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What is the History of the Flush Toilet

What is the History of the Flush Toilet

You might not think about it when you go to flush the toilet in your house, or anywhere for that matter, but this is a piece of equipment that has been around for a long time. In fact, the flush toilet that people are so accustomed to using today has its roots going back as far as the late 1500s, 1596 to be exact. At that time, a man by the name of Sir John Harrington who lived in Somerset, England had a toilet installed in his home. Most historians consider it to be a prototype of the modern-day flush toilet. At the time, it was the most technologically-advanced product that anyone had ever seen. In fact, it made news all over the world because no one had ever experienced anything like it.

People Thought He Was Crazy

Some people thought that Sir John Harrington had completely lost his mind for allowing such an abominable thing to be installed inside his home. At the time, the very idea of going to the bathroom inside the house was considered bad manners, to say the least. That was done away from home, and most people just couldn’t wrap their heads around the idea that someone would install this inside their house. At the time, no one could have possibly guessed that, over time, this would become something that would be popular all over the world.

What is the History of the Flush Toilet

Technological Advancements in Flush Toilets

Without a doubt, it took a while for flush toilets to catch on, but once they did, most people wanted one. It was almost 200 years after this first toilet was placed in the home of Sir John Harrington before anything was improved upon. At that time, a float system was invented for the toilet, making it more efficient and easier to operate. However, it took awhile for it to become commonly seen in people’s homes. In fact, it would take almost another 100 years before people warmed up to the idea.

Even then, the only people that had a flush toilet inside their home were those individuals who had a tremendous amount of money that could be spent on such extravagant things. After all, people that didn’t have this kind of money simply didn’t have the means to invest in a mechanism like this. For most people, there were more important things to worry about like keeping a roof over their heads or food in their children’s mouths.

A Growth in Popularity

Even though a few flush toilets showed up during the late 1800’s, it wasn’t all that uncommon to find homes that still didn’t have a flush toilet inside, even as late as the 1930s. Shortly thereafter, having a toilet inside the home became more the standard instead of the exception. By the 1950s, they were easily in every home, even for those individuals that were decidedly disadvantaged from an economic standpoint. After that, the flush toilet really didn’t change much at all until a different type of flushing mechanism was invented during the mid-1980s, with the intention of its development being to save water.

What is the History of the Flush Toilet

Modern Times

These days, if you need to call a plumber near Charlotte, NC you don’t even think twice about the fact that your toilet is inside your house.If you’re calling a plumber, it’s probably because your toilet is clogged or not working the way it should. Although this was something that was completely revolutionary at the time it was invented, it took hundreds of years for it to catch on. Today, you wouldn’t be able to imagine living in a modern society without a toilet inside your home.

Chances are you’ve got two, or even three, or maybe more toilets in your house. However, it didn’t start out that way, and it took a very long time for this became the norm. In today’s society, people see the flush toilet as a necessity, not a luxury. You may not think about this every time you go to flush the toilet, but imagine how much different modern day life would be if it weren’t for this invention and the fact that it finally found its way into our homes.