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6 Cool Bedroom Ideas For Teenagers

As most parents of teenagers know, there is a lot that goes into keeping teens happy. This is especially true when it comes to helping teenagers create a bedroom that they will love. Teenagers should have a room of their own that they can sleep in, study in and hang out in. It should also reflect your teenager’s unique personality.  Most parents will also want a bedroom with plenty of storage to help keep messy teens more organized.

If you are trying to create a bedroom you think your teen will love, then here are some really cool and unique ideas to help get you started.

Chalkboard Walls

1. Chalkboard Walls

Chalkboard paint is all the rage right now and for good reason—it can help you turn any surface into a chalkboard for your teen to write notes on, draw on or even do their homework on. This is great because you don’t need a cordless screwdriver to screw them to the wall. If you want to help your teenager feel like their room is completely unique, and to help give them an opportunity to change what’s on their walls whenever they want. For an added perk, you can add a coat of magnetic paint to make this wall magnetic as well so they can put up notes, pictures and all types of fun stuff.

The Study Suite

2. The Study Suite

For most teenagers, life is all about hitting the books. Teens typically have a lot of studying to do, so make sure that you can provide them with a quiet, organized space to study and plenty of storage for their books, school supplies and studying materials. A large workspace or desk is key, but you can still make it fun by adding wallpaper, bold colors or a fun desk chair to make the space really personal and unique. In fact, it may just be what you need in order to motivate your teen to study even more.

A Themed Room

3. A Themed Room

If you want to create a bedroom that your teenager will love, then consider creating a themed-room retreat for your teenager. Whether it is a sport’s team, a rock staror a hobby or anything in between, a themed room can be a great design element for your teenager’s rom. Perhaps they love shopping, the Chicago Bulls, or Paris, or Harry Potter—whatever their interests may be, there is probably an opportunity to create a theme. You can incorporate your teen’s opinion and include as many or as few elements that have to do with this theme. This a great way to make sure that your teen’s room reflects their interests and their personality.

A Hangout Space

4. A Hangout Space

A teen bedroom shouldn’t just be a place where teens can fall asleep at the end of the night, it should also be a place where they feel comfortable hanging out and spending their free time with friends. Create a room that has plenty of sitting space, whether in the form of sofas and chairs, futons or even bean bags on the floor, so your teen feel as though they have a place that is all their own to socialize in. If you have the space, create a separate sitting area, perhaps around a television or reading nook that is away from their bed so they really feel like they have an entire suite to themselves.

The Storage Haven

5. The Storage Haven

Most teens have a lot of stuff, and they are also known for being quite messy. If this is the issue that you have on your hands, then storage is going to be key when creating a bedroom for your teenager. The more storage you have for all of their school supplies, clothes, accessories and knick-knacks the better. Plus, you can often find storage solutions in fun colors that will make your teen’s bedroom seem like anything but boring. While this may not help encourage your teenager to make the bed, it may help keep their space a little more tidy moving forward.

Colorful Creations

6. Colorful Creations

Many times, teens aren’t as worried with what they are going to use their bedrooms for as much as what their bedrooms look like. If you have ever known a teenager before, this focus on appearance shouldn’t really surprise you. If you have a teen on your hands that wants to make a statement with their room and keep it cool and colorful, unlike the rest of your home, why not embrace the challenge? There are lots of ways to incorporate your teen’s favorite color into your home’s design using paint, accessories, bedding and accents—the bolder the better.