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5 Essential Things to Look for In a Kid’s Telescope

5 Essential Things to Look for In a Kid's Telescope

Astronomy can be a great hobby, especially for kids. If your child loves to find out more about different planets, stars, and galaxies, then you should consider surprising them with their very own telescope. While you might believe that a telescope is an unusual gift for a kid, they might actually love it.

Before you decide to purchase one, there are a few things you should consider. Also, you might want to check this article about some of the best choices for a good kids telescope made by TelescopeReviewer. In this article, we are going to present to you some of the essential things you should look for in a kid’s telescope.

1. The type of telescope

Of course, the most important thing that should be considered is the type of telescope. First, you should know that there are three types of telescopes. Every one of them has its advantages and disadvantages. The 3 types of telescopes are refractor, reflector, and compound.

The most common telescope is the refractor one, and it has a big lens in the front. These telescopes have a simple design which makes them ideal for beginners. Also, they can be used to observe objects on earth. Another great thing about them is that they don’t need a lot of maintenance. On the other hand, they can be bulky, and they have less value compared to the other telescopes.

The reflector telescope has a mirror at the end that sends the light into another mirror and then into the eyepiece. It has great image quality, and it is compact. One of its cons is that is can collect dust because of its open tube. Also, it requires some maintenance.

The last telescope combines the technology from the other 2. It is known as the Schmidt-Cassegrain telescope, and it has 2 mirrors and a lens. It is usually more expensive, and it is a bit bulky.

From these telescopes, you should consider purchasing a refractor telescope for a kid. They are low maintenance, and they are great for beginners. These telescopes can be a little bulky so you might want to supervise your kid when he or she is using it.

5 Essential Things to Look for In a Kid's Telescope

2. The Aperture

This is one of the most important features. It is the diameter of the mirror or the lens. You need to take this factor into consideration before purchasing a telescope because it is the most important. The bigger the aperture, the better you will see. You should get the biggest aperture you can find if you want your kid to see best. But you need to take into consideration the fact that a bigger aperture means more money.

3. Focal Length

Another important fact you should consider is the focal length of the telescope. This is the distance from the focal point to the lens or the mirror. If you want your kid to see the stars bigger, you should consider purchasing a telescope with a bigger focal length. The aperture is more important, so you should focus on that instead of the focal length. But, once you selected the right aperture, you should also keep an eye on the focal length of the telescope.

5 Essential Things to Look for In a Kid's Telescope

4. Magnification

This is determined by the eyepiece’s focal length and the focal length of the telescope. You are going to receive an eyepiece with the telescope. At first, it is a great start. Once your kid gets used to the telescope, you might consider purchasing a different eyepiece for a better magnification. The stronger the eyepiece, the better the magnification.

5. Your Budget

Another thing you should consider before purchasing a telescope is your budget. While you might consider that a telescope is a really expensive device, there are a lot of budget-friendly telescopes. You just need to find the right one for your kid. Some telescopes have a small price, even below $50. Of course, a cheaper telescope has a smaller aperture and focal length. So, take all of the essential elements into consideration and purchase a good telescope at a medium price.

You can also start with a telescope that has a lower price to first check if your kid likes it and uses it. After that, you can upgrade the eyepieces or buy a different telescope for him or her. Check out full reviews before you purchase a telescope to see all of its pros and cons. Once you purchased the telescope, you should consider turning this activity into a teaching moment. This way you can have fun with your kid and also take a moment to teach him or her more about stars.