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Fall Clean Up – Tips and Tricks

Getting your yard and home ready for winter isn’t the easiest thing in the world, but taking care of a few simple things before that snow starts to fall can definitely make things a lot easier for you. It’s all about making sure you know what’s coming your way and you get prepared for it. We’ll help you out by going over some important things that you can do in order to make your yard ready and to clean up from the fall and all the damage that it can do to the yard.

Fall Clean Up

1. Rake Up Leaves

The first thing you want to do is get all the leaves raked as quickly as possible. Those leaves may look kind of pretty sitting all over your lawn, but the problem is they don’t last long. Once they start to die they start to rot. This process is sped up by the snow that falls on top of those leaves, pushing them into your grass, which then starts to die off. At the end of the winter season, you end up with a lot of rotted leaves across your lawn and dead grass that doesn’t want to grow underneath.

Clean the Gutters

2. Clean the Gutters

All those leaves falling are not just coming down on your lawn. They’re also coming down on your gutters and your roof. Of course, when they end up on the roof chances are they’re going to slide into the gutters. Again, this may not seem like an important thing, but those leaves are going to clog the gutters and that means water is going to spill over the sides. Even worse, as the weather gets colder you end up with ice coming down off those gutters. Cleaning them out can stop this problem before it turns into something major.

3. Check Trees and Branches

When the weather gets cold and ice and snow start to fall they can wreak havoc on your trees. If too much snow falls or too much ice builds up in one area it can actually cause branches to break and this could cause damage to your home or your vehicles. You want to make sure you’re looking for loose branches or already broken ones that you can pull down before the weather gets too bad. This will make sure you don’t suffer damage later on.

Drain the Water

4. Drain the Water

If you have a hose, a fountain or anything else in your yard with water in it you want to make sure you’re cleaning it out before the weather gets too cold. If that water freezes it could mean a broken hose or sprinkler system in the summer. By getting the water out before the cold weather hits your water features and systems will be ready to go again the next year. Keep in mind that sprinkler systems or irrigation systems that are far enough below ground won’t be affected by a freeze, but you want to check everything you have to make sure it’s going to be okay.

5. Take Care of Plants

Whether you have only grass growing in your yard or trees, flowers and shrubs, this is the time to get started taking care of them. The winter is going to be hard on them, and that means you need to get some fertilizer in there to make sure they’re prepared for the cold. Fertilizers come in different types so you want to make sure you have something that works well for these purposes and especially in the cold weather. That way they’ll get all the nutrients they need.

6. Check Plant Needs

Some of your plants may be okay being left out in the cold or left to the elements, but not all of them will be. That means you need to start looking at the needs of your plants and find out which ones are sensitive to the cold. If they are you should wrap them and cover them with a cloth to make sure that they won’t get the worst of that cold weather and that they will survive until the next year. This might require a little research to get the right plants covered.

Clean the Deck

7. Clean the Deck

Your deck is also going to be susceptible to the bad weather and that means you want to get it in as good of shape as possible before that cold weather comes. Use a weatherproofing stain to keep it from getting moisture damage during the snow and definitely wash off any debris or mold that you might find growing during the warmer months. This will only get worse in the cold and you could end up scraping the last of the snow off only to find that your deck is definitely not in the shape you need it to be.

Clean Your Tools

8. Clean Your Tools

If you have gardening tools that you leave out throughout the season that’s fine in most cases. When the weather gets cold however, you want to get all of those things cleaned up and out of the way. That way your tools will be safe and protected from the elements and you don’t have to worry about losing them either. You’ll be able to keep them in good shape for the next year, since your tools won’t need to be replaced very frequently if they’re taken care of properly.

No matter what your yard looks like, you want to make sure you’re taking the best care of it you can. You’ll be able to get it in good shape faster than you think and you’re going to have no problem keeping your yard looking great for the next several seasons. All it takes is a little bit of time when the weather starts turning and you’ll be ready for anything that might come your way later on. So why not take that time and make sure you won’t have to spend so much time, effort and money the next year when you find your yard is a complete mess? It’s definitely going to be worth the hassle now.