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Top 10 Gardening Bloggers

top 10 gardening on toolversedWhether you are looking to start a simple vegetable garden or embrace a complete landscape overhaul, there are more than a few helpful hints to be found within our list of Top 10 Gardening Bloggers.  Each gardener exudes a love for planting and caring for a garden.  They are wonderfully devoted to their craft and savor the passion and calm excitement they feel while digging in the dirt.  Get out your garden hose and get ready to start gardening.


A Garden for All

A Garden for AllAuthor: Kathy Diemer

Even after decades of gardening, Kathy still feels that she has much to learn.  When starting out as a novice, she often felt intimidated by “professional” gardeners and now hopes to help others avoid feeling that way.  Thus, the name of her blog:  A Garden for All. She believes that the world is a garden that belongs to all and she loves how gardens can give you a quiet space to reflect and discover.  Despite taking numerous courses at Institute of Ecosystems in Millbrook, NY and reading hundreds of garden books, Kathy still considers herself a self-taught gardener.  She uses gardening as a hobby and stress reliever from her full-time job as a licensed Auto Damage appraiser.  She currently lives in New York state in a Zone 5 climate where she also teaches classes on gardening, design, and planters.

AZ Plant Lady

AZ Plant LadyAuthor: Noelle Johnson

Noelle writes her blog from the beautiful state of Arizona.  She loves that her gardens keep her days busy, complete with their flowing trees, drought tolerant shrubs, and perennials with even a cactus or two thrown in.  In her younger days, she spent much of her youth on the beaches of California trying to get a tan (despite her fair skin!) and it wasn’t until she and her husband moved to Arizona that she became interested in gardening.  She literally knew nothing and was surprised when most of her plantings died.  She went straight to the library and soon realized that she had picked all the wrong plants for a desert garden.  Today she works as a landscape consultant, garden writer and is a certified arborist.  She loves being able to help others by teaching them how to successfully garden in the dry, desert heat.

Blooming Desert’s Daily Dirt

Blooming Deserts Daily DirtAuthor: Shannon Lester

Shannon holds a Landscape Architecture degree and writes her blog to us from the state of Oregon in the Pacific Northwest.  She enjoys writing about her experiences at garden trade shows, her visits to plant nurseries and even her struggles with gardening in the High Desert.  However, one of her most popular series of posts offers cocktail recipes that include ingredients from her garden as well as stories of times spent with friends.  She and her husband work hard in their business yet find time to enjoy all that Central Oregon has to offer including skiing, camping, hiking, fishing, and gardening. Shannon also teaches succulent and floral arrangement, both while at home and on her travels.

Cold Climate Gardening

Cold Climate GardeningAuthor: Kathy Purdy

Kathy writes her fun and informative blog from the city of Binghamton in upstate New York. She says that temperatures hover in the teens throughout most of her winter and that the ground can freeze up to three feet.  Living with these conditions has helped her become quite knowledgeable on how to garden in cold climates.  Her blog is filled with pages of information on cold climate gardening, including the best plants suited for colder conditions as well as the best merchants who supply those plants. And if you’re from upstate New York, there’s even a tab filled with local resources to help you with your gardening questions.  Her blog has a great community feel and her tag line is Hardy Plants for Hardy Souls.  Click on over for some “cold” information from a warm-hearted woman!

Garden Therapy

Garden TherapyAuthor: Stephanie Rose

Stephanie feels strongly that spending even a short time outdoors can go a long way towards healing and that the health benefits of digging in the earth and connecting with the soil are immeasurable.  She knows firsthand that a garden can heal.  She helped restore herself from an almost 9-year illness by making the efforts to build her first garden.  She started her blog, Garden Therapy, to chronicle her journey and share her projects with others who were also spending time in their garden to heal. Today she has over 700 articles, including step by step projects, DIY instructions and recipes on her blog.  There is something for everyone here, so be sure to check her out.

Kiss My Aster

Kiss My AsterAuthor: Amanda Thomsen

Amanda’s wit, humor, and writing style are infectious.  She has been writing her blog for over 10 years and the delight she obtains from sharing her stories and experiences is unmistakable. She has written for Fine Gardening and Horticulture magazines and has both co-authored Grocery Gardening and authored Kiss my Aster.  Her zone 6 garden on the outskirts of Chicago is her baby yet she delights in helping others create gardens that express their true colors.  With her delightful, vintage style, she encourages others to just Go For It, take a leap of faith, and pour themselves into their garden and its design – a garden should be a playground of color and one grand adventure. She is also the proud mom of Hazel who is just as lovely and colorful as her mom.

Natural Gardening

Natrual GardeningAuthor: Lisa Wagner

Lisa lives and gardens in the mountains of North Carolina with help from her favorite gardening companion (her husband!) and from Woody, their rescued Golden Retriever.  She is an educator, speaker, writer, botanist, and naturalist who is also active in outreach around a variety of topics. She spent over 30 years as a professor and botanical garden educator and enjoys encouraging others to garden and respect nature. Her award-winning blog is a place where she shares her reflections on gardening, natural history observations and the fun and challenges of Carolina gardening. If you’re in the area, she offers presentations, workshops, and classes on topics from Year-Round Vegetable Gardening to Creating a Woodland Garden.  Her blog is filled with wonderful vignettes that capture the beauty of North Carolina.

The Impatient Gardener

The Impatient GardenerAuthor: Erin Schanen

Erin lives in zone 5b, on the shores of Lake Michigan in Southeastern Wisconsin. She is a master gardener who continues to learn about gardening and feels you can never know it all! She calls her blog The Impatient Gardener because she feels that gardening is a great source of slow reward and can teach you that no amount of hoping, pacing or stewing will make things happen any faster than they’re meant to.  She began writing her blog in 2009 and at the time, only wrote about gardening. However, in the cold winter months of Wisconsin, with no gardening at her fingertips, she challenged herself with some DIY and started incorporating it into her blog.   She is a magazine editor by day and a blogger by night.  She looks forward to you finding some helpful and intriguing information in her well-written and informative articles.

The Patient Gardener

The Patient GardenerAuthor: Helen Johnstone

Helen is a self-described plant obsessive.  Her love for gardening started simply when she cast a few seeds and delighted in watching them grow.  She was then inspired to purchase a few interesting plants, dig up the lawn, and watch her passion grow.  She loves the challenge of growing plants from seed and cuttings and her unwavering dedication motivates her to particularly love germinating the most difficult plants.  Through her posts and articles, she has met amazing bloggers from all over the world and looks forward to the collaborative efforts that come about when like minds get together.  Contact her with questions or comments as she loves to receive feedback!

The Urban Gardener

The Urban GardenerAuthor: Sunita Mohan

Sunita writes her blog from Mumbai in her native country of India and comes to us with the unique knowledge of eastern plantings and gardening techniques.  She travels quite a bit yet one of her favorite things is returning home to her city garden.  It’s the first place she heads to clear her mind and re-align her thoughts. She delights in watching the butterflies flit around and encouraging her vegetables to grow – even during the monsoons. During that season her gardens are complete with trellises and shelters to guard her plants against the powerful rain and winds that sometimes show up.  Check out her blog for some fantastic insight into gardening in tropical weather.