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6 Kitchen Nook Ideas That Can Instantly Cozy Up Your Space

Best Kitchen Nook Ideas

Whether you need space for two or a spot for the whole family, the right kitchen nook can make all of the difference in the style and function of your home. From carving out a spot from your current setup, to creating a brand new nook of your own, there are so many ways to add a nook to your kitchen that fits your unique style.

Built-in Benches

1. Built-in Benches

Built-in benches are the perfect solution for families who need lots of seating in their kitchen nook. They are also easy to build if you have a cordless screwdriver. When you need a spot for everyone, but are short on physical space, built-in benches are the way to go. All you need is a corner to put your bench in and a few decorative pillows to really warm up the space.

Consider a bench in a color scheme that coordinates with your wall colors so it feels more cohesive and pulled together. Then just place a dining table and a few extra chairs in front of your benches and you have an eating space that can fit the whole family.

If you’re a fan of function, consider building benches that also double as storage. That way you can throw your extra pillows inside the bench when you’re more worried about function than fashion.

Using Light Fixtures

2. Using Light Fixtures

Sometimes, all a good kitchen nook needs is a little light. If you have a space in mind that you want to use as your kitchen nook, but you feel as though it isn’t really separate from the rest of your kitchen, consider adding some new lighting.

A pedant light or chandelier, centered over your eating space can make the area feel different and separate while bringing both décor and function to your new breakfast nook. Don’t be afraid to be a little bold with your light fixture, as it can really help define the space and make it feel special.

Casual and Comfortable

3. Casual and Comfortable

For some homeowners, creating a breakfast nook is all about capitalizing on space. For others, it is about creating a comfortable place for friends and family to gather. If comfort is key in your mind, spice up your seating with some casual but comfortable options.

Instead of a dining bench, go for a low loveseat or a tufted bench with a back. You can even add some tufted chairs, all placed around your dining table. This is a great solution for those who want their breakfast nook to be just as much about chatting, playing games and creating memories as eating.

Establishing a Nook With Decor

4. Establishing a Nook With Décor

If you don’t have the means, or the desire, to construct a kitchen nook, all you really need is the right décor to give the feel of a dedicated nook. Pick a corner in your kitchen, lay down a rug that designates the “eating space” and use a few creatively-placed decorations to help your new nook stand apart from the rest of the kitchen.

If you like the look of the built in benches, but aren’t sure if built-ins are for you, you can also buy your own benches and push them up against the wall. Paint them the same color as your walls and you will be surprised to find just how custom your furniture can look.

The rug will really define the space, but if you want to make your new nook stand out even more, consider painting an accent wall, or several accent walls, to make your space pop.

The Window Seat Nook

5. The Window Seat Nook

Window seats are such an enchanting feature in any home, whether your kitchen already came with a window seat, or if you are considering adding your own. While most people love the look of window seats, the average person probably doesn’t use them as much as they think they would.

Instead of letting that charming space go to waste, consider building a breakfast nook around your kitchen window seat. The seat can be a few extra spots at the table and you will save on space. This is one way to make sure your window seat gets the love it deserves.

Nooks With Shelves

6. Nooks With Shelves

For most homeowners, creating a new space, means the need to create more storage. In fact, when can you ever really have enough storage in the home?

If you want a kitchen nook that is warm, charming and inviting but still has plenty of function, consider adding built-in shelves to your space. It will help designate the area as more of a welcoming “nook” and you can put decorative items, cookbooks or even kitchen gadgets on your new shelves, ensuring there is a spot for everything.