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The Best Torque Wrench

Torque Wrench Reviews

Our Top Pick is the Tekton 24335

A torque wrench is a special tool designed to precisely apply torque to a fastener such as a nut or bolt. Torque wrenches are an important tool because if a lug nut is too loose there is the risk it will fall off or not secure the material. This could be dangerous if you’re driving a car or in a building or deck secured by loose nuts. If a nut or bolt is applied too tightly you may damage the metal or material and could strip the bolt when you try to loosen it. The torque wrench allows you to apply the exact amount of pressure needed to secure nuts and bolts tightly and securely without stripping or damaging the material.

Given the precision of a torque wrench, technology advancements have improved the tool dramatically and made them much easier to use. When using a torque wrench long ago you had to resort to extensive reference manuals to determine the proper torque spec on a particular fastener. Modern technology now enabled torque wrenches to beequipped with dual scales that give you the exact torque spec for each job right on the tool itself. The new wrenches also have the ability to produce 250 pounds per foot and higher of torque power to provide vehicles, homes, decks and other projects the support they need to perform properly, no manual required.

We have evaluated 28 torque wrenches on the market looking at the features and benefits that both professionals and do-it-yourselfers value most. After a thorough evaluation and testing the Tekton 24335 rose to the top of the competition. This tool providesconsistency and accuracy in an easy to use tool that even beginners can operate with ease.

Who Should Buy This

Torque wrenches are commonly used by mechanics, construction workers and handymen who use nuts and bolts on a regular basis. Most structures and buildings that need a lot of support will use bolts instead of screws because of the increase in weight and stability. This makes a torque wrench a valuable accessory for anyone who works with these materials. Those who regularly need to tighten, remove, or replace nuts and bolts will benefit from owning a torque wrench. This may include automotive mechanics, motorcycle mechanics, someone who works on bicycles, constructions workers, and boat mechanics. Torque wrenches may also benefit someone in a wood working industry, or anyone wanting to construct things from heavy materials, such as furniture, a tree house, a shed or a deck.

What Makes a Good Torque Wrench?

When deciding to invest in a torque wrench you’ll want to ensure you’re getting the best product possible. This included evaluating the material the wrench is made of. Top quality wrenches are often made of steel, but steel has different grades and you want a heavy steel that is thick enough to withstand the pressure needed to put on the device in order for it to work properly. A heavy metal material will give it the maximum amount of leverage and durability.

Torque WrenchAnother feature that makes it easy to use is a reversible head. This feature is great for bolts or nuts that need to be put on or taken off counterclockwise. The reversible head is very accommodating for people who are left handed as they won’t need to uncomfortable use their weak hand to get tasks done.

Dual range scales are another very convenient feature to have in a torque wrench. This small but effective feature lets you know when you have reached the nut or bolts capacity for tightening and help reduce over tightening. You will have confidence that the bolt has the right amount of pressure and tightening to safely secure the material. Dual range scales typically include a clicking feature that allows you to hear when the capacity has been reached by a series of clicking sounds.

Lastly when searching for the best torque wrench having one with a grip or non-slip textured base with increase your comfort and reduce hand stress. These textured bases will provide the user will more control and comfort as you won’t need to worry about hands slipping on the job.

How We Tested

When evaluating the best torque wrench on the market is we begin by studying the features that make a good torque wrench. We then completed a general search for all the torque wrenches available on the market. After comparing the available wrenches with the qualities of the best wrenches we were able to narrow the list for further consideration. Next we looked at the best models for overall product quality and reduces the list to the top ten torque wrenches. Lastly we consulted professionals and home users to obtain real experiences and evaluations about how the wrenches stood up over time. Throughout the process we consulted with experts, tool blogs, mechanic shops and other reliable sources to select our top pick.

Our Pick



Drive ½ inch
Ratchet Cr-V 24 tooth
Dual Range 10-150 ft./lbs.
Increment 1 ft./pd.
Item Weight 3.7 Pounds
Warranty Lifetime
Measurement System Inches
Length 18- ⅜ inches
Accuracy +/- 4%

The TEKTON 24335 is made of an all steel construction with a corrosion resistant finish. This ensures that this torque wrench is built to last and extremely durable. The steel also provides maximum leverage so you can tighten tough nuts and bolts as tightly or as loosely as you need them. This particular torque wrench also comes equipped with a knurled handle to provide a sure, non-slip grip and leaves you with a comfortable grip and in complete control.

