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Our Top Pick is the Denali 14-Piece Spring Clamp

Clamps (more specifically, spring clamps) are very common carpentry tools used to hold two or more items together, such as: wires, tools chords, cables, and work materials. They work by creating a controlled and powerful force in its opening by compressing materials together and holding them firmly and securely in place. The reason clamps are able to hold items together with such a great amount of force is because they are equipped with tightly wound coils located in their centers that drive force into both sides of the device causing a pinching action into a centralized space, then “clamping” your items together. The force can then be release or lifted when applying pressure, or squeezing the opposite ends, which will release the tight end containing your materials.

Spring clamps are inexpensive tools that provide many uses, making them essential to virtually anyone’s tool arsenal. Spring clamps, as well as other types of clamps are found in a wide variety of sizes to better accommodate a variety of needs.  Some examples of tasks clamps, or spring clamps can perform are, holding wires in place, holding two materials together while glue, or other adhesives dry and form together. Connecting jumper cables together to recharge or jump start a car battery, securing mechanical machinery, holding and securing a tarp in place, are a few examples.

We have conducted an extensive research process and evaluated 23 of the top claps on the market today to determine which clamps are the best. We viewed all aspects of clamps, and spring clamps including customer satisfaction, product performance, clamp strength, capabilities, and size variation.  After our research concluded the Denali 14-piece spring clamp assortment rose above its competitors.  There are 14 of the most common sizes. Each clamp features a cold formed spring to give you longer working life and a plastic jaw that will not damage the items being clamped. The construction includes glass reinforced nylon which increases the strength of the clamp.  Add an ergonomic design and you have a set of the best clamps available on the market.

Who Should Buy This

Given the versatility and affordability of clamps and spring clamps, they are very beneficial to a large audience of people. Some people who will enjoy the use of spring clamps include auto mechanics, those who participate in DIY projects, homeowners, carpenters, furniture makers, quilters, craftsmen, wood workers, construction workers, welders, engineers, or anyone who works with their hands. Durable clamps are both strong enough to hold objects together and yet gentle enough not to scratch or damage the items.

What Makes a Good Clamp?

When considering clamps there are several qualities and features that compose the best overall products, the first being size variation. Clamps are multi-purpose tools with many available functions, and in most cases are purchased in multiple sizes or kits for this very reason. These kits provide various sized clamps ranging from petite to very large options allowing you to expand their uses even further. The larger clamps are more suited to mechanical needs such as jump starting a vehicles battery, or holding together two larger pieces of work materials. Smaller clamps hold small wires, thin materials, and smaller items together, which would otherwise become loose with larger clamps. Finding a kit with a wide variety of clamp sizes will add to the versatility of your clamps.

ClampsThe next quality that makes up the best clamps is a heavy duty spring. The spring located in the center of your clamp is what’s holding your clamps altogether and giving them the strength they need to provide proper support to materials. A spring with too much pressure has the potential to damage materials by placing too much stress and force on them. A weak spring can result in the objects not being secure enough potentially creating a hazard.

Another feature to look for is the durability of the materials the clamps are constructed with. This along with the strength of the spring will determine how long the clamps will last. If the clamps are not made from strong materials, even with a strong spring they will not be able to hold items together adequately.  Clamps need a tough exterior to be compatible with the force they require to successfully do the jobs they are designed for. Clamps are often made of heavy plastic or metal and should come with a comfortable grip that allows you to open and secure the clamp with ease.

The last feature you will want to look for in the best clamps will be a soft jaw material. The jaw of the clamp is the ticket to success as the jaw is the end is what is attached to your working materials. The jaw piece must be strong enough to hold your materials and come with a non-slip grip to firmly and secure hold the materials. However, if your jaw is not crafted with a soft material, the jaw can puncture or damage the work materials they are holding.

How We Tested

We began our research by first conducting a general search for clamps. In doing this we were able to determine what features and quality’s make up the best clamps such as durability, jaw strength, spring function, and size variations. Following this we studied tool blogs, forums, magazines, and received expert advice from professionals who use clamps on a daily basis. This gave us the information needed to narrow the list to the best brands and models of the currently available clamps. We then consulted with confirmed customer reviews to find out which clamps held up best in real world performance and heavy duty jobs.

