless versions. Cordless versions are the preferred option since it allows the user to create without the hassles that typically accompany using a corded model. In most cases, the cordless guns feature a unique bases or section that allows the user to plug in AC/DC for charging before usage. The only main drawback of the cordless types of guns is that they are not ideal for large-scale projects that can take up lots of time since the gun has to acquire sufficient charge.

How We Tested

Choosing the ideal hot glue gun was not an easy task since there are various exceptional models out there on the market with as much functionality as well. Therefore, to be able to select the ideal unit, out search process encompassed comprehensive research technique from satisfied customers, hardware professionals and product blogs amongst many various others. More so, we also had in mind some of the ideal values that a user would be searching for in their perfect glue gun and this gun embodies a significant portion of them.

Our Pick


Product Dimensions 10.5×7.9×1.8 inches
Shipping Weight 12.8 pounds
Customer rating 4.7 out of 5 Stars
Power Source Corded Glue Gun
Batteries Required No
Item Package Quantity 3
Frequency 50-60HZ
Voltage 100-240V
Weight 245g
Cable Length 140mm

Who Else Likes It?

The exceptional performance and design of this unit have been attracting some rave review on various product blogs. For instance, according to, the BSTPOWER 1000W comes with an automatic thermistor that is ideal for keeping the temperate constant thereby making ideal for setting the temperature when it heats up to the required temperature. It also comes with a unique dial that can move between 100 to 220 degrees Celsius, which is suitable for most types of projects.

Furthermore, the team at had many positive remarks to make about the overall functionality of the product. Their blog does well to mention the fact that this gun is a top-notch product since its a full-size gun that allows the user to carry the elongated glue sticks thereby eliminating the need for reloading. They also love the fact that THE BSTPOWER 1000W also come with two-glue sticks and a heavy cord with a little stand to hold the glue gun in upright position. The trigger is also simple to press and this unit it is, therefore, ideal for various crafting projects.

The Step Up

For those who have been searching for a professional glue gun with advanced features for large-scale projects, then the Surebonder HE-750 High-Temperature Professional Glue Gun might be a pertinent start for your crafting regime. This is because the Surebonder HE-750 comes with an ergonomic trigger that requires minimal effort and expertise to use. Users will appreciate that the entire unit comes with a complete and detachable wire stand that makes it simple to apply the hot glue especially for large scale and challenging crafting projects.

With its standard sized 0.44 diameter glue stick aperture, this hot glue gun can be used to apply generous amounts of hot melting adhesives with ease. It also comes with an astounding 80-watt heater that can melt glue twice as fast than the conventional and full sized glue guns. To better provide its users with dynamism in glue application, this unit also comes with specialty nozzles that allow the user to apply the hot melt adhesive to suit their bonding needs.  The manufacturers of this unit further embody their affinity for excellence by ensuring the glue gun is aesthetically appealing thereby allowing the user to use the glue gun with style.

Top Hot Glue Gun Comparison

Temperature Range (°F)
Warranty (Years)
212 - 428
Limited Lifetime
356 - 392
Limited Lifetime
212 - 428
Limited Lifetime
4Surebonder DT110
250 - 350
212 - 428
275 - 410
Limited Lifetime
7Adhesive Hybrid120
212 - 428
100 - 250
212 - 428
Limited Lifetime

Care Use & Maintenance

The best glue gun is an excellent addition to various types of projects. However, owning this kind of tool comes with its inherent caveats that ensure that no harm comes to the user or perhaps any family members. It is an electrical device that can spew hot glue at intense heat, which cannot only, lead to physical injury, but to property damage as well. On a similar account, the hot glue gun is also a delicate tool requires adequate care and maintenance for longevity in use.

Safety Tips

  • Wear protective clothing always when using the hot glue gun such as gloves and goggles
  • Keep the tool safely way from the reach of children
  • Avoid using the tool in damp conditions
  • Always place a sheet of paper cardboard on the working area to avoid damaging the floor
  • Avoid using the glue gun for any other applications other than the recommended ones
  • Ensure that you are aware of the position of the power cord at all times
  • Avoid engaging in other activities such as answering the phone when using the glue gun
  • Always consult the user manual especially if you are a novice user or when you encounter any challenge in terms of functionality

Maintenance Tips

  • Store the glue gun in enclosed location away from elements such as dust
  • Evaluate the tool every once in a while for malfunctions
  • Ensure you keep the Hot Glue gun on a platform safe from high impact falls
  • If the glue gun makes funny noises in operation, then ensure you evaluate all the components or consult the appropriate expert
  • Keep any additional items such as specialty nozzles in a safe location
  • Only use the recommended spare parts when performing a replacement job

Wrapping It Up

Finally, choosing an excellent tool for a given large-scale or small-scale project is a plausible investment for anyone. This is because you are sure of receiving the ideal value for your investment and market research efforts. That being the case, the BSTPOWER Hot Glue Gun Adjustable Temperature 100W Professional Full-Size Hot Melt is a superb investment for those are into crafts or are perhaps searching for an excellent solution for bonding items with adhesive. It comes with adjustable temperature dial and specialty nozzles amongst various other functionalities that make it stand out from the conventional glue gun design. Before settling on a product that embodies your ideal values, having some insight into some of the typical functionalities of these things might be an excellent idea.