The reversible drive chrome vanadium steel ratchet headcan greatly improve the flexibility of this tool for both left and right handed users, because there is no need to hold the tool uncomfortably in the hand non dominant hand. You can adjust it based on the position of the bolt. This feature also allows you to gain more leverage over bolts or nuts that have become stripped or stuck due to previous over tightening or rusting.

Lastly the Tekton 24335 torque wrench contains a high contrast dual range scale that is easy to read in low light and simple to use. The range scale is a fantastic feature to have because it ensures you will not over or under tighten bolts. The scale can determine exactly when the bolt or nut has reached its limit. You can both feel and hear when the torque value is reached and it will issue a clicking noise to let you know when to stop.

Tekton is a family owned company that specializes in hand tools. They focus on building and designing well designed, modest, functional, and well-priced tools.Tekton has a great reputation for producing high quality tools and for excellent customer service.

Who Else Likes It

A customer from Go Auto America writes “This TEKTON Torque wrench is nicely constructed. I did a rough at home test of the calibration and it was within 2.5% of the of the rated ft./lbs. setting. The contrasting colored numbering is nice on a wrench of this cost. Normally you have to get in a different price bracket for this. I would highly recommend for the weekend mechanic who may only use this a handful of times a year. It will get the Job done.”

Amazon reviewers gave the Tekton 24335 a 4.5 out of 5 with a total of 567 reviewers weighing in. One 5-star reviewer had this to say about the tool: “Just got this a few days ago and only used it on my 140 lug nuts so far and setting it was so easy with the black machined scale. Set it at 90 for a test and clicked very loud as nuts were much tighter than that setting. Then set to 140 ft.lbs.and, it clicked right on the money to another torque wrench…I recommend this to anyone who wants quality at a decent price. Feels rugged too… VERY pleased! Also comes in a nice protective case.”

The Step Up

If you need more power range you can step up to the TEKTON 24340 25-250 foot/pound torque wrench. This upgrade is also made of a durable all steel construction with a corrosion resistant finish. As well as a knurled handle that provides a no slip grip. Thedual range scale and clicking feature are extremely accurate and inform you when the maximum torque capacity has been reached. This tool also has a reversible drive chrome vanadium steel ratchet head for optimum performance.

The upgrade in power will allow you to hold a greater foot to pound ratio. The 24340 has a capacity of up to 250 pounds per foot. If you are in need of a more powerful torque wrench then you can upgrade for not much more cost.

Top Torque Wrench Comparison

Wrench Length (Inches)
Drive (Inches)
4Performance M20213.50
5Neiko 14.00
7Capri 14.60

Care, Use and Maintenance

As with any tool it is important to take safety measures to ensure you keep yourself as well as those around you safe and out of harm’s way. In addition to safety precautions it’s also important to care for your tools properly to maximize their life and usefulness. While the torque wrench is not a power tool, anytime you are applying significant pressure to a tool precautions should be taken to use the tool safely.

Torque wrench safety

  • Never attempt to straighten a bent wrench. Doing this may actually weaken the wrench and render it unusable.
  • Wearing gloves while using a torque wrench will give you greater control and reduce slipping.
  • Never swing or turn your wrench in the direction that another person is standing
  • Use caution when trying to loosen or break free bolts and nuts that are stripped or damaged
  • Always read your tool manual before using.

Torque Wrench Maintenance

  • Always store your wrench in a cool dry place to avoid rust and other weather damage.
  • Never use a hammer with your wrench.
  • Only use your torque wrench for tightening or loosening tasks.
  • Always inspect your wrench before each use for damaged parts and repair as needed before use.

Wrapping It Up

Torque wrenches are durable tools that can be used to tighten or loosen bolts and nuts into or out of materials. They can be used on both woods and metal framing for greater security. This tool can instill confidence that the bolts and nuts are secured to the right point that will keep the vehicle or structure safe. Bolts and nuts are used when a structures safety is a priority, making the torque wrench and essential piece in ensuring the safety of those riding in the vehicles or using structures secured by nuts and bolts. When investing in a torque wrench evaluate the feature that are important to you such as a dual range scale and reversible head to ensure you get the perfect torque for every job.