Our Pick



Number of Clamps 14
Clamp Sizes 6: ¾”; 4: 1”; 2: 2”; 2: 3”
Item Weight 2.9 Pounds
Product Dimensions 11.4 x 8.9 x 4.3 Inches
Color Grey


The Denali 14-Piece Spring Clamp assortment set features fourteen different sized clamps, including all of the most common sizes, making it a great addition to anyone’s home or work space. Every clamp in this assortment is equipped with soft plastic articulating jaw pads to ensure maximum grip and prevent any damage to work materials. They are constructed of glass reinforced nylon for maximum durability and the ultimate support system for the springs, giving you the most power in each clamp. The Denali clamps also feature heavy duty cold formed springs, offering longer life, and twice the strength of traditional clamps. They feature an ergonomic design that allows for a comfortable grip and are easy to use.

The Denali spring clamp assortment are not only strong and durable, but are also very compact in size making them perfect for on the go jobs and can fit easily and comfortably in any tool bag or box, and are easy to transport. The set includes 6 ¾ inch clamps which are very small clamps which can be used to hold wires and other small objects together. These will also be useful for crafts or working with delicate items. Also included are 4 1 inch clamps, 2-2 inch clamps and 2-3 inch clamps. This wide range of options can hold everything from lumber joints to small wires.

Who Else Likes It

The guys at wrote “Here’s fast clamping strength, where and when you need it. Always-ready spring clamps with soft, articulating jaw pads won’t mar or damage your work surface, and the glass-reinforced nylon construction provides plenty of strength for tight clamping. The ergonomically designed, soft handles fit comfortably in your hands, and the clamp itself features a cold-formed spring for long life.”

Amazon reviewers gave the Denali 14-piece clamp set a 4.5 out of 5 from 107 reviewers. One satisfied amazon customer writes “These clips are a great value. There’s an excellent variety so you can use each set for different things around the home. I use the smallest ones to hold the trash bag in my kitchen trash can. I used the middle sized ones to hold my monitor in place until I get it fixed. These are very sturdy and they have grips on the outer plastic that make them comfortable to hold and use. I can’t see myself using any brand other than Denali after using these.”

Another satisfied customer wrote “This set has turned out to be a gem. All the clamps are well-made, sturdy, and the simple design leaves little room for anything to go wrong. I had wondered about the utility of the smallest ones, but I find myself using them all over the shop. Highly recommended.”

The Step Up

If you are looking for larger clamps you can upgrade to the Champion Tool clamps which feature a set of 24 clamps that are 6 inches each. This larger set can accommodate larger materials and is still constructed from top quality materials. The Champion Tool set is crafted of a heavy duty metal to provide maximum power for all of your clamping needs.

Each piece in this set is plated and insulated with jaw grips to create a nonslip grip without bestowing any damage to your materials. You will also find that each piece in the set is equipped with a stylish and comfortable handle grip to make using the clamps easy, and comfortable to the touch.

Top Clamps Comparison

Glass Reinforced Nylon
Glass Reinforced Nylon
4MegaDeal Spring100
5Papa John's15
9Papa John's Spring20

Care Use & Maintenance

Clamps are great additions to your tool set and will last longer if properly cared for. There are also a few safety tips, that when observed can prevent injury and make the most of your clamps.

Safety and Maintenance Tips

  • Always store clamps in a cool dry place. Metal and steel clamps may be susceptible to rust or weather damage if left outside or in damp environments.
  • Do not over stretch clamps or try to clamp larger items beyond their intended range.
  • Repair broken or loose parts before using clamps.
  • Ensure that clamps are not too tight before releasing onto materials to avoid over pressurizing and damaging materials.
  • Ensure clamps are securely in place before working with materials being secured.
  • Inspect clamps regularly to ensure they are functioning properly.
  • Do not place your fingers or hands in the mouth of the clamp.

Wrapping It Up

Clamps are very versatile, compact tools that can make an excellent addition to anyone’s home, work place, or job site. With the endless tasks clamps can perform these tools can benefit virtually anyone. Not only are clamps extremely useful but they are also compact in size making them easy to store or transport. They are inexpensive to own and useful items to have a set with several different sizes to accommodate various uses that come up.