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7 Whimsical Girls Bedroom Ideas You Have to See

Designing and decorating a kid’s bedrooms can be a really fun project—but it can also be a pretty big undertaking. Kids often have big expectations when it comes to their bedrooms and it is typically the parent’s jobs to make sure their kid’s expectations and imaginations are met. From picking out paint colors to incorporating their favorite hobbies and heroes—there is a lot that can go into this type of design.

If you are looking for some inspiration of your own when it comes to creating a girl’s bedroom, the good news is, the sky is truly the limit. Here are just a few ideas to help get you started so that you can ultimately create the best bedroom possible for your child. You are going to need a laser level to get these projects right.

The Royal Retreat

1. The Royal Retreat

Is your little girl a real princess? Well you can make sure that her bedroom reflects her royal status with the right design. Royalty-themed rooms don’t have to be over-the-top or cartoonish in nature, they can be elegant just like your little one. Consider draping around the bed, and a pale, sophisticated pallet of colors. A few “princess themed” accents here and there can really go a long way in making sure the room comes together as you drive the theme home in an elegant way.

Trendy and Fun

2. Trendy and Fun

If your little girl is more about staying on trend then pretending to be a princess, make sure her space follows suit. A trendy bedroom is actually much easier to accomplish than most people think. Fun patterns, bold stripes and inspirational sayings can all find their place in this type of bedroom. If you want a trend that isn’t only on point right now, but one that will stay on trend for a while, consider the black, white and gold pallet. It is chic yet still fun enough for your little one.

Monochromatic Space

3. Monochromatic Space

If your little girl has a favorite color, why not go with it and create a monochromatic room design? It is actually a really easy idea to execute. Just pair your color with crisp, clean white for a better esthetic and to not make it look too overdone. You can choose a color in one shade, such as in the picture above, or mix and match different shades of the same color for a more dynamic look.

Sassy Storage

4. Sassy Storage

If there is one thing most parents can agree on when it comes to their little girl’s bedrooms, it is that storage is a must. From books and movies to toys, accessories, clothes and everything in between, most little girls tend to accumulate a lot of stuff. Adding open storage to her room, paired with a bold, fun wallpaper is a great way to make sure there is a place for everything while still keeping the space looking unique and youthful.

Pretty in Pink

5. Pretty in Pink

Pink is always a classic choice for a little girl’s room. However, there are ways to make it more fun and unique. Pink headboards or accent chairs are always a great way to add a pop of this color to a space. The option of adding a pink light fixture can bring some of the color to the space, or you can go bold with bright pink walls. If you still want the room to feel stylish consider pairing bright pink walls with more formal furniture or a chair rail to balance a bold hue out.

Themed Bedrooms

6. Themed Bedrooms

If your daughter has a favorite book, show, character, cartoon or movie, why not incorporate it into her bedroom design? This is easier than it looks. Large decals or wall murals can really set the stage, then you simply need to compliment the design with coordinating colors and add a few key accessories in her beloved theme. Then, there you have it—a bedroom retreat that is all about her favorite subject.

The Perfectly Balanced Room

7. The Perfectly Balanced Room

If you are looking to create a girl’s room that not only has some of her unique design and personality in it, but also goes with the pallet of the rest of your house, there are easy ways to find a balance between the two. Keep your walls and your furniture neutral and add light pops of pinks, girly accessories and fun cartoons throughout the space. Update the light fixture, but keep it fun! If you keep it all within one pallet and pick three-four colors for your design it will help the room look more pulled together while still maintaining that youthful vibe.