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Best Flashlight Review

Our Top Pick is the ECEEN® Flashlight

The ECEEN Solar Flashlight is an eco-friendly flashlight that can be charged using an in-built 1-Watt solar panel thus providing the user with infinite power for daytime or nighttime functionality. This ECEEN torch provides additional dynamism especially on a sunny say by allowing the users to choose whether it can be powered by solar energy or the various other charging options. For instance, users will appreciate the inclusion of the USB cable and AC/DC charging functionality that provides are convenient charging methods especially if the sun is not high or perhaps on cloudy days. The super bright LED light also comes with a 1 Watt LED that can provide as many as 38 lumens that make it one of the most powerful Flashlights in its category. On top of that, this flashlight can also provide well over 20 meters of lighting distance, which makes it excellent for camping, traveling, living and driving as well. With its Robust Lithium-Ion batteries, this ECEEN Flashlight can power you through any power outage or poorly lit setting with well over 6 hours of power. It is important to know that the flashlight takes 8 hours to reach maximum when charged by a solar power and 4 hours by an AC charger. The unique humanized design comprises of aluminum and steel alloy such that you the user of sure of longevity as well as waterproof design. It also comes with a compact size design along with an anti slip-textured handle that provides sufficient comfort and stability for your working needs.

Who Should Buy This?

The various qualities of this Eceen Flashlight such as power versatility, portable design and rugged exterior amongst many others make it ideal for various types of settings. For instance, outdoor enthusiasts who have a passion for camping and hiking for days on end will have to think highly of the solar functionality and portable design of this Flashlight. Simply put, any outdoor enthusiasts will appreciate the exclusive performance and impressive affordability that this particular flashlight has to offer. More so, professionals such as plumbers or perhaps computer technicians will have to hold the exceptional lumens and portability of this flashlight in high regard. Therefore, if you are anyone who wants a convenient, affordable and reliable flashlight will enjoy the functionalities available on this unit.

What makes a Good Flashlight?

While one might say that headlamps and various other lighting options have increased in popularity, flashlights remain a superb choice whenever a portable yet powerful light is required. In fact, before choosing the ideal flashlight that embodies your ideal values, making a perceptive decision usually has its inherent benefits. In other words, you can select a unit that delivers the ideal value for time and money. Various technological upswings in LED technology, as well as battery capability, have led to the development of flashlights that are compact sized, brighter and lighter as compared to the first flashlights to ever to hit the consumer market. Loosely speaking some of the key factors that you need to evaluate for when purchasing an excellent flashlight include light output, size, and weight as well as power capability. Furthermore, flashlights are usually falling within a close price and what typically matters the most is the level of brightness and runtime. A higher end lighting unit normally has more power since it features a robust battery, advanced bulb, and enhanced technological circuits. Other factors such as a rechargeable functionality can add significantly to the overall cost, as well as features such as water and impact resistance.

FlashlightThe light output of a given flashlight is usually measured in lumens and is a measure of the amount of light emanating from a flashlight on the highest possible setting and when at full power. The lumen output may also be indicated by some various brightness setting levels. However while measuring the lumens might be an excellent comparison tool, there are other equally important factors such as brightness. In most cases, the light output of a flash light can range from 20 lumens to an as much as 3600 lumens. The beam distance is also another important aspect to take into account when purchasing an excellent flashlight. Simply put, this refers to the average distance that light can shine before the brightness disappears into the abyss and is equated to light from a full moon. This type of equivalence is regarded as safe for outdoors traveling and the distance may vary with the level of brightness chosen. One must also evaluate the average run time of the flashlight, which is typically measured in hours.  Lights should also be tested for the level of impact resistance they can provide for the user. For instance, some brand manufacture test lights by dropping them on them several times onto the concrete at a rated distance. This type of test is mainly done by brand that want to ensure the light remains useful to the user even after dropping onto concrete several times. As a result, the manufacturers can innovate superior materials that are not only durable but are compact sized enough for the user. However, it not a test for resilience such when the light is struck with immense force or is run over by a truck.

Over and above that, one should also evaluate the light for a weatherproof design that makes it resilient even against the harshest of weather conditions. For instance, water resistance capability of the light is rated using the IPX system and is typically important if you are in a wet area or perhaps in rainy conditions. For instance, the IPX7 is used to indicate temporary immersion of up to 30minutes at a depth that typically averages at 1m and the IPX8 shows a submersion rating of up to 4 hours at a particular depth. The size and weight of the light are also a prevalent preference. Although a heavier and larger torch light might not be necessarily brighter, they tend to have extended run time to enhance battery capacity.


