Write for Us and Become a Contributor

We want to know what you know.

The information that you have in your head can help other people who are looking for guidance, and we’d love to have your knowledge and expertise for our readers with your very own guest column as a contributing writer.  The audience is varied, there are those who are just starting out on their journey in the ‘handyman world’ – (and yes, handywomen as well), some with mid-level experience, and there are experts in one area, but not in another.  Our guest post opportunities run the gamut, and your wisdom can be helpful to a variety of people.

As a contributing writer, you will submit an article, or a blog post, and then it will be broadcast to our 10,000 monthly readers, establishing your place in the Toolversed world as a resident expert.  We love offering our readers informative content and compelling observations on the world of tools, machining, and how to properly use & care for those items in this market.  And we’re looking for writers who can help us do just that.

Establish yourself as a field expert.  This can be a life-changing experience for both you and our readers, as our site engages over 10,000 people a month.

Your writing will reach a global audience and your name will get out there – you’re sure to be seen.  Best of all, it’s flexible so you’ll set your own schedule!  When you’re ready and we’ll review it, and if we choose to include it on our site, we’ll give you Author Credit.

We like insight.  Keep your writing honest and geared towards the new user, but you can pepper it with advice for those who may be a step or two in the game already.  Readers love to hear how you made your decision to choose a tool, how you used it, how you maintain and care for your equipment, and overall, what you like and even what you dislike – or features that you would look for in a future purchase.

Give us the all the details.

Become a Guest Blogger

What we’re looking for:

  • Original content. All writings must be unique, original, and not found anywhere else online.
  • Interesting subject matter. We want informative articles.  Including your personal story or experience is something that our readers will love and be drawn to – share insider information on a topic you know well, give us insight on how you obtained the knowledge that you have, teach us how to make smarter decisions, and avoid mistakes by learning from yours.
  • Engaging tone of voice: Write like you’re hanging with your good friends.   Readers love to feel like they’re part of the story and feel engaged when reading a conversational tone. Make them feel like you’re talking directly to them and don’t forget to include your opinions too! We actually DO like opinions.
  • Informative content only.All articles must be informative and should not include any promotional material. We will accept links within your article, as long as they do not link to promotional content.

We are looking for 800+ words. Feel free to express yourself!  If you’d like to include a great, high-quality, personal photo (meaning you have the rights to use it) that fits the tone of the article and helps portray your message, go right ahead.  We’ll likely include it.

Contact Us

If you think this looks good to you, send an email to [email protected] with the subject of “Guest Post on Toolversed“.  We’ll get back to you asap.