How We Tested

We selected this particular flashlight based on various research techniques that we have used to selects our previous products.  We have made the research process easier for you by selecting the best performing product market based on our noteworthy techniques. We select the product based on a long short list which if finally boiled down to a few select products that are more than likely to suit the user’s needs. The research process started with by noting some of the ideal qualities that users seek in their ideal flashlight. Following this, we went further on to consult some of the prevalent home depots and retail stores on some of their best selling brands. We then took our research process to the next level by consulting some of the prevalent product review blogs as well as the accompanying customer remarks.

Our Pick


Customer reviews 4.5 out of 5 stars
Part Number ECE-TOCH
Item weight 5.6 ounces
Product Dimensions 6.6 x 1.3 x 1.3 inches
Origin China
Color Silver
Material Aluminum Alloy
Bulb type LED
Handle material Aluminum Alloy
Batteries Included? Yes
Batteries Required? Yes
Battery Cell Type? Lithium Ion

Who Else Likes It?

This blue-chip performance of this flashlight has been attracting some excellent remarks and reviews. For example, the torch does well to mention that this flashlight comes with a super bright and 1 Watt LED that can provide as many as 38 Lumens of powerful light, which qualifies it as one of the top performing units it category.  On top of that, the unique solar powered design and the 500Mah Rechargeable battery inside are exceptional for any performance.

Moreover, according to, this flashlight comes with an all-weather cast metal design is rugged enough to withstand the most type of user demands. With its exceptional lumen capability, that can provide as much as 20 meters of lighting distance, which is the ideal solution if you are an outdoor enthusiast. And what is more remarkable is that it can provide as many as 6 hours of lighting time based on the battery charging time.

The flashlight has also garnered some excellent reviews on Amazon. In fact, one satisfied customer does well to mention, “This flashlight has become one of the most valuable and versatile items in my toolbox as a professional computer technician. Sometimes, I need additional visibility in remote locations on a given device. To be specific, I like this unit since it provides various charging options, its portable, and it provides excellent quality lighting lumens.”

The Step Up

For those who might be searching a flashlight with higher end features but with a large price tag, then you might want to check out the Outlite A100 990 Lumens CREE XML T6 LED portable flashlight. The exceptional functionalities on this unit easily qualify it as one of the excellent flashlights on the market, only that it tends to be more costly than the conventional flashlight.

For instance, this Cree XML-T6 LED build comes with an adjustable focus feature, which allows the user to customize the brightness to suit their unique needs. More so, it can provide as much as 500-700 Lumens in zoom in and zoom out power, meaning that its level of brightness never compromises even in poorly lit conditions. Aside from all that, this unit provides users with the affordable yet convenient strategy for power with its capacity for 3x AAA batteries. The Outlite A100 also provides the user with an array of switch modes including strobe, low, medium, high and SOS. In particular, the SOS functionality refers to the ability of the flashlight to flicker several times depending on the users unique needs.

The low setting tends to provide more run time and reduced brightness. The medium and high setting provide average to excellent brightness with gradually decreasing lifetimes. It also comes with an on and off button that is simple to operate, thereby making it convenient for quick accessibility or moments when reliable lighting is required the most. The superior exterior design of this flashlight means that is capable of standing freely on a flat platform for settings that need sufficient light.

Top Flashlight Comparison

Brightness (Lumens)
Runtime (Hours)
Warranty (Months)
3J5 Tactical300 
Limited Lifetime
Limited Lifetime
Limited Lifetime

Care Use & Maintenance

Now that you have selected an excellent flashlight for your lighting needs, it is imperative that you have sufficient insight into some of the recommended safety and maintenance tips. In fact, if you can suspend your critical faculty for a while and let these care and maintenance suggestions sink into your mind, you will increase the likelihood that your flashlight has longevity and quality in performance.

Safety Tips

  • Always consult the manual whenever you come across challenges
  • Replace the LEDS with the appropriate models
  • Keep the product in enclosed section away from dust exposure or perhaps reach by negligent children
  • Never use strong chemical cleaning products to avoid causing any damage to the structure of the unit
  • Never touch the interior components of the flashlight to avoid electrocution or damage to the product
  • Use the flashlight for the relevant applications


  • The light should only be charged in areas with sufficient natural light
  • Wipe the product using a clean cloth and dabbed with a little alcohol
  • Ensure that you charge the product even when not in use at least every one month
  • Keep the flashlight to away from intense temperatures

Wrapping It Up

Given these points, choosing an excellent flashlight is a simple task that requires making an informed decision-making.  Based on our superior research techniques and the features that make up the ideal flashlight, we help you settle for an excellent for one that suits your needs. The ECEEN Solar Torch Flashlight Aluminum Alloy Handheld Solar Provides dynamic power options, is highly portable and has a rugged exterior. Furthermore, this unit also has also attracted some positive review and customer rating on the prevalent product sites, thereby making it a superb investment for your lighting regime.